How much in your area?

palimpsestOctober 10, 2012

I would be interested to know how much these would go for in your area at auction, or retail. They were sold as a pair and are black framed womb Knoll womb chairs in good structural, poor cosmetic, condition. The brown chair is 1950s, original fabric, with a missing back cushion (that looks like the ottoman cushion) The orange chair is probably 1950s with a 1960s-70s Knoll fabric recover. They need to be refoamed and reupholstered. I know what they went for here, but there seems to be a huge regional variation for this sort of thing.

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In my area....central Iowa....we don't see stuff like that. And if we goes for maybe $20 to $40....because no one knows it from K-Mart stuff.
There may be a high end decorator shop in a couple of the more eclectic cities wehre something like that would bring $100 in as is condition....or $400 or more re done...but you would have to search!

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How would they make any profit on them redone at that price? The chair takes six yards of fabric and the cheapest hobsack you can use on a chair like this retails at $38, so nets somewhere around $20, so thats $120+ for the fabric, no labor and the labor on these is relatively intensive and specialized. To replace the original fabric with the same would be $77 a yard.

(not as much as the Swan chair, which is covered in two pieces of fabric hand stitched on like a baseball..the labor is almost $1000 on those)

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Perhaps the high cost of fixing them leads them to the landfill?

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They've never been out of production, so the importance of new vs old has questionable relevance, unless it is very early and has a rare, early fabric in good condition. For reference, a new one is $3500-$5500 depending upon upholstery.

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Hammer price + buyer's premium + sales tax was slightly under $2000.00 for the pair and that was considered a pretty good deal.

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