Best easy chair?

newbieroseloverJuly 10, 2006

Hello everyone,

My 86-year-old father has very bad knees (inoperable) and spends alot of time sitting. His ancient easy chair is causing his back trouble, causing his shoulders and spine to curve over. Can anyone recommend a make or brand of chair that provides great lower back support, and maybe even "helps" the sitter get out of the chair? My dad doesn't think he cares about being able to elevate his feet, but might change his mind if he has this feature, too. Thanks for your help!

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Is this the type of chair that you are thinking about? I am sure that there may be a dealer of something similar near you if you are near a large city. The AARP magazine also has ads for this type of aid.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lift chair

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We purchased the chair that PB gave you the link to. It is a WONDERFUL chair. You can get it in a material or leather-look. You can get extras, such as heat and a vibrator. The lift on the chair is great. It will actually lift the person to an almost standing position. Unfortunately, it's not the best chair for my mom. She has Alzheimer's and if I lift it too much, she becomes frightened.
In addition, it has a lumbar support and you can take some of the stuffing out of the head support to make it softer. It is a great chair
Good luck,

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But do know that it's a real personal preference about chairs. My 4'10" mother was one person, but a 6' man would fit better in something else. ANd sometimes all you might need are a few small cushions to make all the difference in the world. A cushion for lower back support can help tremendously. At leats it's worth a try.

I suggest trying before you buy. I don't think there is any such thing as one-size-fits-all.

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Wow, that is a fabulous chair. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Knowing my frugal father, he'll want to try a back cushion first, then proceed to the chair. :-)

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The store where we bought my mom's Pride chair measured my mom...they have different lengths and sizes of chairs, so I believe that would solve the size issue - my mom is 4'9". It was somewhat pricey, around $1,200, but that was with the better quality material, the heater and massager. I figured she lives in that chair, besides sleeping in bed. Oh that is another thing. If someone is not able to sleep in a bed, the chair lies flat so someone could sleep in it.

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If you want to try a back pillow first, also think about a small fairly flat one for him to sit on. I have found that I am much more comfortable if my rear end isn't down in the saggy part of a chair. I need a seat that is as flat as possible. If my behind is in a hole, then hoisting it up takes much more energy than just being able to scoot forward. Even a folded heavy bath towel helps.

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Does the seat cushion of his old chair come out? If so, a piece of plywood might keep him from sinking down in it so much. I feel sure that if you can keep him from sagging down into the cushion, his knees will have less work to do to get him out of it.

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About cushions. Mother had a hard, thick chair-seat cushion that she liked in restaurants or wherever there was a hard chair. Otherwise, she had a couple of smaller, maybe 15", thinner somewhat floppy pillows that were highly adjustable, folded, tucked behind the small of her back.

No one cushion is going to fit all needs, keep trying different ones.

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AS far as comfort goes you can't beat a rocker recliner, we buy Lazy Boy. My husband has the wall away, but can't keep him out of mine. LOL

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I am surprised no one mentioned that with a doctor's prescription, I believe Medicare covers some of the cost once in a lifetime. We just got my dad a gel cushion for his lift chair. He has had the chair for several yrs & at first refused to use the buttons. Now he's reached the stage where the caregiver does it for him. His leg swells so that feature of raised leg is important. We find that here in FL , when you check the classifieds, there are several barely used pcs of equipment that can be bought at great savings.

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Another vote in favor of the Pride line. By all means have him measured or take him into the store to try them out. Fit is of huge importance. Medicare will pay for the motor component of the chair IF the person is able to walk once up out of the chair. Get a doctors Rx and a note specifying that he is ambulatory. Rockers are good when the person can get up unassisted, but the rock feature makes it more difficult and dangerous when they can no longer hoist themselves I'd keep that in mind. Good luck, Derry

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Thanks so much, everyone, for sharing this valuable advice. Sadly, we've learned that my father doesn't have much time left, and he will probably be bedridden soon. A special chair at this point won't have much point.

Hospice is coming to see us ths week.

Thanks again.

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I'm so sorry about your father.I too lost my father ...but was online search Ingram for chair information for my Ms ...and all these posts were helpful!

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