It's January 2014, how is your build? Part II

Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_WalkerJanuary 13, 2014

Wow...y'all are gonna let me start the new thread? Or am I missing the Part II somewhere??

I hope this means everyone is busy working on houses!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Jan 2014 part I

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the wife just texted me that our appliances were installed today and sent me a picture of the new NXR gas range. Looks awesome!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Am I the only one on this board today? wth... lol :)

I need chanting... Cabinet peeps think they're going to be behind schedule, and they haven't started yet... :/

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh stuarbc! I was posting at the same time. Beautiful range! :) Congrats!

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With working full-time and 2 very little's hard for me too keep up on this board. :)

I don't really have any new pics that are post-worthy. Things are getting very close for us. Siding was almost completely finished over the weekend (the crew is definitely taking advantage of the warmer temps). Brick-work was started yesterday and our new neighbors texted to say they were still out there under a lighted tent at 10:00pm.

Stopped by after work today to find the toilets were all put in, light switches and outlet covers have been put in, and our bathtub tiling was finished.

Our biggest thing is we still don't have working light fixtures so it very hard to get good pictures, especially of the interior spaces.

About 2 weeks and counting...

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Lori, Yes the last two weeks the thread has been very active and now people are getting back into work and school I guess it is a bit slow. Hope the work at your house is going well and all the chanting we are doing is working "March , March 1" :)

Staurbc, Nice range. You must be excited to see the changes in the house.

rb24, 2 weeks you are almost there :).

I took the day off today and to go tile shopping again and take care of other appointments.

We are close to done selecting for tiles :). Tiles has been one of the hardest thing to select. I hope lighting and paint choices will be more easier.

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I don't have new pics either. My husband and his step dad unloaded 1400sqft of 4"red oak... Yeah!!! It was close to 4000lbs... Glad that wasn't a "we" project. Waiting on it to acclimate and trying to figure out the stairs... Oh fun. We are having all hardwood stairs. But there is a landing and turn halfway up. DIY fun or nightmare... I keep saying that I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... Or maybe that's just a train.

Working on getting the last bit of painting and electrical done.

Everyone's houses look great!


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No pictures of any real exciting progress to show here as well, but here are some pictures of the yellow painted walls before and now after painted grey! :)

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I have been waiting and waiting (not so patiently) for my round window to be installed to post updated pics, but nothing yet. It did get delivered last week, but they've been busy finishing up other parts of the house like the back siding. So, not much new on the front of the house, but I took some pictures over the weekend of the back and thought I'd post those. I finally figured out how to post multiple pics in one post! Promise I wont' post this many next time! :-)

Also, after many changes, we got our tile order finalized on Friday. Feels good to be done with that!!

And, my tub got delivered today. Yay! It is the only plumbing fixture I ordered online, so a bit nervous, but so far so good. Just hoping everything works fine when it is installed!

Great to see everyone's progress!!

This slider upstairs goes to the master (there will be a hot tub on the corner of the deck in front of the window):

Main slider from Great Room:

Slider downstairs is for the Rec Room:

Picture from the south side (that's the kitchen window on the side towards the back):

Picture of slider in Great Room from the inside:

Close up of the partially covered deck (we had gas lines put in for the grill and for wall heaters--definitely need them here in the NW!):

While I was there, a barge was floating by so I snapped a pic. Even on a drizzly day I love the view :)

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lori-I think it's as rb said, getting back into the swing of things with school and sports and trying to make more house decisions! So you started the thread, thought you might have added a joke for the day. Sorry to hear the cabinet guys think they will be behind even before they have started. :(

jenny-lol at "light at the end of the tunnel or maybe it's a train". Yes I can relate. :)

stuar-very nice! We are switching to gas with this build and I *hope* I like it!

akshars-thanks for the link on JC tile at HD. I had searched on there and believe it or not, the tiles I had posted about are NOT glass, they look like it on line but they are actually ceramic and it doesn't appear HD carries them?

I am feeling house fatigued? Anyone else? With the insulation in the ceiling it made the lights stand out (does that make sense?)more clearly. Anyhow I see now where they have positioned the ceiling fan and it's not centered in just the living room. The living room is longer than wide and they centered it including the open walkway area between the living room and the kitchen instead of within the living room where the furniture will be. I shake my head. I am speechless. So the fan will be about right above where the couch will go. Again, ugh. DH thinks there is enough slack to move it but if he can't move it far enough I think it will just look like a big fat mistake.

So we have phase 1 of insulation. I took pics but they aren't really all that glorious. I will say I was thrilled they cleaned up after themselves. This is the spray foam. I think they are doing the cellulose today. It has really changed the accoustics in the house and it's feeling more house-like. :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

House fatigue yes that's what I have...

Jenny... I hope it's not a train, but I kinda feel like that too! lol :)

Love the spray foam, we decided not to do that. I hope I don't regret it. We don't get as cold as lots of places...

I post from work 99% of the time. kinda slow time of the year.

Hope everybody is doing well getting back in the groove.

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lori-at least you are on the home stretch! Go girl go! We get cold (not like MN but still) and the duration can be long so it wasn't really a second thought. It's a balmy 30 today though.

I do post from work on occasion (like now) but it depends on the day. Otherwise it's after bedtime or before wake up time! And sometimes come bedtime I am exhausted so it just doesn't happen. Not sleeping well, alarm at 4:40 but normally I wake at 3:30 and that's it, cannot fall back to sleep. :( Good thing tylenol pm works. I hope this new sleep pattern resolves when we are in the new house. Dreaming of a good nights rest.

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Definitely having house fatigue!!! Some days I want to hand over all the decision-making to someone else....but then I realize I WANTED to do this so now I've got to finish it!! I know I'll miss the excitement of the process once we are done, but I will be so glad to just be able to relax and enjoy the new house. :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

ditto Mommytoty :) lol

we're above freezing today here !! feel like a heat wave after last week!! But last weeks weather was not normal. We're below freezing off & on most of the winter, but not usually below 0!!

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Insulation is all done, sheetrock is going up. Realizing we are getting close so I need to start picking out paint colors. Have purchased all the flooring and almost all the light fixtures. We decided to not do carpet. Vinyl planks seemed more durable and we were able to decide on that easier than any carpet. Supposedly only a month left until we move in. YAY!

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Hello All! We have been moved into our house since August but we still have projects we are still working on. I finally finished the materials used section on my blog and I know a few people had asked about certain things, so those are all updated. And I posted a some pictures of our first Christmas in the house. I figure it will take us at least a year to make it feel like "home" :) Everyone's builds look great!

Here is our house during it's first "snow" :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Building Blog

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Beautiful sweet reverie! Thanks so much for updating us. Everything looks great and your family pictures warm my heart. How are you enjoying your wood stove during this extremely cold winter?

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mommytoty-very nice view and love the BACK of your house. Wow! But I have to say, I am waiting waiting on that cool front window. Don't they know there are many people waiting for the unveiling of that window? Come on people, get it installed already! ;)

sweet.reverie - I just checked your blog this morning looking for more pics, too funny! Okay I WILL bug you for kitchen pics. Lets go, get a move on! You know I clicked on kitchens the second I read that and no post yet. Haha! It looks so nice and you do such a great job with photography. :)

kellithee-that IS close. So what are you thinking for paint? Neutrals, colorful......both?

Dh was able to move the fan box, disaster averted. ;) Sheesh. Wrong decking delivered, still waiting on the rest of our siding delivery as well. Work still progressing but we'll have to wait until tomorrow for those materials. I am ready to turn on some HEAT!

Anyone else handling the billing and such for your gc build? Learning curve HUGE. There are items we are DIYing and I failed to realize when we submitted our paperwork that the work has to be completed and/or materials on premises BEFORE bank funds are released AFTER bank inspection of said yes we have to float the $ for cabinets, flooring, painting, appliances, trim and interior doors. :( Good thing we built in some fluff on earlier stuff and kept a healthy chunk back. What a fun juggling act that will be. :/ Thankfully they have turned funds around quickly but there is no way we can do this under 4 draws which is what is included before you get charged an extra fee for draws after that.

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Love the backsplash, can you give me more information on it?

Thank you,


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loessismore: Well, we are in the PacNW. So our winter has not been too bad :) And we have a gas fireplace and we have yet to really need to use it. The house is amazingly efficient and our heating bills have been really low- one big benefit of a brand new house!! :)

Autumn.4: Ok I will get on it this week! lol

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I can officially join this thread! Our build starts in 6 weeks. My GC just sent off for the city permits this week. We have been planning our new home for 2 1/2 years. I've been reading this thread and waiting for the day I could jump in. Well….. here I am!! So many decisions and choices to make. I hope you all don't mind if I ask questions throughout this process. I've been so nervous about it all. We just got our bid from our contractor and I was a bit shocked. So many little things that all add up!

Our build is in another state so we will be doing it all long distance for the first 3 months. Any tips on that part?

Thanks for letting me join you!

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Hey Everyone! I apologize for having been MIA over the last week. I'm still hanging in there with our build. I had an outpatient procedure done last Friday that has thrown me for a loop. I do not have time to load to Photobucket, so I am loading one pic here and one pic below.
This is a view from our kitchen to the gathering room.

I have to say, I have really been struggling with anxiety lately! So many decisions and so much to juggle!

So exciting to see everyone's progress!

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One additional photo...moving right along!

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Mommytoty, Beautiful view it looks so peaceful and serene. Glad you are done with the tile order. I am hoping to order them all by end of this week. I think as each decision is done we can relax more.
Autumn, House fatigue has started to set in for sure. I think with the phase our houses are in I think it is to be expected. I can’t wait for the house to be done but I am sure I will miss all the selection process once it is done. Too bad Home depot does not have the tile you were looking at. The tile does look very close to the glass tile from the picture. Yay Insulation . We have the regular fiberglass batt and they are pink and I was telling my son I will paint the house this pink and he was like “eewww”  boys. When are you expecting you kitchen cabinets to arrive. Our cabinets are supposed to arrive next week and we are not ready for them. At least 2 weeks away.
kellithee, Wow just one more month? We are in the same stage in terms of the build but we expect at least 2+ months. I think it all depends on how was the contractor do the work. I will be eagerly waiting for pictures from you.
sweet.reverie, Love your house. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You have such a talent for capturing beautiful moments. Can’t wait to see you post the finished kitchen and details.
robynstamps, Welcome the thread. I can understand the excitement . Good luck with the building process. Yes the little things do add up quickly.
uponthehilltop, House is looking great. They are making great progress. Sorry about the anxiety attacks. Do not try to think about all the decisions at once. Just take one thing at a time thaytway you won’t feel overwhelmed (Or at least I keep telling myself).
Mlweaving, Have not seen you post in the last few days. What is going on with your house.
Hooisier, Hope you are feeling better.
One our front we have drywall/sheetrock going on this week. Here are a few pictures


Tile selection for kids bath

Tile selection option for master (not finalized yet)
Close up of the accent tile I like and will choose the rest of the tiles to go with this tile

What do you think about the master bath tiles. I am still not sure and am think instead of the carrera for the wall tile I do a simple white subway and let the accent tile be the center.

