Opinions on Four Door French Door vs. Side by Side

mamattorneyFebruary 5, 2012

We are replacing an "on the way out" GE 25 cu. ft. side by side. We have a galley style kitchen with a cabinet cut out for the fridge which measures 72" high, 36" across and 28.5" deep - as a result we are looking at standard size refrigerators. We have a 42" aisle in the kitchen which is reduced to 38" because of the refrigerator cabinetry.

Do you think this is too narrow a space for a french door refrigerator? We are looking at the Maytag 4 door and the Kitchenaid 4 door. With freezer fully extended, there would be about 18" of room between the freezer and the counter - enough to stand in, but not roomy by any stretch of the imagination. I am only considering the 4 door styles with the extra fridge drawer. It is appealing to our family to make the healthy fridge snacks as easy to access as the chips - rather than having the yogurt get pushed back to the back and expire like it does now. Otherwise, we will go with a side by side.

What do you think on the space issue? Any comments on KitchenAid vs. Maytag 4 door?

Also - a minor question: All appliances in the kitchen are currently black. All are also 10 years old which I now understand is about the life expectancy of appliances these days. So, realistically, they will all be cycled through and replaced in the next 5 or so years. We will only replace them as they conk out and we are not planning on moving from this house. Would you replace the fridge with another black one or go with stainless? I am not the world's most diligent housekeeper, if that matters.

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Our FD fridge is 36 inches wide - but we have an inch or two on either side.
Check the height carefully - we could only put one model in our current hole.
With our remodel - others would fit but since the fridge is less than 2 years old, it is staying.
We have the elux and it has been great. I would not recommend ice through the door - we did not get that model and I am glad - although took some getting used to not having the feature.
I wouldn't get too hung up on color - as you note, your other appliances will be replaced. Go with what you like now and retro the others.
I have a newer SS fridge and DW and the old stove is almond - but it is being replaced soon - so I had to live with the mismatch for a couple of years.
I was looking to the future...
Good luck!

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I have a LG 36' 25 cu ft French door with bottom freezer. I did a few measurements and I think you'll be just fine with your space when it comes to having enough room to open doors. With my refrigerator doors closed I have 35" clearance between the door and the counter in front of it. 32" if you go from the handle to the counter. I have no problen standing in front of the fridge with the doors open.

When I pull out the freezer drawer all the way I have 18 1/2" of space between the drawer and cabinet. I also have no problem rooting around in the freezer in this amount of space, but I do find I usually stand to the right of the freezer when I pull the drawer all the way open, instead of directly in front of it. When I'm just grabbing a handful of ice or something I stand in the front.

It works well for me, and I much prefer the french door style to my old side by side that used to be in the same spot.

Double check your measurements. The new 36" fridges are not the same size as the older models. We had to pull out the wood baseboards to get the new fridge in the old spot.

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