Roseville freesia jrdniere (top part only) small crack--wd you?

mahatmacat1November 24, 2012

Hi folks,

I am contemplating buying a Roseville freesia jardiniere, only the top part, even though in the middle of the inside-bottom there is a crack radiating out from a point of damage. AT this point it doesn't go through to the outside, but it does have four rays...

I'm fairly sure it's real, has all the 'aura' and I've seen fakes and this is not one of them. The only problem is that crack in the bottom -- SO, in that scenario, would you buy it? And is there anything to do about it that won't kill the value of it if I do? Thanks!

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I would buy it if the price was really right and I wanted to use it as a decorative item, not an investment.

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You saying that only the top is cracked? Or you are only thinking of buying the top? Is it a 2 part piece?
I agree with chibimimi....if the price is it.

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Please explain what you mean by 'the top part'.

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Well, it's moot now, but the idea was that the jardiniere is a big pot that sits on a matching ceramic stand -- and it's only the top part, the pot, not the ceramic stand.

But by the time I got there, it was gone. Luckily I had taken the #4 size vase, which is in perfect condition.

can't win them all!

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Eh, I'm o.k. with it, even though I violated my #1 rule of thrifting: buy whatever you think might be good, and return it later if it doesn't pan out (my g'will accepts returns within 14 days). I violated the rule, partly because of my DH (sometimes he sends me weird vibes that make me feel strange about a particular thing -- I should know *not* to trust them now, because the things he's doubted the most turn out to be the most amazing, actually--note to self: DH's opinion has negative correlation to value of item LOL)...and I did get the piece that was in perfect condition, so that's good. I love freesia, too, and love the colors...the things people's families toss out!

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Soo....what did you buy in perfect condition?

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The 669-4 freesia's smaller, not worth as much, but perfect.

Art pottery isn't really my area -- I'm more interested in studio pottery (and of course sometimes the paths of the two do cross)-- but I'm not going to turn down real Roseville if I happen upon it : )

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