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sweet.reverie-you are a natural at photos so I am sure it will be a great reveal!

robyn-welcome! You will be digging dirt before you know it!

upon-hope you are recovering well. I feel the same way, too many decisions and too many stinkin choices. Give me 3 and I can go from there. Haha! You are moving right along!

akshars-I think I need to go another directions with backsplash anyhow. Reviewed budget, granite on island, possibly granite on perimeter (if so it will be a leathered AB that the fabricator has remnants of that will work and stay in budget) otherwise laminate. So with a solid color on the back I think I might can do a little bit more with the backsplash. Meeting with the ID again on Thursday. I am okay with dark counter on perimeter as it's on the soft white cabs. For some reason I feel okay with light over light or dark over light but I wouldn't like dark counter over dark cabinet. I think it's too much for me. Sorry for the random rambling there.

Kids bath looks good! I really like your master accent tile. Does it come in other patterns (such as a mini brick)? Do you know the mfg? I think it may go well in our kitchen. ;) If I had to pick from here I think I like the floor tile on the right with the carrera, but if you do solid subway then maybe the left?

Your drywall looks great, I can't wait until we are that far which is hopefully next week!

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Autumn.4, I saw your post in the other January build thread and meant to respond but now its not inline. You were looking at tile and I wanted to show you that I have the same "stacked stone" tile on my fireplace and island.

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Autumn- Paint colors, I think we are going to stay pretty neutral. I have picked up some great ideas from the previous January thread. Our old house was very boxy so I went pretty wild with colors, but this house is much more open so I don't want to go too crazy. I think I've been mostly thinking about my daughter's room, she's 7 months and I never got to decorate a "nursery" for her! I hope I can make good decisions because I really don't want to paint for a very long time!

Akshars- That's what they tell us. They consistently have 3 guys on the job including our contractor every day along with subs on certain days. I think our house has been their main project all winter with very few small jobs here and there. Also our contractor's wife is due with their first child middle of next month, so I think he is working hard because he'll be wanting to take some time off. Their work has been wonderful though! I hope to post some pictures this weekend. I have them on my camera.

Robyn- Welcome! It's so exciting to get to post about your own build.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

forgot to comment earlier xc60 I love the soft grey as opposed to the yellow. Makes a huge difference! Very nice...

mommytoty ~ I love your house. It is beautiful! Your upper great room windows are similar to mine. I tossed around the idea of putting some sliders in on that wall, but that would have left me NO wall space for furniture, unless I just used the sliders as wall. I think DH is still a little disappointed that there's not more glass on that wall, but I'm crossing my fingers that when we are all moved in, he'll be glad & understand why I did what I did with the windows.

Since this house came out of my head, there are a lot of things that he helped decide, but some things he couldn't ever "see" like I could.

kellithee ~ We are at the exact point you are. Drywall-sheetrock starting today. I soooo hope you're month til we move in schedule is true!!! That would be right on schedule for me. pray... chant.... meditate.... :)

I'm needing to pick paint colors too. I'm usually quite good at making desicions and sticking to them, but paint is worrying me. I haven't even looked yet. I'm going to stick with my go look once, pick, don't look back theory. I hope it works...

I've also decided against carpet, except up bedrooms. I looked & looked at vinyl plank, but couldn't come up with what I wanted in my price range. I've decided to go with a vinyl sheet, that looks like wood planks. It's textured, so feels/looks handscraped. It's very inexpensive. I hope I'm not disappointed when we get it. I've seen it in a fairly large area, but not anything like what we've got to put it in.

I've got all my light fixtures, fans, faucets, sinks, door handles, appliances, bathroom accessories - except mirrors, toilets, enterior doors... all waiting in storage.
I hope this helps when it's all ready to be done...

sweet.reverie ~ cute house! I love your blog. I'm trying to make lists of all my materials, I may use yours as a template ;)
So happy for you to have been able to have Christmas there! I'm sure we'll have projects for years to come.

It's snowing here had all just melted off, but I don't think it's supposed to be much acumulation.

Autumn... good luck with the learning curve. I've kinda taken over paying for some stuff, and so far the bank has let it slide. We'll see what happens when we get to the end. I have all my lists & reciepts, so my theory is, they can kiss my patoootie. It's "my" money, I'm paying it back, so why do they care how it gets spent??

Welcome robyn!! :)

mjwkr ~ beautiful rooms! :)

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What color are your kitchen cabinets?

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Happydoc, The cabinets are antique white with a latte glaze.

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lori-I tell ya what, grrrr re the bank. Until NOW it's been all our money. So draw 3 I have requested funds for a few things that are COD or we need to provide the cash up front and they are not letting it slide, period. I was TICKED and sent a terse response. I have calmed down now and I have a meeting with them tomorrow to review. I have the invoices and show we paid out of our account so they better cough it up! They are saying it has to be ON SITE. Some things yes but some things no. I had to pay to just get the order started on cabinets and all of our doors and trim for example. That stuff is not CHEAP! Nor do I want some finish stuff on site to get all dirty but that stuff not as big of an expense. They need to see it to be sure we aren't spending it on something else, really (well I could go for a quick trip to Hawaii right now but no time to many decisions to make)? I get it but we've banked there for years and had a very hefty downpayment.

No carpet here as well except bedrooms and stairs.

mjwkr-thank you for reposting those pics! I remember looking at them but didn't realize it was that same stuff. Our flooring looks similar in color tone to what you have as well so a great visual. I will be sure to show dh.

kellithee-yep, we are open too with a fair amount of windows so not a lot of wall space anyhow. Lots of cutting in for me, lol! I am looking at BM revere pewter. It looks good with our stuff but I should get a quart and paint up a sample. Have fun with your dd's room. My boys had their little boy/nursery paint for about 5-6 years. I didn't do anything too baby but by then we were all ready for a change.

We have MOST of our sinks, faucets, lights - in the rental. We look like box people. I do not have door or cabinet hardware of any kind yet. I need to order the laundry and kids bath cabinets. I have the quote, just need to go in and put money down to order. Maybe Friday.

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Autumn, The accent tile for the master bathroom above is from Bedrosians and the tile is called "kismet series" and the color is serene. I did see a brick pattern in the store.
I did a quick search online and did find some here but the store definetly had more patters and colors then here

Sorry about the hassle you are having with the bank. We have loan for the the lot but the build we are doing a cash build (the lot is 2 times more expensive than the build cost). I am doing all the payments and money management for the build but I do not have to deal with the bank. We will refinance once the build is complete. I totally understand your frustration with the bank though. We also had to pay 70% upfront to get started on the cabinets and already paid 100% for buying the granite slabs before they come to our house. Hope you can resolve it tomorrow.

We have selected all our plumbing fixtures but have not yet ordered them (except for a sink and 2 faucets) because we have no place to store :(.

kellithee, If your project is their main project and you have crew everyday then they should be able to get it done. We have had a couple of weeks of very slow movement here and the contractor is working on 4 to 5 other projects so it is slow. It will be exciting to see you just ahead of us.

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Ahhh!!! So frustrated!!! I had just typed up a long post with responses to all the posts in the last day and when I went to attach my photo and hit "preview" it said there was an error and my whole entry was deleted!!!!

I don't have the energy or the time (gotta get back to work!) to retype it, so I will just post the pic of the round window installed yesterday. Seems so anti-climactic. I had built it up nicely in my long post and now I am just attaching it....Oh well....

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Thanks akhars. Will check the tile. If I would have know I would have held that money back instead of putting it through the bank.

Mommytoty-woohoo! That is awesome! I must say I swooned over the window first and then went back and read. Cheater I know it. Very nice! Love it.

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Totally cool window, Mommytoty. I also really like the colour and texture of your siding.


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Mommytoty…. Way cool window! I'll bet it looks even cooler from the inside!

Not much going on at our house this week. The builders are all from a big Mennonite family and they had a funeral to attend to. The electrician was there for a bit to install can lights, bathroom fans, outlets, etc. The painting is all done. The hardwood floors were delivered.

It's 4" character hickory. Smells good!

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Everyone's houses and tiles, etc seem to be coming along nicely. I too do not have the energy to type a lot today.

We got so e really bad news today...yes, only one week before move-in!!

Our appraisal is coming in much too low. So, we are extremely disappointed and aren't even sure what to do. The bank is telling us we pretty much have to double the amount of money we expected to put down and although we could probably swing it...we did not want to exhaust every penny in our savings account. Ahhh. I could cry. We are going to want a cushion for window treatments, furniture, and all our landscaping come Spring.

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Carol- curious... Are you spreading the wood out to let it acclimate? We are doing 4" red oak and were told to spread it out 10-14 days. Just thought I would ask if you are doing the same.


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Hello from Alaska! I have enjoyed reading this and other threads for a while, but I've only posted to GardenWeb a few times, so I'll quickly introduce myself. We live in Anchorage, AK. My husband works at home. I am a former teacher who now gets to hang out with our three kids while they are learning at home and out in the world.

We always knew we wanted to build and have been saving for almost as long as we have been married. A couple of years ago, we found a great piece of land in town, then an architect and builder. We finally got started last July. It has been slow going because of a small, but awesome crew and some weather limitations.

Framing will be mostly complete by the end of this week. The pace will probably pick up over the next couple of months, as more trades come in, but we are not expecting to be in our house until August.
From Framing

From Framing

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rbattaglia24, What is the problem with the appraisal? It might be worth it to pay an extra fee and have another appraiser take a look or try financing through another bank. I said a little prayer for y'all regardless (sorry if your offended but that's how I roll).

This post was edited by JDez on Thu, Jan 16, 14 at 10:03

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Its just a tumbled stone in subway tile. Our builder didn't give us much to choose from....but this was our favorite. They had it in different shapes and sizes, so we just went with subway tile for the main and then did a squared out area above the range with pencil tiles and then filled in with 4x4 squares.

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kjerboo-welcome! It's been quite the winter for most of us I think (rain or snow and below average temps wherever you are).

jdez-what's the scoop? I was thinking of you this morning and wondering if your camera broke? ;)

hoosiers-so what are you up to these days?

rb- :( we had to have an appraisal before we started and we were nervous as we are kind 'out' there with just a couple of older homes but thankfully there is a subdivision with newer homes not too far away that they considered those as well. Raw build materials (not pretty stuff like finishes that you can downgrade to offset) alone were significantly more than we anticipated and I know the bummed sad feeling you have. We are in the same boat. It does sting and takes away a bit of the joy of it. So hang in there you are not alone.

