Lynx Outdoor Grills??

MichelleDTFebruary 3, 2012

While attending a Bluestar demo yesterday with the regional rep (reps Lynx too), I had the opportunity to cook on one. The ProSear was awesome. I like the wood and charcoal boxes that come with the grill. The rotiss looked heavy duty with three speed options. Brass burner with lifetime warranty.

They are closing out the current model and had stock of the 30" freestanding (my builder says he can make it look built in) for $2600 vs original pricing of $5000. Great price!

If u have Lynx, what are pros/cons? What other brands did you consider before purchasing.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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I have one, perhaps an older model.

If I were to do it again (and paying full price), I'd probably go for the Fire Magic. FM has a better system for using charcoal for smoking and for using wood chips. It also has the 'fire tubes' for lighting the burners if the ignition system goes out. There are others out there that have this but the Lynx does not.

Also, I notice that it takes a bit longer to warm the unit up. I contribute this to the fact that there is a lot more steel (mass) in the Lynx than in a cheap $200 grill. It does mean that it will use more gas than a cheap grill.

But in the same situation with the same reduction in price, I bought the Lynx. You can get one that is just the power head. I'm not sure if you can simply remove the base, I never looked. If so you would still need to put 'something' around it to make it a built-in unit. It is not designed to be built-in with anything combustible around it.

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M--I'm not looking for a bbq. Should I be? Lol.

Although I was looking at bbq grill vent hoods!

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At full price I would get the Firemagic too.

Lynx at almost half off is tempting.

But you are not really using the cart?

You want to build it in?

Here is the Firemagic built-in for $3365.15 with free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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@Bee - sadly we have to leave our grill when we sell so have to purchase another one.

@Deeageaux - I can get the 36" built in Lynx for $3500 (with rotis and as a closeout item - new). For the Firemagic, I could get the 32" built in but would need to add another $500 for the rotis or $3900). A 36" Firemagic with rotiss ranges from $4700-5800. Are they that much better than the Lynx?

Thanks again!

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Below in link you will see a burner comparison.

You can also see different stats if you click manufacture comparisons.

Lynx temperature range 250-1350 degrees.
Firemagic temperature range 200-1600 degrees.

The more important number here is 200 degrees if you do not have a dedicated smoker and plan to "BBQ" not just grill here.

Cast brass burners will not "burn through" but warp compromising performance but not invoking warranty claim.

Cast SS like on the Firemagic will not burn through or warp.

Ultimately, you can only decide if you need the extra space of 36" grill or not and if you are willing to pay the premium from a very good grill to the best.

That marginal cost to get the very best always seems to be quite dear.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Not sure if you got a FM or not yet. I have access to them now @ wholesale.

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When you are talking that much for a Grill then whats an extra $400 over the life of the grill?
I would opt for the FM because of the ability to go down to "smoking temp" and the slightly better quality.
deegeaux makes all good points.

Myself unfortunately $4000 for a grill isn't going to happen unless I win the lottery.
I opted for a $540.00 Kamado style ceramic cooker from Costco that does everything a $4000 grill does for $3500 less.

I just smoke/roasted a fresh ham in it a few days ago and came out fantastic, smoke/roasted it at 325 degrees for 4.5 hours on Hickory and Cherry wood mix.
I started it with my weed torch and was up to temp in under 3 minutes and ready to roast.

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that ham looks good! I bit the bullet on a E790. Its a completely ridiculous amount of money (the cart versions do jack up the price), its also pretty lame you have to spend another $300 or so on a roto kit after the fact. So I have high expectations. They infrared burners looks like run of the mill 1st gen. infrared. i hope I burn my eye brows off and it outlasts me (not including the electrical). It wont be here for about 2 weeks.

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I think the only way those brass burners are going to warp is if I hit them with a sledge hammer. They're really thick and heavy.

One thing that bothers me about the Lynx is that even though there are 3 burners there are only two cooking grates. I wish there were 3.

Eventhough the Lynx has a glowplug lighting system I which it had the 'fire tubes' (how one lights the burners when the power is out) that other units have.

The rotisserie is great. Heavy duty motor. Room for a turkey or small pig.

I wish it had a slide-out tray for the fuel tank (propane).

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Nunyabiz1 -A real Komodo Kamado ranges from $3-4K. Or at least it does based on this link......what brand do you have for $500?

Here is a link that might be useful: Komodo Kamado

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Ceramic Kamado-style cookers are very cool but a ton of cash.

