What's the minimum size for double sink vanity?

hedygsFebruary 25, 2008

We are remodelling a condo for resale. The master bath will utilize a 60" vanity and I was planning on upgrading to a double sink base. I thought we would use a one piece top with integrated bowls. I was checking out some pics of double sink vanities and many are 72". Is 60" not large enough?

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60" is ok, 72" is better. 60" is the minimum though.

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You could probably do it with even less than 60, but it's a question of how little storage space (drawers) and counter space you're willing to have. Even with a smallish sink, you need at least 18" for each sink, probably 24". So do the math--you're going to have only about 12" of drawers if you use a 60" space, because the rest will be undersink cabinets.

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Well not I'm not sure. The condo is in an over-55 community. I know that I love having a double and would always want that but maybe it is not necessary.

The bowls are 24" because I liked the look the recessed bowls as opposed to just the oval alone which is only 17" (I believe). What was in there before was awful so anything is an improvement.

As I said it is for resale (my FIL passed away and it was his). I was hoping that having a double would help differentiate this condo from others for sale in the development as single bowls were the builders spec.

I'm listening to all your input.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marcraft bowl

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For more than 20 years we used a master bath vanity that was only 58" long. The two sinks were the self-rimming variety that ate up extra counter space, probably 2 1/2" per side for a total of ten inches. So what we were really left with was about 10" of counter space divided between the two ends and the middle---ok for the tooth brushes and toothpaste but not much else.

Undermount sinks in this amount of space, and there are many beautiful ones 18" or less, would have given us a total of about 20 inches of space but we just never got around to making the change what with orthodontists and saving for college for the kids. We did have a bank of 4 drawers down the middle of the vanity that was about 6" wide in the interior and amazingly enough we did find this sufficient for storage for what we really wanted near the sinks.

The major issue for us really was one of elbow room since the vanity was in an alcove but generally DH and I weren't brushing our teeth at the same time. Overall I would say that with 60" of space and undermount sinks it would be a real plus for a resale as long as elbow room didn't seem to be a problem.

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I had eliminated undermount but I can revisit the idea. From the vanity tops I had looked at and priced out, I didn't care for the undermount look.

This is a photo of most of the bathroom (not ours but similar).

Elbow room is good I think.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bath

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Back again. What about this? At the Marcraft site they have a Space Saver Oval bowl which is several inches smaller across and would give us some extra counter space. Do you think this would be better?

As well, if the double doesn't work, then I was considering the rectangular bowl which is larger then a standard oval.

Do you think the smaller space saver bowl would be an option or is the rectangular the way to go?

Rectangular bowl:


Here is a link that might be useful: Space Saver bowl

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Any further comments?

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Have you considered a contemporary or European style vanity? They tend to be smaller but can accomodoate multiple bowls. I don't know what your budget is but take a look at Duravit or Sonia. I find that when you are looking at space constraints, I find that items designed from a European perspective tend to be space saving. I have included a link to a Duravit system that may work for you and I know that they are under 60" wide.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Duravit X-Large

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