Just finished with bank. I had to remove what was not installed (on site, there but not installed is not good enough) BUT they did let me recoup my down payments that I had copies of checks for. What a hassle. Have to track down builder to re-sign the statement. "The check is in the mail" people. Bleh.

On a positive (because food always makes things better right?), I am trying a chicken and dumplings recipe I found on the kitchen forum. It smells good so far!

Back to work....

edit: oh and I received our granite quotes and my favorite (alaska white) is $80 bucks a square = too much. Looks like Bianco Romano or something similar which is only $72 a square. :(

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Thu, Jan 16, 14 at 10:38

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Sorry I've been MIA. Been battling that flu bug. Uggghhh. Finally feeling better but still coughing.

I've been reading along and love everyone's progress.

Our stone guys used up all the stone we had and will be back when the next order comes in later in the month. Then they will finish the blank areas around the garage and also the columns and do our fireplace design. Here's a pix of the front:

The west side:

We finally got our garage doors installed! We are happy that we upgraded to the wood grain mahogany carriage. We think they match the front door and the stone well.


The drywallers have been here every day this week. I have not been able to get in there to see how far they've gotten with the taping and mudding. Until I'm over this coughing, I'm not going to get around all that dust if they have started sanding. DH wasn't here yesterday so he wasn't able to check on the progress.

The siding contractors were supposed to have started today but our son-in-law got a call early this morning that they were one more day out. So, we expect them to start tomorrow.

I really need to pick out paint colors soon, get back to the furniture shopping, and make an appointment with the flooring and tile people to finalize our order. It's been a rotten time to be sick. I guess there is no good time!

Autumn, sorry you are having problems with the bank. We've not had that issue. I show a receipt and we get our money. Doesn't have to be on site.

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Autumn4, my camera is not broke. I just have nothing to take a picture of. We had a lot of rain last weekend and we have a nice solid slab in the middle of a reddish brown mud field. There was a little bit of framing done so the builder took the week off to let everything dry. On a good note, I did get doors and windows ordered and on the way. On a sad note, DH and I are not agreeing on anything at all. I think this will stress me more than anything. If I like something that's blue, he likes the green and so on and so forth. Maybe we'll just let our 7 year old cast his vote

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ok, it's my first batch of photos. There won't be a lot to see compared to most- framing just started this morning. Here are a few photos:
1) I'm standing pretty much where the front door is, looking south. The property behind us is 13 acres and their house is out of the frame quite a bit to the left, so I don't think we'll ever have a house directly behind us. This is pretty much the view we'll have from our great room towards the back of our property:

2) looking Southeast (that's the neighbor's house I was talking about. This will be our flat back yard and patio area.

3) Standing at the front door area looking North (front yard). The lots on the other side of the street are wider and shallower, so there will be one house within the frame of the photo. The property behind that is owned by our school district and there is an easement across the street the width of a walking path to that school district owned property.

4)looking west, standing where the garage will be. This shows the walkout basement framing they started with today. Those walls are for the two boys bedrooms. The house in the background in the right corner is the only other house currently in the neighborhood. There will be a total of 13 houses including ours.

5) another view of the two bedroom walls, looking southwest. Our property includes the large tree just left of center of the photo

6) looking northeast. Our driveway is going to run along the east line of the property (not on the edge). from above the pickup truck down to the port a john. The lots in the distance are 3 acres and include some wetlands.

Project Manager told us framing will be done at the end of the month, which seems pretty aggressive so we'll see.

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Autumn- just scanning through quickly...I saw your granite photos...did you pick alaska white? That is what I have and I LOVE IT! Mine has a bit of a creamy tone to it...and a little olive that I think my wall color makes it come out (SW Wool Skein)...I did bone subway backsplash.

I miss posting...but sooo fun to read and see photos of everyone's homes...they are all so different and beautiful in their own way...sometimes I find myself saying...
"i wish I did that...!!!"

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jdez-ugh! Sorry you are sitting in clay soup! Ummm, that might just be one more to veto your choices so I don't know about that! My little fellas have been more than forthcoming about voicing their likes and dislikes, lol! Hopefully as you get rolling your visions will start to gel.

lori-??? So...what's new? March 1? Dh is telling me he'll be happy if we move in by May 1, what happened to April 4 I say???

illinigirl-hooray! That does seem aggressive but if they have a decent sized crew and the weather even remotely cooperates they might surprise you! Very nice views all around. Nice spacious lots but still some neighbors, good combination.

hoosiers - glad to hear your health is turning around. Looks good and wow you can see the ground! Our doors are similar but we went with white to match our trim.

spotty-ugh, yes I WANT the Alaska White. The slab I like has browns and greys in it which really goes well with the flooring and the cabinets. I will have to go back and look at your pics. So I *think* between the two different granites it's only $300 bucks because we are just doing the island in it due to budget. So we are currently discussing if it's worth the splurge (and when we boiled it down that way I think so). No staining issues for you? There is another that was less also that was on my list but I can't EXACTLY remember what it looks like, it was called Snow Storm. I'm going to have to go back and check it out. The ID found a backsplash that I really like and it goes so well BUT it's very light whites and grays and one of the stones is a rough stone. I am concerned about it being behind the range. I like the looks of it, it's within our budget but I am unsure of maintenance even with sealing. I am not an awful messy cook but I worry about spaghetti sauce and oil/grease. Hmm. I will try to post a pic of it but the one I found on line doesn't really do it justice, it has a lot more color variation than it portrays. It's a stacked mosaic so super tight grout lines (my job). So you are totally settled now? Kids into the groove and adjusted well?

Paint - we were leaning toward BM Revere Pewter for the main areas but after looking through the color wheel with the ID I think I might like BM Cumulus Cloud (BM 1550) a bit better. When next to Revere Pewter the Pewter does cast a green undertone that I hadn't noticed prior. Not that it's a bad thing I just didn't see it.

So the color that DS 1 picked out that I thought was too dark ID said no, it's fine. He's a happy camper. My little guy though, oy. If I can't sway him even a little bit his room might just light up the sky at night, so BRIGHT. He likes it bold and bright! I don't mind the bold but I kinda would like it to match or at least compliment his stuff.

Cellulose is blown in but I was there after dark so no pics. It doesn't look like the siding guys showed up today. Hopefully tomorrow? Drywall delivered. Oh happy day we are getting there!

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Autumn - No staining at all...I mean we really, really use the granite...our island has seating for 4 and it gets used all the time...It is super durable! They are coming to buff out my island seam to make it more smooth.
The BM Revere Pewter is such a pretty color and so very was named something like the best color out there!
A little advice for your kiddos...keep the paint neutral and let them go crazy with bedding and pillows...that is easy to switch out as they grow up without re-painting the walls.
PS do the splurge on the island...splurge on a few items and you will cherish them when you move in!
Here is a picture of my island with Alaska White - I really think its Delicatus because it isn't stark white like alot of the Alaska I have seen....

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Here it is with the cabinets and floors

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IlliniGirl, so happy to see that you're back in the saddle. Your views are great.
HoosierBred, hope you're all better now. You too UPonthehilltop.
Welcome to the newbies!
Mommytoty, next time that happens, just try your back button. I've recovered countless posts using the back button, even when I was sure it would be gone.

Our framers are finally finishing up outdoors, there is so much they keep moving on to, today they're wrapping the house in the plastic wrap. They've just about finished the faschia. Meanwhile we have electricians in there, and the plumbers, and today I understand the HVAC guys showed up.
I went out there yesterday and met with the electricians and we made just a few more tweeks.
Somehow the way the framing ended up the recessed cans we had going up the stairs can't be centered, so we just decided to be easy and decide on sconces. At least I thought it would be easy. JDez, I'm feeling your pain. Everything I'm picking, dh is rejecting. This is perfectly ridiculous.
Anyone have any idea for sconces on stairs? Anyone have any idea how difficult it is to pick sconces to go up the stairs?

Lisa, I'm hoping you get the granite you want. Would you believe I'm beginning to second guess my BS. I'm thinking I might be in for a serious case of boring-itis. I've been going for serene, afraid I might have crossed the line to boring. So on the way back from Hilton Head and my all day meeting I stopped at a stone place that reps Ann Sacks, where I was hoping to see some of the arabesque tile I saw in an ad. Instead they've got me looking at some Walker Zanger. I don't know.

And the Ann Sacks

I'm feeling pretty stressed. I'm likely to be awol for a week or two. Family health issues. I need to make a quick trip to see my dad.

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Autumn- so we are settling in...I think it takes a full year to be totally settled! We just decided to have a beam photo wall built and installed....It should be up in a few weeks and I will share photos.
We enjoyed entertaining people over the holidays...The kitchen was filled with 12 adults having appetizers before New Years Even nice to have everyone over!
My dining room table arrived as well as office chairs and a killer console table for my boys' game room - it flips open into a 6ft x 4 foot table..It's awesome! When it's folded up it is behind a sofa and it's narrow. Perfect for dining or game or projects.
So, once you move, there are still projects to be done! Some things we decided not to do while building so the money tree could grow!

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I'm so happy to be able to post some decent pictures this month. After all the slow going we've made decent progress in many areas. My largest accomplishment to date has to be the completion of "the great wall". I definitely bit off a large chunk when I decided to do this one on my own..

I was lucky to have some great friends chip in to help out with all the heavy lifting. I can't wait for the weather to dry up enough to properly grade and fill in behind the wall. While this was going on I decided to save some money and install the light fixtures, computer wiring and ceramic tiles myself. My contractor has three houses in the mix so he didn't mind me doing some on my own.

Here is a picture of our front door with the hardwoods installed. These floors are pretty special to me. The wood came from the trees we had to cut in order to build the house. They are 3" - 4" and 5" red oak, laid in a random pattern.

I had the installers leave most of the knots and sawmarks in the wood. I really love the look.

We went with a ground source heat pump originally passed on the fireplace. I had a second thought and decided to go ahead with a B-vent propane. I can't wait to see what our contractor does for a mantle.

All of the lighting in our house is LED. I had to install one circle fluorescent in the theater room because my wife liked it, but otherwise all LEDs. I'm very happy with how they turned out. I've had to change out a couple fixtures because they were either too bright or dim, but now they are working great... There is a learning curve, but now my contractor and the electrician are looking into installing them in other builds in our area.

Dining and Kitchen are together with a screened porch and hidden pantry. We are doing Beech cabinets... Cabinet maker says 3 more weeks.

Here is a picture of the theater room. It's dark grey with a chocolate ceiling. We're putting in dark grey and black carpeting. I have big plans for this room and can't wait to put it to use...

