Do You Know How Old This Is?

Linderhof1208October 11, 2012

These are really "ash trays" -- they're upside down for I'm using it as a plant stand. They're terra cotta and the band around the top is glazed. Does anyone know how old they might be?

I bought them from the Scottish Rite Temple in our little town -- it was built in 1923 -- are they original to the building or newer. I have 3 and there were 6 or 8 that they sold.



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I think they are probably contemporary to the building, or close to it.

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Martha, you might consider searching for the term "sand jar" instead of "ash tray" and you may find the pattern and manufacturer. I think the early to mid 1920's time period is most likely and they very well could have been purchased when the Temple was built or soon afterwards. Also, the utilitarian pottery lines were very popular then which also included lines made for umbrella stands. Sometimes the umbrella stands were also used as sand jars (or ash trays) although the sand jars were normally shorter. I'm inclined to think that your jars were orginally intended or manufactured as umbrella stands. (Mainly because of the glazing that you mention.) Some of the manufacturers that produced those popular pieces were Roseville Pottery, Weller, and R.R.P.

I know this is a "wordy" reply when you only asked the age of your jars so my apology for the length. But...if you ever get a bit more curious about your jars, then maybe you've got a few more clues for a more thorough search.

Btw, I think your jar is lovely and I'm so glad to hear that you chose to be the caretaker for a piece of your town's history.

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Thanks lkgrace -- I am glad to know that perhaps they date from when the temple was built. I will look up umbrella stands or sand jars and see if I can find something. There is nothing on the bottom of the piece. I suppose that some manufacturer could have made them for ALL of the temples who wanted them -- not an isolated order for our temple.

If I do find anything about them, I will post.

I also assume if they were Roseville or Weller that they would be marked.

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