If you're looking to smoke I would highly recommened the Weber Smoker (they make both an 18" and 22" diameter). For around $300 you could be smoking a lot of meat (I get 8 racks of ribs on mine--with a rib rack).

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MichelleDT unfortunately those particular Kamado's (komodo) are garbage. The guy making those is a scam artist and I wouldn't buy one for $100.

The one I have is the "Vision Grill" which is sold by Costco for $540, complete with cart, side boards and very nice cover.
It is about the same as a Big Green Egg although they are usually in the $1000+ range.
The one I have is a "real Kamado" type grill, comes with a lifetime guarantee.
The company seems to be top notch and very responsive.

On mine the first time I used it the firebox developed a crack which is not all that unusual for these types of grills, however I emailed the company, got a response from the CEO in 5 minutes and without any questions sent me a new firebox that very day that I received 6 days later free of charge.
I now have 2 fireboxes, as the one that is cracked could last another 10-20 years or more then I have a lifetime of fireboxes. I just took the new one left it in it's popcorn packaging and heavy box and stored it away for when its needed.
"Most" Kamado style cookers are actually in the $800-$1400 range, Big Green Eggs are probably the most popular, Primo's, Kamado Joes, Grill Dome, Saffire.
There are numerous ones, I chose the Vision Grill because I could buy it from Costco which means both excellent price and best return policy ever and I could just go and buy it and not order online.
It was a chore for my wife and I to move it to our back deck however because it weighs like most Kamados about 250# and we have 37 steps to go down from our car to front door.

For the price I do not think there is a better BBQ/Grill/Smoker available anywhere.

This is ours on our deck smoking away, have cooked on it 5 times so far and everything has come out perfect especially the Prime Rib.

this is the inside firebox.

Comes with very nice heavy duty thick stainless racks, it is 19" across.

and a nice heavy well made cover.

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Another thing BTW about these Kamado type cookers is that you can adjust the temp just as good as you can with a gas grill.

I start mine with a weed torch, you can not use starter fluid because it will soak into the ceramic and ruin it.
So hit it with a weed torch for about 45 seconds to a minute, close the lid, open the vents and if you are smoking it is ready to go in 2-3 minutes, if you are grilling 325-450 it is ready in 3-4 minutes, if searing 600-800 degrees it is ready in 5-6 minutes.
Once it gets to your desired temp you just close down the vents top and bottom to allow just the right amount of air flow and the temp stays right where you want it.

All you have to do is make sure you don't let it get WAY hotter than what you need before adjusting the vents.
So if you are going to smoke a Boston Butt at 225, don't let it get to 800 degrees and then close the vents down or you will be waiting quite awhile before it calms down.

When I did a Boston Butt I started it, got to 225 degrees in 2 minutes, closed the vents to just a crack it went up to 250-260 for about 15 minutes then down to 225 and stayed there for 11 hours without ever having to touch it again. I also had over 1/2 the charcoal left over after smoking for 11 hours.
It gets to temp very quickly and stays exactly where you put it for hours.

Weed Torch lights charcoal better than anything, ready to go in just a couple minutes and no lighter fluid taste ever.
It is actually ready to go just as fast as a gas grill.

the stone at the bottom left is the Lava Stone heat diffuser so the heat is indirect for smoking or roasting, is also used for making wood fired pizza

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Thank you for your informative posts complete with photos-an interesting option for outdoor cooking-Food for thought?

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Welcome, I think it is good to weigh all options, especially ones you haven't thought of or maybe looked over.

I originally was looking for an infrared gas grill myself when I started looking several months ago.
But soon figured those were just too specialized, great for searing steaks but that was about it.
Then looked at the Infrared/Conventional combination gas grills and they were better but a decent one you are looking at well over $1500 and they still don't do everything.

So I came to a Kamado as my choice because it basically does everything and does it very well plus most have a lifetime guarantee.
Smoker/Roaster/High Heat Grill/Pizza Oven.
Easy to start, control the temp easily, a bag of charcoal last about 24-36 hours of burn time.
After I compared the two of Infrared/Conventional gas Vs Charcoal Kamado it was a no brainer for me.
The Kamado does it all and better.

I have even seen a couple ways you can rather easily add a Rotisserie to any Kamado.
So for $540 it was a steal for a lifetime grill that does everything and is almost as easy to use and as fast to start as a gas grill.

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