The master ceiling and the transition from the Adura tile to the oak floors in the master bathroom...

I've saved my favorite picture for last. For years I've read this forum and been envious of all the beautiful homes that have been showcased here. I've seen the mountains, desert, hills, lakes, rivers, and almost every other setting. Many have left me feeling pangs of jealousy. That was then... This is going to be the view from my family's home. I am so, so thankful to have it. My wife and I have both worked very hard to put ourselves through school and provide for our kids... The newest home we've ever lived in was built in 1956. I never imagined one day I'd be able to call a place like this home. I am truly blessed.

I wish everyone success with their builds. Don't get so consumed with details that you forget to appreciate how great it is to actually be able to build.


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Saftgeek, beautiful! Love your floors and the wall of windows and the view! Just WOW!

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mlweaving, I saw the tiles from Walker Zanger above and they are very pretty. I think you are using blue for you island/book shelves correct if the blues work together it will be look great.

Jdez, Dh and I also have argued more than usual due to all the selection process and the build stress.

Saftgeek, Beautiful view and house. Love your flooring and the windows. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the build process. You are right we are fortunate to be able to do this.

Autumn, I agree with Spotty try to get the granite you like. May be hold of on the back splash and do it later? Once you get the granite there is no going back so get what you like.

Spotty, So glad to see you post on the boards. Glad you had fun holidays at the new house.

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I love your views, and I love your floors! Beautiful! I agree with trying to enjoy this process. this is our first time, and maybe last time doing this, so I'm trying to have fun and not stress out over the details (which admittedly we seem to be at the beginning of).

Autumn, I also think you should really try to get the granite you love. Putting off the backsplash seems like a good idea to get what you want. What are you finding out about the seams with a 9 foot island? hope it's good news. We haven't even begun that search.

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spotty-thanks for posting back - I was having trouble trying to remember when you moved in and which month it would be under! Oh yes - more projects indeed. For us it will be planting grass and doing all of the landscaping. We can't do any of that now and honestly yes the money tree does need to grow! I wish they made miracle grow for that! ;) Glad your kids are adjusting well and that table sounds awesome, so handy and versatile!

Marjorie-OMW! NO! I can't believe it! You have everything so well laid out and put together. Can you take a decorating 'break' while you tend to your family/health issues? That is just too much to take on at once. A breather might give you fresh eyes when you pick it back up again. For the tile you have posted - I like the top one and if it does match your custom blue I think it will fit in nicely. The bottom one is just too much wow for me, especially if you are going for serene (not boring) feel. There is so much color pop that it's kind of hard to focus on it and see the pattern, etc.. Touch base. Prayers your Dad is okay.

Saftgeek-I love your front door and that view. It is truly amazing, soak it up and enjoy! That stone wall is impressive and you will have it forever, what an accomplishment.

My current granite saga. I had quotes on 8 stones. I liked Alaska the best but there was another one at a different yard that I hadn't taken a pic of that was quite a bit less and I had a note on my pad that likened it to the Alaska White. So I figured I'd better travel back and take another look to see if they were indeed the same/similar stones.

I liked it, took pics of it and put it on hold and then went to look at the Alaska White 1 more time. It is an awesome stone and I looked more closely at it. I touched it. It has quite a few fissures in it and that has me kind of concerned. I can't spend that kind of money on something if it's not going to be smooth or is possibly brittle? It's not enough that they couldn't template around it but I am paying for a whole slab and probably 2 foot down on the top has quite a few fissures. I know if they filled it and I couldn't see/feel them I'd be okay but if I can feel them, that will bug me. I know it will. :( Eek! So I put that on hold but then saw another one that I had also noted but disregarded because it varied so much slab to slab (check the pics below) but I do like the 2 I looked at today. It has some sparkle to it and didn't seem to have fissures. It is the same price as the Alaska White so no savings but I think we have decided for the $300 bucks to just do it. I have no idea why it's called blue flower, I couldn't see any blue in it? Or no definite BLUE. It reads more gray to me.

So here are today's pics and I am more confused than EVER! They all match my perimeter and island. I think I needed my dh with me, that man is set it and forget it it's DONE!

Alaska White - the original (on hold)

Snow Storm (on hold):

Blue Flower #1 (has some shimmer and I do like that):

Blue Flower #2 (more uniform still some sparkles):

Bianco Romano (after today's trip this one is out):

Flurry of activity at the house today. Finishing insulation, drywallers drywalling, siding guys siding (still nothing in the front darn it), HVAC guy hooking up the furnace so we can kick that baby on.

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Cross posting:
Illini-I had better luck at Pascucci than American Granite. Pascucci has some really nice stones. I haven't broached the 9 foot island with no seam yet. I am going to stop in and talk with them on Monday.

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Spottythecat island is 8' x 8'6" and I have a center seam....I wish I didn't...Only I see it (I guess). My granite is not bookmark pieces so it doesn't match perfectly. We could not find a piece large enough for the entire island!
You might be able to find it in your neck of the woods!

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Spottythecat island is 8' x 8'6" and I have a center seam....I wish I didn't...Only I see it (I guess). My granite is not bookmark pieces so it doesn't match perfectly. We could not find a piece large enough for the entire island!
You might be able to find it in your neck of the woods!

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Spotty-mine is 9x4 so it's not looking good then! :(

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You might find one! You probably need a piece that is 118" so there is room to fabricate the edges...And, the whole piece will have to be one that you know how some pieces are pretty on one side and the other side has no movement or a strange streak?

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Finally started that bucket of this one....

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We've made quite a bit of progress this month. The exterior is almost finished. They installed all the doors last week and the carpenter has been working on all the trim. Cabinets are supposed to go in next week.

My husband and I went to the granite shop and picked out a few remnants for our bathrooms. Here is the mood board for one of the bathrooms. The remnant is called Arabescato.

My husband chose Cosmic Black for his wet bar sink. Since we are getting all of our counter tops through them, the owner gave us an awesome deal. He basically threw in the bar sink (55'' remnant) for less than $200. It never hurts to ask to see what discounts they can give. The owner said he has so many remnants and he really wanted to get rid of them so he was happy to cut us a deal.

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Picture of exterior and our interior doors.

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Your house looks great, Izhong. I love blue, so love your exterior. Our interior doors looks similar, but our top panel will have a curve on it.

Can you let me know what you are using to create those mood boards. Your bathroom choices are awesome, especially that granite counter.


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Carol, I use adobe photoshop and excel to create my mood boards. I'm sure there is software that creates mood boards but this is quick and easy for me. Hope this helps.

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Autumn.4, go with Alaska White, it's the best. My second choice would be blue flower #1. Of course everything looks different on a monitor than it does in real life. I say get your first choice and demand a huge discount...ha!

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jdez-looking good and your dirt looks dried out nicely. Thank you for your opinion on the granite. I needed to see them side by side, if not in reality then in pictures. Now that I have laid them out I don't care for snow storm as much. I am still intrigued by the sparkles in blue flower though. The colored 'splotches' in the top half of that slab are the portions that shimmer. ;) Alaska White does seem to pick up the exact tones between cabinets and flooring and I do love it. I am still concerned about the fissures though and will discuss with the fabricator on Monday.

lzhwong: I like your selections and that is a great deal on the remnants. I am hoping to do the same to save some $$ on counters.

Checked out the house last night and I thought electrical and plumbing rough-in was messy. Ummm, drywall hangers take the cake. Yikes. I hope they do clean up after themselves somewhat? They are supposed to be done hanging today already. I was out there for a few minutes yesterday morning and It's like a bunch of bulls in a china shop, stay out of they way! They hung all of the ceilings yesterday. Tuesday the insulation will be blown in the attic. Then I guess we have to let the drywall acclimate before we can mud. That waiting period will be painful I think. Still no siding on the front yet. "Arctic Blast" is coming so I wonder if the siding guys will bail or work through it.

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Autumn, sounds like you are catching up with us. I agree about the drywall mess. The worst! I hope yours clean up afterwards. When we sent out bids we asked that they include clean-up in their quotes. Most companies around here do not clean up afterwards. Our son-in-law said it was one of their worst jobs to do the clean-up. Best $200 we spent! They even took all the drywall scraps away and didn't fill our dumpster with it.

We are in the waiting stage with drywall. They waited a couple days after hanging and then put tape and first layer of mud. Haven't seen them again for a couple of days. I'll be glad when they are done.

Our siding guys finally came yesterday but it was so cold with 30 mph winds, they only worked a couple hours on the soffits and fascia. Good thing DH was there as usual to check on them because they were going to install the colored aluminum around the garage doors and we had wanted the hardie board trim around that area. Always glad he's there catching stuff like that.

We had to readjust the size of the columns on the front porch. The siding guys are building them for us. We originally planned to have larger columns - not sure we thought that totally out. They would have taken up too much space. A quick call to the stone guy and we are swapping out the stone caps for a smaller size. Plus, I decided to make the area where we are putting stone shorter. I should have taken pictures of our process. DH had some of our cardboard moving boxes as our sample columns. They were the perfect size and easy to move around. Had to make sure the columns didn't block the lights on both side of the door, too. This decision making is exhausting! :-)

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hoosiers-ah live and learn - we actually had to get an additional dumpster for them. Now that we have it I hope they USE it! There was more than just drywall everywhere, pop cans etc just thrown down wherever. We have a large trash can IN the house but I guess that takes too much work to throw it away. I think I was in shock to see just how trashed someplace can become in a matter of hours. So we'll see how it looks when they are finished and just how much they cleaned up after themselves. Sometimes I think it takes getting to that point to fully visualize something and realize it's not the appropriate scale or position. I'm not sure how many days between hang and mud we will have. Did you start heating during hanging? I think we are waiting until Monday to kick it on, the ceiling was just hung and no insulation there yet. I hate to see it sit but don't want to proceed if it's not properly acclimated. :/

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Autumn, we started heating as soon as they had the ceilings closed up with drywall. Otherwise, it was just gonna go right through the roof. Of course, that was when that Arctic air hit us. DH had the portable furnace set at 60 and it only got up to 30 in the house! After a couple days and temps got out of the minus range, the insulation guys came and blew the insulation in the attic and ceilings. Now it's staying nice and toasty in the house.

We have a different crew taping and mudding than the crew who hung the drywall - thank goodness. Those hangers were the only crew so far who were not our favorite - complained all the time to DH about everything. Oh well - you can't win 'em all!

I think we are going furniture shopping again today. Might stop to pick up some paint color strips, too.

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hoosiers-Nope you can't and I am thankful that they are in and out in 2 days. I shudder to think what it would look like after a whole week. :( Yes we have a different mudding crew too. Phew. I am hoping they are better. It will be a relief to have some heat too. We are supposed to dip back into single digits for lows and teens for highs for the next week. We received our decking material and dh is going to install that Monday. I am ready to walk out onto the covered porch (with hot cocoa in hand of course).

