KA Superba double oven w microwave ?

chas045February 18, 2013

I have a KitchenAid superba double oven. The second oven is a microwave with convection.

I know that most of you don't have this unit, but perhaps your general understanding can help me out. The upper unit is a true convection microwave including a ceramic small broiling element. It is not a speed oven because microwaves don't run while the convection heat setting is used. Convection does include the broiler element. It heats fast and bakes a nice pie or bread etc. In convection mode, containers may be placed either on a raised circular metal rack resting on the turntable for good circulation or on a larger stationary trey almost half way up the oven.

It also has a 'crisper' setting that uses microwaves and the broiler that the manual specifically says is only to be used with a special high heating bottom pan that is heated by microwaves. I use it all the time for bacon. This trey may also be used with microwaves only like most regular microwaves allow. I was just reading an old standard microwave cookbook that suggested that fruit pies could be baked better by beginning with an ~8min microwave routine, followed by a crust bake/browning in a regular oven. I was thinking that I might be able to do both in the convection microwave. I would probably preheat the oven so it would be relatively warm after I ran the pie thru an 8 min microwave cycle and then run the convection back up to 450 for the browning.

So: finally to my questions. I have not attempted to run the unit as a straight microwave when the oven is hot. The manual doesn't say anything against it. Obviously one shouldn't put a soft plastic container (or a saran wrap covered dish) in it at that time. I would imagine many people have wanted to reheat some coffee or something when the oven is in convection use. Did anyone have a problem with stopping and briefly microwaving or microwaving in your hot oven?

And secondly, do you think I could run the crisper cycle (microwave + broiler) without the crisper trey that is supposedly required? For one thing, this would bring the pie closer to the ceramic broiler if it were on the turntable rack.

Obviously, I should be asking Kitchenaid, but they don't seem to be as helpful these days. It looks like the phone line is for repair appointments mostly.

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I have a convection microwave. I will swap between oven and micro duties all the time. The only thing about putting something in a hot oven is, well, it is hot. So you have to follow the rules of putting things into a hot oven. It needs to be oven-safe. Not plastic. And I'm careful what dishes I do it with.

I'm guessing that tray has a metallic coating on it so that it heats up and 'crisps' the bottom of whatever you put in it. I used to have a platter like that you could used to 'sear' meat.

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I finally got thru to KA by not answering the options of service or parts and the guy agreed with you re heat then microwaves. He also said that KA never tested using the 'crisp' (microwave/broil) without the crisper so they can't recommend it. I may try it anyway.

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