What's missing?? or 1/2 a picture frame?

Katrinka_FidoOctober 17, 2011

Howdy folks! Just a guess as part of a picture frame but the recessed cut out area is only 3/16" wide. OR AM I TOTALLY WAY OFF & IT'S SOMETHING ELSE OR PART OF WHAT??? Weighs a ton, well almost 2lbs & I cant find anything on Regal Silver Hong Kong.(Not that I believe it's 'real' silver) but that's what bottom sticker says. Recessed area in the ball to post is only 7" & up the post 5 1/2". When does it date to? Now that you've had a good laugh would someone enlighten me please? Thanks again, Katrinka

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It's to hold a picture...slide a picture or a sign in between the post and ball....and it holds it....a 5 by 7 picture.
Linda c

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Any idea as to when it dates to?

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I think the base is a hollow stamping filled with weight material and then a dark cover applied. I've never seen a holder like this one. A photo holder makes sense. It was a common practice ca 1900 to 1930 to mount photos on thin carboard for display.

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It dates from very recently....Hong Kong, India and a few other places seem to have gotten into making "stuff" with a very VERY thin coat of silver plate. Sold in the "gift ware" departments
It's not old and likely not worth more than a dollar. Perhaps it originally had glass to slice the picture between.

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Lindac curious what your thought is as very recent. This was found in attic of unpacked boxes from a move in 1976. Maybe garage sale it with glass(got plenty of that) and a thick page corner as added protection. Probably why wasn't displayed back then due to all the little ones around, I'd never seen it in moms thing before. Or maybe an old mounted pic on cardboard would be safer. Thanks again!

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When you are on an antiques forum, 1976 is very recent.
I hope you get a good price for it....but would suggest, first remove that Hong Kong label.

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"When you are on an antiques forum, 1976 is very recent."

LOL......how true. I have sweaters older than that.

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Original post intent to clarify what it is &/or maybe part of something else possibly COLLECTIBLE. Probably should've noted origin @ least '76 & rec'd reply as to when dates to. "Yes, that decade or '60's or a tweny year time frame." Just wanted to know more. Sorry for reply request but I interpreted 'recent' as just picked up at a $1 store in last few years. I don't expect to get a good price for it in a garage sale since a high ticket item would only be 50cents. So, I'll be even more specific in future on this site. Wait a minute, it just hit me...are items suppose to be both ANTIQUE AND COLLECTIBLE? Not as is ANTIQUE or COLLECTIBLE?

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Collectables as defined by Webster are items sought to be gathered by a collector of such items.....but I suppose you MAY find a collector of picture frames. LOL!
Not to worry....people here are pleased to identify things to the best of their ability......and the opinion/advice/appraisal you get is worth exactly what you pay for it.

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It is called Antiques & Collectibles forum! So all things can be guessed at & may or may not be right. I have pics of frames my dad made at his plastics factory in Glendale in 1940's that look lot like your frame. The pic was held in place by 2 pieces of glass 1 in front of pic,1 in back,dad's were for 8 x 10 pics. Pics were usually hand colored in back then & these were often part of a dresser set. Pic frame,Tilting mirror in frame, powder container & sometimes mirror topped tray for perfumes. The pic often ended up on top of the chest of drawers as the lady had very little space on her dresser. Compacts & other accessories could be had also & in colors!

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