Good luck with furniture shopping! I have a paint fan deck I checked out that I am browsing through. I need to get it returned this week though. We are coming along in that regard. Still working on 8 yo's room....

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Wow, everyone is making some great progress.

Lzhwong- I really like your siding and brick choice. Very cool!

No real updates for me. Things are still coming along and all the lights have been installed. Some counters are in and granite and HanStone should be coming this week.

Got the final appraisal numbers and things are not so good. Very disappointing and makes this not so exciting. We were hoping to possibly close this week, but there is just no way. Still need carpet, final paint, and a number of things that need to be tweaked..and with the appraisal problems we may even see more of a delay. I am getting so tired from living in this cramped little house with 2 crazy kids in the winter. *scream*

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The last couple days have been busy so haven't had time to post! We are still "drying out" but the portable heater/fans aren't getting us all the way there. The gas line is being installed now (got a call that they could start before the end of the month--yay!!) and they should be done on Tuesday. They are hoping once we run the heat for a couple days we'll be dry enough to start insulation end of week. Our siding is all done though, so that is good. Interesting to see the different order of things in the different builds....some of you have not started siding but have drywall and insulation in and we are the other way around!

I went to SIX stone yards on Friday looking for a slab of Carrara marble that we planned to use for the perimeter counters in our kitchen and for our master bath counter. Using white quartz for the island--my compromise with DH--I wanted marble on the island too, but he did not want to deal with the maintenance, so we compromised and are putting it on the perimeter only since the island will get most of the abuse.

Anyway, I digress....I found a couple slabs of Carrara that would work, but I was having some issues with the fact that the marble tile we are using in the master bath floor has a much whiter background while the Carrara has a grayer background and wasn't sure how the two would look together.

Then I saw the beautiful! I've always LOVED that stone, but I knew it was not in the budget. Well, the last slab yard I went to has some Calacatta remnants that just might work for the kitchen and master bath since I am just using it on counters and not island. I need to go back tomorrow and measure them again with dimension in hand and see if they do in fact work and then see what price I can negotiate for them. If I can get them within the "range" then hopefully I can talk DH into spending just a bit more...Wish me luck!!

I know this varies a lot based on location and complexity, but I wonder what you guys are being quoted for stone fabrication/installation? Our quote came in at $50 sq ft for a pretty straight forward layout and a simple eased and polished edge. Seemed a bit high to us, but I haven't gotten other bids yet to compare.

Speaking of kids' bedroom 8 yo daughter asked if she could have blue and green on her walls. I thought she meant soft/girly blue and green which I thought could be nice. But no, she meant navy blue and lime green--Seahawk colors--and asked for a big #3 on her wall (Russell Wilson's #)!!! Every single person in Seattle is obsessed with everything Seahawks right now and even my daughter who has never cared to watch one football game has the bug! So, I made her a deal....If she can sit down and watch one full Seahawks game, I will let her do her room that way. She has not done it so far, but who knows, that can change for today's big game.....GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

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rbattaglia--I was typing when you posted so didn't see it. Just wanted to send you some encouragement and say "hang in there!" :) Knowing how exhausted I am half-way through I can imagine how you feel at the end of your build and the appraisal issues just make it worse. Hoping things get resolved soon for you and that you'll be enjoying your new home in no time. :)

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I would love that color scheme for one of my kids but so far no takers, LOL.

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I am cracking up - in rental - no live TV - skimmed and saw GO HAWKS and thought who might that be? We are actually the Hawkeye's here in our community so I chuckled knowing it's not THAT. Hehehe! Yes I am really that out of touch with sports.

Paint colors. So my 8 year old BOY loves this blue color and to me it has some purple undertones (it's a nice color BUT), but he doesn't care, he likes it and that is that. So this is what we have for his walls BM Aqua Marina, Chevron Orange Bedding, BM Silent Night:

mommytoty-I was actually looking at calcutta gold subway/mini brick for a backsplash, it is so pretty. Still unsure but I can see why you love it. Here the quotes are materials, fabricating and installation - mine range from $60-87 depending on which granite I have chosen. My favs are at $80 a square. Is $50 just for the labor and not the material? I am hoping to find remnants for my perimeter also. Otherwise it will be laminate. I am in the same boat with the talk dh into just a bit extra but lucky for me he really really liked the more expensive one, it just plain matches better so I think that part is behind me. And because it's only the island we are talking $300-$400 instead of double that.

rb-yes. No one goes outside here...EVER. Busy road, nothing to do. Ugh. Movies, movies and more movies. Hang in there. I hope something breaks free for you that helps out with the appraisal. I am feeling thankful that our house has wooded views = less blinds necessary as there won't be much left for that by the time we are finished. I think really only our bedroom windows and one other one in the front. The rest will be 'naked'. The boys are upstairs and face the back so no privacy blinds needed at all.

I too am finding the order of things and the vast differences interesting. All of our DIY work kicks in after the mudding so I am anticipating a slow down in progress. :/ I am ready to get to it though. I know I'll be sick of it by the time it's finished but I am ready to just get started. "Nothing to it but to do it" kinda thing.

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lzwhong, Love your siding color. Love the blue. You are coming along fast.

mommytoty, We have not yet gotten the exact quotes but when I talked to a couple of folks over the phone I got a quote of about 50 to 65 dollars per sqft (we are in north cal so expensive area) and this is just for fabrication. Good luck on convincing DH to spend extra and finding the remnants that will work for you.

rb24, Sorry about the appraisal issues. Hope you can finish as expected and move in soon. I understand the frustration with being in a small house. We are renting in a condo right now and it is driving me nuts.

Mommytoty and MFatt16, We are in 49ers territory. So I have to say Go 49'ers :) May the best team win.

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Finally found time to post a couple pictures! Drywall! First picture is the front door/living area.

    Bookmark   January 19, 2014 at 7:46PM
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And here is one of the garages. It may be kind of blurry... but showing the colors.

    Bookmark   January 19, 2014 at 7:48PM
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And one of my daughter. She is pretty excited too.

We got gallons of paint today because I think painting will happen next week. We did get revere pewter for the open living area and I love how it looks in the can. Also ordered our kitchen table and a new couch. :) Finished picking out the dining room light and pendants above the island. We were going to do brushed nickel but I decided it wouldn't match the kitchen well so we decided on oil brushed bronze and I have to agree it is the right choice.

This post was edited by kellithee on Sun, Jan 19, 14 at 19:52

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Autumn: I called several granite/quartz fabricators and the price per sq ft for the Silestone Lagoon differed $10-20 per sq ft. The place I'm going with isn't the cheapest but he gave me a great deal on the bathroom vanity countertops so the overall price was a lot lower. He was able to lower his price on the Silestone after I showed him a quote from another fabricator. You also have to see how much each fabricator charges for cut outs (faucets, sink, air switch, etc). It can add up quickly if they are not included.

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Crud: Alaska white slab is only 116"x78" or 9 1/2 x 6 1/ island is 9x4. :( I know the blue flower is larger. Hmmm.

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How much extra length does a slab need to have for fabrication? Ie, if you want a 10 foot long island how long does the slab have to be to accommodate that?

    Bookmark   January 20, 2014 at 11:13AM
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Autumn--I've been through your same pain. I actually changed the size of my island to accommodate the slab. May be too late for you if your cabinet is done, but if you have open legs, they can adjust those fairly easily. Going through it again with the remnants. Found a beautiful stone that was 22" deep and I knew the vanity would be 21" deep so thought I'd be ok. Checked with cabinet guy and he said the box is 21" but the doors add 7/8" and then you want some overhang, so I needed it to be 22.5" finished. Back to square 1 over an inch!!!

    Bookmark   January 20, 2014 at 11:33AM
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lzh-fabricator that I have been talking to includes the cut outs and cut/install labor in the price of the stone. I'm not sure what the breakdown is. Maybe I should ask. We have used them before with good results so I doubt I'd go elsewhere though.

kellithee-sorry hasty post earlier. I can't wait to see your revere pewter! Cutie pie - can't wait to see what you do with her room!

illini-meeting with fabricator at 2:45. That very question is on my list. I will say that the slab I like is shaped a little differently than most of the others, kind of a trapezoid. There is another slab of alaska white that I know is larger but I don't like it, not even a close second. I am at work so can't post a pic. It's startling how different they are. It looks like someone spilled a bottle of ink and the dark spots are huge and 'lumpy'. No flow. No like.

mommy-frustrating! I was hoping also to use the remaining part of the slab maybe for the master to help leverage cost but I don't think I can with its shape and that the top part is wehre there were a few disconcerting fissures that I would want to avoid. What a difference an inch makes! :(

There is always the blue flower slab....that I HOPE is several inches longer... I really hope to avoid a seam in the island.

Powder room paint - what is everyone doing there? I kind of want to go a little bolder with an aqua or teal? The room is 3 1/2 by 7 1/2, outswing door.

So for my visually challenged self it's all clear with the drywall hung. Office area is completely visibly from the main dining/kitchen area. :( I am not a slob but I do need to keep important papers out or else I will forget about them. Totally out of sight out of mind. This room will be a challenge to lay out! I *think* I have about a foot that I could put shelving on the outside wall that would be hidden.

Overall it's fine but there are a few regrets and 'wish we would have taken more time during design' feelings. Moving on!

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thanks for the granite advice....I think Pascucchi is the one place we visited sometime in October just for kicks. That is who my builder typically works with.

Good luck at your meeting today....let me know what you find out about slab length.

I have no idea what colors the powder rooms are going to be yet, but I love the idea of a bolder color. In my current powder we painted it BM Woodlawn Blue and I love it! I am looking for a similar color but maybe a hint greener and muter for our master bath. A color that borders exactly on pale grey blue green. Is it blue or is it green? That color. I am thinking very spa like with large white tiles in the shower, undecided on the floor (too much to have the same white tiles on the floor as the shower??? and then white vanities too?)

Day 2 of framing brought lots of progress. Huge. Can't wait to go visit this afternoon and see what's up. At the rate they are going they will be done in two weeks, unless there are weather delays. The other good news was that they got the electrical in before the winter deadline, which is a savings of 1500 for us, woohoo.

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How could I forget - congrats to the Seahawks fans!

illini-okay here is the deal and I wish it was more concrete but no. Fabricator said the dimensions the granite yard gives (in this case Pascucci) are typically 'usable space'. So I tried to get him down to add or subtract x inches and he didn't go there! So for my 9 foot island he said 116" is fine, wasn't worried a bit (yeah). I think my math was off earlier, migraine all day (boo). Regarding the fissures and lines I could feel he said they normally don't do much with the face of the stone (it's already polished) and if I could feel it and it bothered me then I might want to go another direction. He also would have to look more closely at it to see how much work ($) he thought would go into it making it smooth. He was going to call and talk to Pascucci about it to get measurements of the area that I was concerned about. Sigh. Not sure what to do. He said no concerns with durability of the stone. But I KNOW it would drive me nuts if I could feel that line in the stone. Maybe we can work around it, maybe not. I hope to hear more from him tomorrow after he talks with Pascucci. They have really nice stuff there, wow.

