old desk that turns into a table

deannabsdOctober 15, 2012

My mom has a wooden table (she thinks it is mahogany) that is a desk but it opens up to be a dining room table. We know that it is at least 50 years old. Is anyone familiar with this type of furniture? She will be moving and we will need to find a home for it.



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Pictures would help.

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Fori is not pleased

I think I know what you mean but can't think of the name. Is it like a little console and then it just folds out and out and out into a decent sized table?

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It actually looks like a regular desk with drawers and everything and if you didn't know better you would not know that the desk top opens up to be a table. It would be a while until I could post pictures. I am thinking she tells me that once you open it and it turns to set it in place.

Thanks for any idea of this type of furniture. We have a lady that will come look at it to tell us if there is some worth or not.

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HI, I have the same style desk. Mine has 4 slides that pull out to support the back and front leaves. 2 in front and 2 in back on the sides. What did you find out about yours? I live in 'no mans land' so any help on the value or what it is called would be greatly appreciated.

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Is this the desk you have also? It converts to a dining room table 41"wide x 66"long by unfolding it, then swiveling it 90 degrees. We have the chair also but it is not in the picture. Ours is in used condition because I used it for several years. We purchased from a family in Duluth, Minnesota in the 1970s. My wife thinks they told us this desk/table was made by a furniture maker in Duluth, Mn. But it could be that a furniture store in Duluth, Mn may have sold it to this family. It is mahogany wood and has 4 swievel casters so it turns pretty easily. Any additional information would be appreciated. I will also post a second picture that shows it as a dining room table.

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This is the 2nd picture with the dining room table open. It is 41" wide x 66" long when open. Any additional information would be appreciated.

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that is exactly the same desk I have! I have a set though. A buffet and hutch. Years ago I found a name on the back and looked it up. They were brothers from Chicago that built the furniture. That was all I could find. I am unable to pull the furniture out at this time to find the name. If I remember correctly they stopped building furniture in the late 1930's.
What did the lady say on the value?

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