Painted the Brick! All Finished Now.

xand83February 12, 2012

Hi all!

We just wrapped up our tiny half bath. Thanks for your thoughts on what we should do with the brick column! We ended up painting it and found some freakishly perfect fitting Elfa drawers for the nook. It was all DIY and we wanted it very clean, crisp, and simple.

Vanity: Ikea Lillangen

Faucet: Pfister Vega

Toilet: American Standard H2Option Dual Flush

Floor: U.S.C.T Orion Negro Polished Porcelain

Ready for the master bath now!



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What color is on your walls above the wainscot? It looks a bit of a lavender gray?

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Hey, I forgot to complement your terrific job. It is a great
little 1/2 bath. I like the brick texture, it adds novelty as
does that nook. And your framed mirror is a nice punch.

You're inspiring me to keep the pace for my future remodel.
Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate when people post
their bath pictures.

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painting the brick was perfect decision. Impressive job. Your little bath looks so fresh and sophisticated.......very nicely done!

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What a wonderful transformation! Your bathroom turned out wonderfully! Painting the brick was a great decision. Congratulations!

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Thanks all! @enduring: The color is Behr Manhattan Mist. We have it elsewhere in the house and it is a light gray with a hint of lavender.

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Very nice! I think you made wonderful use out of the space that you had to work with! I like the brick painted. It kind of ties in with the wall tile now and the vanity could not have been a better fit! Lovely job!

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It looks wonderful! I was one of the people who suggested paint so I am happy to see it looks so good. Your trim tile is maybe the same tile that I used in my hall bath. Looks great!

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LOVE it!!!! What a charming, sweet little bathroom! The painted brick looks fabulous (I think I'd also noticed that it ties in with the tile now that it's painted on your previous thread). I posted pics of my painted brick fp wall over in the Home Dec forum--I'm so glad to see people here as well who weren't aghast at the painted brick.

What a find on those Elfa drawers! They ARE perfect for that nook (I hope you were able to get them during the big Annual ELFA sale, which ends tomorrow, BTW).

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Ingenious! Nice makeover. I have brick in my kitchen (old white paint job) and laundry room (original red masonry). You just inspired me! Thanks for sharing.

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Very cute makeover. What a great use of space!

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You did a great job, it's unique and interesting. Kudos to you!!

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Very nice. I love all your touches. Yes, it's a miracle how well those drawers fit there. Things like that don't happen often.

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I love this, awesome job!

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Charming! Very nicely done.

Give this girl a hand! :)

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How do you like the Lillangen sink?

I'm considering the smaller version of it for a tiny bathrooom.

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@lee676 - The sink has been great. 36" is the perfect height (how did we live with 30" tall vanities I'll never understand). We also like the style of it and the installation was very straightforward.

Now, the vanity storage is not phenomenal. I think Ikea designed this vanity for both floor & wall plumbing. There is the base shelf that is small and then one user installable shelf that can be installed at whatever height needed. However, we didn't use Ikea's PVC drain parts (they do look a little hokey) but instead used the standard U.S.-sized drain & drain parts that came with the faucet. This made the installation easier all-around, but we can't really use the extra shelf that came with the vanity. I think we'll just get a stackable organizer from the Container Store or something. Overall, 10 on the looks but maybe a 3 on storage.

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