Yes - that color: "pale gray blue green, is it green is it blue is it gray", that's the one that I want for our master too. I had something similar in our powder room in the last house but I want to go bolder and more aqua for that room this time. That is great news that you beat the deadline! Woohoo is right. Mini-victory, YES!

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I'm finishing up the electrical. I use a DIY centralized lighting design with touchpanels instead of light switches in each room.

This is a touchpanel installed in a bathroom


That's the central rack in the basement with the light controllers.

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Kitchen detail post on the blog (finally!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Our building Blog

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jrldh - very cool!

illini-woodlawn blue is a very nice color.

sweet.reverie-off to visit the blog. :)

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Sweet rev, my little boy and I fought over the cheeseburger flavored Pringles while I drooled over your blog. It is all very beautiful.

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sweet reverie, your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, just like the rest of your house! I love your floors and do you mind sharing the source for your island stools? I will be looking for some very soon and I love yours!

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Carol.33: Yes! We bought them at cost plus world market and my husband painted them! :)

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Very cool lighting controls. Awesome that you could save the $ and install yourself.


So nice to see your spectacular kitchen. I love everything about it. I especially like that you have windows on two sides of the room and the lovely symmetry. Can you tell me who makes the cabinets and doors? I seem to recall your DH was quite involved in the kitchen. I can't remember if you used Ikea boxes and assembled yourself?


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Autumn - we are doing SW Foggy Day in our powder room. It's a little darker, but I love it. We also did this in the mudroom and office. Nice bold color if you are doing white trim. Another really nice color is SW Sea Salt, which is a very pale aqua and goes nice bordering gray.

SweetRev- love the white kitchen and really do like to stools too.

So, we are in the process of appealing our appraisal, so hopefully we get better news over the next few days. Today they installed counters and some of the faucets. Carpet was also delivered and should be installed tomorrow.

Here is a pic of the white island. Soooo glad we swapped out the stark Specchio White for Aspen White at the last minute. My only issue would be the depth of the island with the large sink doesn't allow for a stool right at that spot, but I still LOVE it.

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OntarioMom: Ikea! My husband put the whole thing together by himself. Poor guy! He probably still has nightmares. But worth the savings!

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nice island! Agreed on the SW Sea Salt....I added several rooms to my idea books with that color, it's beautiful. So many good colors, need to find a good place for them all!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

DRYWALL!!! whoop whoop :)

my cleaning fairy has flew the coop!

They set the furnace this morning. Blew in the insulation in the ceiling yesterday. Have to come back to do the attic over the garage tomorrow.
Mud/tape starting tomorrow... flooring guy supposed to come today to measure.

Finally lots of things seem to be falling into place.
Builder said yesterday our goal is to get everything as done as possible for final inspection and the bank loan taken care of. Then the outside stuff that isn't finished b/c of weather can be done when it can....

fingers crossed!!!

I've started packing decor...I have a lot of crap. ugh.. lol

Everyone's homes look so good! :)

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loribug, your drywall looks really good, love those windows!

They started our floors today. Got about half of the great room done. We are really pleased with how they look….

They also delivered our interior doors and trim…. excited!

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Alright Autumn 4, no siding pics AND no word on the granite? You are killing me.

    Bookmark   January 21, 2014 at 10:23PM
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Carol33- your floors look amazing!

Loribug- I really liked the drywall stage. It felt like everything was really come together. Looks good!

Good news on our appraisal...we disputed the appraisal with the pretty valid points and the appraiser agreed and came up on his valuation. So awesome! This helps us tremendously!!

Carpet was started today, more plumbing was done, and pretty much everything is almost done. Biggest thing now is tying up loose ends. Looks like we probably won't be in this week, but hoping for next. Soooo close!

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Rbatt, yay on the appraisal! I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.

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rb - yes! Awesome news. So happy for you. What a relief. Thank you for the foggy day suggestion, I like it. I am waffling between light and airy and more intense for a color pop and just where to do what.

carol-those are some beautiful floors. Wow! Our doors are the same but will be painted white, love'em.

lori lori lori-I wondered if you flew the coup! Looks good and I can relate to that big pile of dry wall scrap! They did actually remove it all but I spent the better part of the evening last night sweeping. The dust is unreal and I am sure it's nothing compared to mudding!

paint-so I like foggy day and I like sea salt. I agree with illini; so many nice colors that we have to fit in somewhere!

jdez-ME TOO! I haven't heard back from the fabricator, hoping today? The bank had me in fits yesterday. I am not a mathematician but I can ADD. Somehow they did the draw and shorted us $4,041 dollars. Shaking my head. So more emails, what the heck? It's a spreadsheet, it does the adding for you. COME ON PEOPLE!!! I don't get it. This is my first build, maybe this is their first mortgage? LOL! Okay not really laughing. I am disgusted...

So by the time I got out there it was too DARK to take a pic of the siding - I was checking it out by flashlight and I LOVE IT! We have church tonight so I won't get out there but tomorrow I WILL get a pic! Hubby installed the decking for the covered porch, sigh. I can't wait to sit out there! It's single digits for temps right now though so a quick peek and then I was busy sweeping to stay warm.

Insulation guys did not show yesterday so no heat yet. They are supposed to come today and I hope they do. Mudding starts next week Monday and we need to get the heat ON.

So here is a shot of the 'office space' standing between kitchen and living rooms - you can see it is out there in the open for all the world to see. I want to paint it something different...and I will have to configure it so all of our paper MESS is not visible as I know that will bug dh and me. :/

To the left is the fridge opening, straight ahead is the office and mudroom hall (it's angled). It does let in a lot of light and that I like. To the right you can see the doorway to the powder room.

A bit closer:

Office Window:

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Am jealous now. Still working on the estimate.

What is your hardwood floor grade? I like yours.
Was choosing better and select, should I down grade?


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Framing second/main level. Finally looking like a house!!!!

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Carol, Beautiful floor. Like the doors also. We are debating between two doors and this one of the choices though ours will be painted.

rb24, YaY! Great news on getting the appraisal issues resolved. Next week will be here in no time. Your island counter top looks great. Do post more pictures.

houses14, welcome and don't worry once you get started you will make quick progress in the starting.

MFatt16, yes it is exciting to see the framing go up. That has been the best part of the build so far for me.

Autumn, Looks like they are making lot of progress. Understand the frustration with the bank. Hope things go smoother.

Lori, We are in the same stage. Drywall was the most messy so far. They did clean up some after they are done and they started doing the taping yesterday and now my shoes and pants are a mess. So if people stop by in your work clothes be careful.

On our end they have started Taping and mudding yesterday. Hope they are done by this week. Our Kitchen cabinets have already arrived and now we have no place to store them so the KD is holding for an additional week but if we are still behind next week this time we will have to move the cabinets to storage and pay for that. Getting a little frustrated with the GC. He has been very tough to get hold of him the last week and we are behind on stuff.

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Well, it happened again!! Nice long post and then gone!! I used the "back" button too and still gone :( I think it is because I get multiple interruptions and stop typing for a while then by the time I hit post something gets screwed up....

Take two.....

rbattaglia--So happy for you! Yay!

Autumn and loribug--Drywall is looking great!!

akshars--Ooohh, you have cabinets!! I think we will be in the same boat with the cabinets done but not ready to install.

MFatt--How about them HAWKS!! What a game! I was a nervous wreck the whole time! Framing is looking great. Your site and layout look similar to ours. We are also doing a 1 story with walkout basement so we could get the sound views on the main level. Our lot was fairly flat, though, so all the digging and moving dirt has been expensive, but worth it.

I think I have found the exterior paint color!!! Cabot's Driftwood Gray! I have loved this color on every house I have seen it on (in pics), but didn't think we could use it because it is a stain. However, it appears Cabot makes a "solid stain" which is essentially paint and can be used on Hardie. I need to verify this, but will be so happy if it works!

As far as interior paint, SW Sea Salt has been top of the list for the Great Room/Kitchen area. Looks like a lot of you on here like it too! :) The kitchen island will be painted BM Beach Glass, so just have to make sure those two colors work well togther. The perimeter cabinets and all the doors/millwork/trim will be SW Pure White. I had originally selected BM White Dove, but it had too much of a creamy/yellow undertone and did not go with the white quartz for the island. Pure White is still soft, but no yellow.

We have HEAT!! Yay! They will insulate today and tomorrow and then drywall starts on Monday. :)

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I want our drywallers to be done! They come one day and then take off two days. They are holding us up! We also have cabinets ready for delivery in addition to all our trim, beams and interior doors. We need the inside of the house available, people!

Today the siding guys had to rip off everything they did the other day because they did not do the flashing they were supposed to around our windows and doors. Our son-in-law met with them this morning. Not sure if I mentioned before or not, but they ordered the wrong shakes for our gables. They ordered single rough-split straight edge and we requested double rough-split staggered. At the rate of this winter weather keeps rolling in and them not being able to install every day, maybe we won't be waiting around for it after all. Who knows.

On a good note, we ended up working with a fabulous ID/sales woman from a furniture store we went to last week. She spent hours with us picking out furniture for the family room - couch, recliner, cocktail ottoman, rug, accent chest for our entry, lamps, rug, entertainment wall unit, and end tables. She created a furniture layout for the entry and family room. She even suggested a paint color. Guess what? She picked the same paint strip that I had picked as my favorite from the Benjamin Moore store over a month ago before furniture shopping! I feel like she can read my mind. She's good. She even went to another furniture store and picked out fabrics for us to use on two accent chairs we are buying at another furniture store! She's offered to help us with colors or any furniture arrangement in any of the other rooms, too. She didn't charge us for any of this. I think I need to get her a gift card for her help.

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I am starting to really drool over everyones idea boards of tile, granite, paint and light fixtures. I feel like I had my mind made up but now I am rethinking.....

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Got some new pictures today. There has been some progress.

Front of the house:

Looking from inside the MB:


Future screened back porch:

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hoosiers-oh yikes, I hope that is not how our mudders work. That will be frustrating. We have doors and trim scheduled for delivery on 2/4. I hope they are DONE by then! Great work on the furnishings front.

jdez-ahhhh, look at that sky and sun shining through your window openings. Glorious! Very nice!

mommytoty-eek, I am getting sweaty palms here! I ordered soft white cabs (similar to white dove, but I hope they don't read dingy yellow when I get them in). :( So far that is not how they have looked. The next white option they had was really stark. That was a tough call for me and we are matching trim and doors to the cabinets!

