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lindajewellJuly 26, 2008

Hi all! It has been a while since I have checked in. A lot going on over the past several months. My dad was in the hospital in May and again in June, but both times was only for a few days and nothing life threating or real serious. He is doing fine now.

Mom was also back in the hospital with congestive heart failure and bronchitis, she was also in only a short time, went in on a Saturday and went back to the nursing home the following Tues. That Tues. morning I was rushing around and WHAM! ran in to a chair leg with my foot and broke the little toe on my right foot. That put a damper on some of my gardening plans.

Then my brother went in for oral surgery, had to have all his teeth out. While he was in the hospital I made the comment that I would give my right arm to get him moved to the same nursing home that my mom is in, well guess what? It happened!!!! He is now there with mom and I only have one nursing home to go to! Yipeeeeeee. This is much better for my brother as his care will and is better now.

I am in the midst of remodeling one of the bathrooms. Dad decided to help me one day and used the integarted into the tile soap dish to push himself up.............he never even got his butt out of the bath chair when the soap dish came down along with many of the tiles.........sigh......

so I have been out picking new tile for the tub surround and floor. Figured if I was going to replace one I may as well go ahead and remodel the whole thing.

So, while all of this was going on I decided to enroll my dad in an adult day care. I found a really good one right in our area, price is right and they are liscened by the state which makes me feel better. I took him last week and he actually enjoyed it. They have a hot meal available for an additional $4.75 and dad said it was pretty good. I am very happy he likes it 'cause now I will have one day a week that I can call my own!

Okay, I have rambled way too long.............

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sounds as if things might work out a little better for you. Now, while you are remodeling that bath, if you haven't already thought about it.... put in towel bars, grab bars etc. that look nice but are well anchored into the wall studs. Might cost a little more to get the decorative ones, but they are sooo helpful. You will even get some use out of them for yourself one day! (but not soon, I hope)

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Grab Bars are already on the list, in fact I think I will put two in the tub area, one at the back that can be used when getting in the tub and then another at an angle on the main wall to aide in standing for my dad and something for me to hold on to when in there...........
Also am insisting the grab bars be ADA compliant as many of them for sale are not.

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We have a "towel bar" on the wall next to the toilet too. It's well anchored and helps a lot. It may not be ADA compliant, but it's heavier and studier than the usual towel bar, and anchored into the studs. I don't worry about it.

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Great tip, thanks! I do have one of those chairs that goes over the toilet in the master bath for dad. He does not use the other bath except for showering. The master bath shower is small, and very dark as there is no light, not good for a legally blind person. However we are making do with it until the other gets fixed. Dad feels so bad this happened but I told him not to worry, we will fix it up and then one bathroom in this 44 yr. old home will be updated!

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Stand in the shower or tub as if you were using it. Put your hand against the wall as if to steady yourself. That's where you need a bar. We have gotten so used to having one there in ours, that we feel very awkward taking a shower in a hotel bath. It's just great for unsteady feet.

When one of us can no longer use the shower and have to take tub baths, we'll get one of those bath chair things. But for now, it works well.

Hope you get to your gardening soon. I know it means a lot to you.

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So glad you are getting a day to yourself. Sounds like it will do both of you some good. Glad your dad likes it there. Only one nursing home is always a good thing, glad that worked out for you so your brother and mom are in the same one.

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It sounds like you've got some better options now. Having your mom & brother in the same home is going to relieve you of an extra burden. The day care is great too. Perhaps your dad will like it enough for two days a week. Best of luck. You're doing a great job.

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