I am hoping for pics tomorrow. :) Snowing to beat the band again. Awful commute today. I am ready for that groundhog to come up and see NO shadow. Come on Phil!

We are trying to figure out how to have an 'un-superbowl' party. We don't have tv service while in temporary housing. We always have a fun little party just the 4 of us but we've got nothing to watch! Hmm. Still thinking on that one.

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houses14 - our floors are 4" character grade hickory, with the golden stain from Baird Brothers in Canton, Ohio.

We will be going Monday to make our final granite selection. We went a month or so ago and liked the River White. This time we have to decide for sure so it won't be so easy. I have had a real tough time picking tile for the foyer and bathrooms…. still not sure yet! Gonna have to make a decision soon, stressing bad!

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It's nice to see so much progress being made on everyone's homes.

The trim guy is still working on the windows and doors. He's been at it for 2 weeks now. He fired his helper so it's just him doing everything.

The tile for the master bathroom is making headway. They finished tiling and grouting the rest of the bathrooms/mudroom/laundry. The cabinets were supposed to be installed on Monday but the cabinet maker wasn't finished with them. I'm hoping he comes tomorrow.

I thought the painters would paint before the cabinets but our GC said they don't paint until after all the cabinets are installed. A couple of our bathroom vanities are furniture type vanities with open shelving below. One would think it would be easier to paint those before the vanities come in.

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Mood board for master bathroom.

    Bookmark   January 22, 2014 at 9:43PM
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Tile for one of the bathroom floors

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Autumn- we ended up going with the White Dove cabinets and they do not look yellowy at all. They look very white, but not stark white. We did not match trim to cabinets either and I don't regret that either. We didn't want dove white through the whole house, but it looks fine.

Lzhwong- the tile look great! We went very basic with tile, but I love your fancy choices.

Jdez- framing looks good and that part flies by and you'll love the changes you see each day.

Today they finished carpet, plumbing, furnace hookup to propane, garage doors and when I stopped by tonight the "final cleaners" were there. The painters are coming again tomorrow to finalize touch- ups...but otherwise we are looking at closing on Tuesday. Few other loose ends, but we are sooooo close.

Some outdoor items will have to wait until Spring (outdoor pillars being painted and driveway).

I will get more pics tomorrow after everything should be sparkly clean. Oh...and appliances are being delivered tomorrow.

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loving everyone's progress.

Framing is going fast, I won't bore you with the pics at this point. I feel so bad for the framers out in this frigid weather (and no relief in sight). I brought them coffee and cookies yesterday.

We made our plumbing fixture selections which I may tweak (that was overwhelming because I put little thought into it before the appointment with the exception of what I needed for the master shower). We are going to look at floors again today.

So far I like what I see.

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rb-what color did you do for trim? Dh is going to want that quickly......ever heard of china white?

So, dh goes out last night to turn on the heat and nothing. Nada. Furnace doesn't work! :( Mud being delivered tomorrow, has to stay warm. I hope the HVAC gets out there sooner rather than later. Weather is bad though, no school today and forecasting blizzard conditions for this weekend. We need a weather break!

lori-you have heat yes?!! I hope!!!

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lzhog - we have the same shower package, tub and plumbing fixtures as you! Where did you find that awesome toilet paper magazine holder? I love that and I know my DH would love it more.

This is my first post. We are waiting on final bid from our builder but he wanted me to start making as many selections on things as I can.

So far I've selected the hardwood floors (has to be engineered since we building on a slab) we picked Mannington, Mountain View Hickory in Bark. Selected all plumbing fixtures - Delta Victorian line in OB, light fixtures are done too. Having a hard time with the carpet, linolieum and paint colors.

We are doing a victorian style interior except open concept, don't think I could do all the closed off rooms. We have 7 acres out in the county (1/2 mile from city limits) that is already paid for. The well is already in and paid for - didn't hit water till 540' but pretty good water and 15 gallons/minute. It's sad to say that we had to dig a well and the county water line runs under our driveway. Long story - but just say county water tower is at max capacity and they don't want to upgrade their lines or tower :(

We hope to get the final bid over the weekend so we can go to the bank next week and if that goes smooth, and lots of prayers we can break ground in February. Our lease in our townhouse is up on July 31st and I want the house to be done by then. Builder said 4 months from time framing is done to move-in. I know there will be delays due to living in the midwest and the weather is never going to fully cooperate but I can pray. Don't really want to move in with my MIL - which by the way lives on the 50 acres that joins our land. That's close enough. It's one thing when they live with you but no way I want to live with her.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit. I love reading all your posts and seeing all the pictures of everyones build. It make me so excited everyday to catch up on you all. I know one of my paint colors will be SW sea salt in Master bath and our cabinets will be white with the island stained. I need to figure out a white that will work on my cabinets - any suggestions?

Thanks again.

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Renee0829: The magazine toilet paper holder is Pottery Barn. Restoration Hardware makes one too. I actually bought mine on Ebay. Just save a search for it and one will pop up eventually I got it for 75% off retail and it was new in box. I'm also doing white perimeter cabinets in SW Pure White and a grey island in SW Summit Gray. Hope that helps!

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Everyone's houses are looking good!

The mudders were supposed to come on Monday.. and as of yesterday they still hadn't been there. AND our basement door had blown open... thank goodness our backyard neighbors were nice enough to call and let us know. All this while the flu is running rampant through the house. Then our plumber called our builder who then called us to let us know that our master tub has a hairline crack in it. The plumber told him that he can fix it but we'd still see it. What do you think our answer is.. noooo replace it. It shouldn't have cracked in the first place and this is a brand new house, I don't want to have a cracked tub. Also irked that the plumber didn't just call us so now we are doing phonetag. I guess these are minor things but we really wanted to start painting this weekend.

Also a weird thing about our doorknobs... even if they are locked you can still open them up from the inside. Is that a new thing? I can see myself now going out to the garage thinking the door is "open" and then coming back and being locked out. I have a feeling we will be using the deadbolt more than the knob locks. I will have to ask the builder if this is the new norm?

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Things are going extremely slow here, we were supposed to be in sometime in Febuary but now not till end of March. If we are lucky. The builder is way behind again, a month behind in finishing the basement, it was supposed to be taped and mudded by Jan 2, still is not done. As for the rest of the home, cabinets not installed till middle of next month, tile end of Feb...... Carpet install not till March 18th. So frustrating as they have zero organizational skills. Almost everything they have put it is wrong. Wrong tub, wrong paint, wrong doors, wrong glass, wrong railings, wrong framing, wrong trim.........

Hopefully since there will be no progress in the main part of home the next couple of weeks they will at least get the basement caught up. The site sup we originally had left and it showed he hadn't been interested in his job for months as he did nothing in our home. Now we have another one who knows little about construction and seems his biggest concern is trying to prevent us being on site. I think they are tired of us catching all their mistakes.

Loving everyone's progress on all your homes! :)

Carol- Those floors and doors are gorgeous!

JDez- & MFatt16- Framing is looking great!

Autumn & Loribug- So excited to see your drywall, yay!!!

lzhwong- Great selections for your master bath, it's going to be beautiful, and the tile in your other bath is very nice.

mommytoty- the round window was worth the wait, wow!!! :)

Sweet.reverie- Congrats on your beautiful home, love your blog and your adorable children.

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Back from visiting my dad.
We went straight to the build site last night upon returning.
It looks as if all our wiring is pulled, although cans not installed yet in ceilings. It also looks as if the rough plumbing is in. The HVAC stuff is all over, and the builder emailed us yesterday asking for a meeting to discuss the HVAC upgrade options we have before it's finished.
I'm trying to nail down picky things like which art lighting to install in great room. It's not an easy decision for me because I don't know enough about it, and if I get it wrong it'll be a bear to replace. We have some great artwork and I want to light it properly.
Also, the crew that framed the house is also putting down the decking boards on the wrap around porch, and doing the siding, flashing etc. They work in the most disorganized manner I've ever seen. It's driving my organized self a bit nuts.
About 2/3 of the deck flooring is down, most of the faschia is done, but not all, they've started siding around the garage, then they go back to nailing down decking. It's crazy. I don't get why they don't start one thing and then finish it. Oh, and there are still a few minor things left on the interior. I suppose they'll get to it when they do.

I'm loving seeing all your pics.
lzhwong I love your choices.
And Carol your floors are beautiful. We switched recently from Maple to hickory/pecan. Interestingly, our flooring place told us that we'll get Hickory or Pecan, that it's very difficult to tell the difference in the cut boards and they're labeled interchangeably.
So the contact person we've spec'd out all our lighting and plumbing with at Fergusons has left suddenly and under "it's a long story" circumstances, meanwhile I have to pull everything together and go over everything with a new rep at Fergusons - it shouldn't be a problem, but it's one more thing.
And the flooring/tile place we have to work with is making me very nervous. We were in there just after Thanksgiving to pick out the flooring and request stain samples. Every time we've talked to them since they've had some excuse or another about why they're not ready.

Jdez and MFatt your framing is looking good. That's when you really begin to see changes fast.
Autumn, hope you get your banking straightened out, and your heating. And hope it warms up soon.

So glad to hear about the appeal that worked for the appraisal. That's pretty rare.
Hoosier, what a great find re your ID.

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rb-I had to go back and re-read. Wow! You are THAT close! Appliances scheduled and all. How exciting!

marjorie-glad you are back. I hope things are well. Did you make any headway on backsplash? Or are you 'on a break'?

xc60-drat. That is not good. We haven't had much of a delay besides framing. Crossing fingers that continues. Isn't the work ethic (or lack thereof) scary?

kellithee-no way. I'd want a new one too. Sorry the bug is making it's way around.

illini-post away! It is super exciting-the first inklings of a house! Did you nail down the kitchen design?

renee-welcome. There are soooo many whites. Do your have your choice (custom) or are you choosing from an offerering? Our island is also gray but it's a gray stain instead of paint so a bit different.

carpet-ack. We haven't really discussed much and don't have a plan for an install date. Maybe I need to get on that?

Bank: "Thank you for your acccurate book keeping! We found the error and have transferred the remainder of funds". Happy they transferred but unsettling that they even had the discrepancy in the first place.

The weather is not making it wasy to go out and shop for things. You can only do so much with online browsing. :(

I am going to venture out to get a pic of siding. The sky is BLUE and the sun is out. It's a wonderful sight and I need to capture it!

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Hoosier, We are having the same issue with drywall/mudding crew. They are here 2 days and not the next few days and so on. Hope they are done soon and you can deliver the cabinets and stuff. Sounds like the interior designer is great. Glad you have sorted out the furniture.

jDez, the framing is looking good.

lzwhong, love the selections for your bathrooms. Looks like you are getting close to being done.

rb24, Wow next Tuesday is great news. Waiting to see the clean pictures when you have them. will you be moving next weekend?

Kellithee, Hope the mudding starts soon. Looks like a lot of us are having issue with this part of the project. My GC tells me they are the busiest of the sub-contractors he uses so to bear with it.

Xc60, Sorry about all the delays you are going through.

Autumn, Sorry about the heat issue. Hope you can resolve it soon. Have you heard back from the fabricator if you can get the island without a seam?
I also do not want a seam in the island so we reduced the overhang on one side to 12 inches (was supposed to be 18). May be if you are short by a few inches you can reduce any overhang you plan to have.

Marji, Hope your dad is doing well. I understand your frustration with the framing crew. Hope the flooring place gets their act together soon and has the stain samples for you,

On our end still the mudding and may take until next week as the crew did not show up today. Met with the contractor today and he says he can still make the March 23 date. So let’s see.

Have a question for everyone. Are your floors going in first or is the cabinets. (both in the kitchen and bathrooms). The Contractor says they do them both ways without any issues but KD says she prefers the floor to be done first.

Here is a picture of the drywall and peak of the coffered ceiling in the living area.

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kellithee--Funny, we have the same doorknobs in our temporary home that was built in the 60s. It took me a few months and a few times of getting locked out, but now I always double check the lock every time I leave and plan to come right back in. Kind of a pain, but you get used to it.

akshars--Love the coffered cielings! On the flooring, our GC told us the same thing, that they do it both ways. In our house, they plan to lay the hardwood floor first (unstained), then install the cabinets, then stain the floor. He said they will come back through at the very end and apply the last coat on the floor. I am not sure what the process will be for the bathrooms where we have tile floors...

Autumn--The White Dove is a beautiful color, it was just too warm for the other materials I am using. Here is a pic I took with the White Dove paint sample from my cabinet guy. The square material is the Super White quartz. The lighting is bad, but I think you can see how warm the White Dove looks in comparison. I will post a pic with the Pure White next.

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Here is the Pure White

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lzhwong - Thanks for the info on the magazine toilet paper holder. I will take a look at SW Pure White to see if my DH likes it.

Autum - We are doing a complete custom home so I get to pick everything :) We are wanting to stain the island vs paint. I think DH said he wants to use alder for the island as it takes stain very well. I thought we should go 2 shades darker than the wood floors but he thinks the floor are already dark so didn't want to do that. What do you think? Our flooring is from Mannington - Mountain View Hickory - Bark is the color.

Any suggestions are welcome. I tried to post our plans but I'm at work and the URL wasn't working so I will do that once I get home.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Heat! yes we have heat!
Taping & mudding is happening!

I'm so worried about my cabinets not being ready in time, but other stuff seems to be going well...

Love all the progress!

Anyone else planning a "command center", hallway, laundry room? I've been pinning ideas. Now I'm just ready to go buy it all. Ha... wish I had more time & money Doesn't everyone!?

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mommytoty, Thanks for the information on what you are doing with the floors. Our cabinet colors are also SW pure white and we plan to match the trim also to the cabinets. Your kitchen selections looks good. In the second picture you posted what is the countertop? Is it marble. Looks beautiful

Lori, Yes I am planning to have kind of command center thought it will be pretty small. We have a 24 inch cabinet at the end of the kitchen run and that will have cabinet doors facing our entrance from the garage. I am hoping this is where all the mail, keys, phones and purse and bags get stored. This is the inspiration

And yes I wish had more time and Money :)

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mommy-thanks for the pics. Amazing how warm it looks. Not sure what to do with trim now. I was kinda thinking they needed to match but maybe not. Is that a marble hex? I am thinking the solution to my dark perimeter counters with lighter island may be a marble. I don't know. Too much to think about. What paint color is that again (the blue)?

akshars-love the ceiling...we wanted to do something like that but cut it out. Too hard with everything else. It depends on the slab. They didn't give me a definite number or hard fast rule. But for the 1116" slab I was looking at he said would be fine for a 9 foot island. I was thinking like you, could have one overhang a little less than 15" (which is what I am planning).

lori-YAY for heat! We have an open office area thingy that I posted above. That will be command center. It is off the garage entry hall. I have no idea what I want to do there. Or rather I do but I don't have time to think about that right now. ;) Yup on time and money.

So here it is. First note the blue sky. We have not had sunshine like this in a LONG time as in weeks. I love the siding and the shake. Very happy. Pleaes ignore all of the stuff in the way. They were not quite finished but I took the pic while I could get it! We will have to stain the door in the spring I am afraid.

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That siding is totally awesome, Autumn. You have certainly made super fast progress.

Love all the pics everyone. Looking good.


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xc60--Sorry to hear about all the mistakes you are finding! So frustrating!! We have caught a few, but they have all been fixed and our GC has been really good about it. A March move-in date sounds wonderful!

loribug--I am planning a "command center" of sorts in our laundry room/mudroom that is connected to the garage. I had a desk built in that room right by the doorway that leads into the rest of the house. We will have a bench with hooks/cubbies accross from that, so my idea is that when we walk into that room from the garage, all shoes/coats/backpacks will get dropped off at the benches and mail/keys/homework will get dropped off on the desk. We used to have a desk in the kitchen in our old house and, while it was nice to have it close to where we spent most of our time, it constantly looked a mess. So, this time, I planned to have that mess out of the kitchen. We'll see how it plays out in reality!!

akshars--Yes, that is a beautiful marble that I think is going to be out of budget now :( Still hoping to find something similar closer to budget.

Autumn--The blue is for the island and it is BM Beach Glass. The siding on your house looks fantastic! Was it pre-painted? What color is it?

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Autumn--Sorry, yes, that is an Arabescato marble hex that we are using as an accent tile on the area behind the range. The rest of the backsplash will be white subway tile.

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Thanks everyone! :)

Autumn, wow your house looks really great all sided with that blue sky above. The colors you picked are perfect!

Here are a couple pictures I have to show:

First one of view in summer, I'm reminding myself how nice it will be eventually. :)

Master bedroom:


Kitchen Inspiration board:

And Ensuite:

This post was edited by xc60 on Sun, Jan 26, 14 at 20:37

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Renee - it sounds like you have a beautiful place. Can't wait to see pics.

Kellithee - don't tell me I'll have to hide a key. I always feel like there's someone hiding in the woods with binoculars just waiting for me to reveal the location of that hidden key. Too many movies.

xc60 - I hate to hear about all the bad experiences with your build. I know its stressful but it should be fun too.

Autumn4 - you finally post a picture of your siding and I'm at work where all photos are blocked. Guess I'll have to wait until later to check it out. And you didn't have to send me your weather, the building crew won't be back to work until Monday because of some kind of freak ice storm thats coming in tonight. And you have blue skies?

Some of you are close to finishing. Are you feeling excitement or relief?

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Here are our plans:

First Floor

Second Floor


Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

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Cabinets got installed today. I'm not sure why they made the spice cabinets flanking the range 2 doors. Our drawings show one long door and I much prefer it that way. The cabinets are SW pure white.

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Family room built ins.

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Thanks for the compliments on the siding everyone, I am very happy with how it turned out. It's actually vinyl, the color is storm. I love that sometimes it looks gray and sometimes it looks beige. We are waiting until spring to do the stone as well. Just too much snow and too cold of temps.

The furnace was working this evening. We will check on it again in the morning and make sure it's still heating.

mommy-I have a couple of marble mosaic samples enroute. I hope they work out. DH is all set to go with our first choice but it's just not practical. He says I over analyze but I am the cleaner so.... ;)

jdez-ha! I fear this was the calm before the storm...snow and 40 mph winds are on the way for this weekend.

I am starting to get commitment phobia. I need to pick paint and stick to it! There are just way too many cool colors!

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Renee- welcome! What part of the Midwest are you in? I'm in MN and we were encouraged to pick out everything very early too. It actually helped the process a lot. We also did white perimeter cabinets (white dove) and a stained center island, which is a few shades darker than the floors.

Akshars & xc60- I really love those ceilings. Wow!

So half of the appliances were delivered today, but not the exciting ones :) apparently the delivery driver missed half of them. Good job!! Ugh!

Cleaning went great last night, but they will for sure have to come back. There was still a mess with people in there again today.

The mantle was installed today.

I didn't get any other pics because I was in a big rush after work before I had to get the kids.

I'm getting very anxious about finalizing this process. Making sure all added expenses are in line, etc...and dealing with overages is becoming a reality. Even though we are supposed to close Tuesday, my husband coaches basketball and has literally 4 evening games next week. The other nights he has practice and I have a work event on I'm not sure how we'll make moving a priority.

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Autumn4, your house is beautiful. I'm sure the inside will be just as spectacular.

Anyone needing paint should register with the SW website if you haven't already and you will get a coupon in your email for 25% off. At least I guess everybody would, I got one today. We are a long way from needing paint though.

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Autumn! Gorgeous!!!! I love it!

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Wow so much activity today :)

Autumn, Love your siding. Looks beautiful in contrast to the white snow. Glad the heater was working. Sorry about the cold winter you are having. We are having the opposite problem here. No winter so far and no rain. They are expecting water shortage this summer. Yes indeed there are so many great colors. Our contractor uses kelly williams so the colors are a little different. I will have to see if we can find a color close to sea salt that everyone seems to like. We have to choose colors in the next couple of weeks.

Mommytoty, Hope you find a replacement marble at a lower price.

xc60, Nice view of the lake. The great room ceiling and builtins are looking great.

lzwhong, Kitchen ls looking great. Are the kitchen and fireplace built-ins made by local custom guy or a cabinet company. Hope they can fix the issue with spice cabinet doors.

Renee, welcome to the thread. You are smart to be selecting a lot of the finishes now.

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rbattaglia24 - I am in the Kansas City Missouri area. Our winter has been very cold and windy but so far not to much snow. I hope that no snow trend continues. Last winter we got 24" in 2 weeks in February.

Akshars - Thanks - so many choices to make and I'm not the best ID person. My brother was supposed to be doing that for me but he died unexpectedly in March of 2012.

I love the SW Dover White but I think it has to much of a yellow undertone. I know a lot of the builders around here use SW Antique White as the builder grade trim paint but it looks like it has yellow undertones too.

Does anyone know a good olive green color that has gray undertones (so it looks green in some light and gray in others)? I really love that color but DH is still trying to grasp it. We have a complete open concept so anyone that can offer me help on the main wall colors for LR, DR and Kitchen would be appreciated.

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Since part II was reaching it's limit, I started part III.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Jan 2014 part III

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