quick glass question

mahatmacat1October 28, 2011

Hi folks,

I'm thinking someone here might be able to say "oh yeah, that's __________" right off the bat. Who made the dish below? I found some in pretty colors and I'm thinking of using them for mosaics-the texture mixed with the color should be very nice...but I do want to know what I'm breaking before I do it. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: I have three of these and three plates to go under them, in radiant pastels

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Not Lutz....but way too nice to smash up.
Looks like they are a good buy....re-sell and buy something else to smash.
you should be able to find all sorts of "good stuff" to break up for moasaics.....for free!!!!

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I looked at a couple of web sites for stained glass. That stuff is expensive.


Look through a dump site for colored bottles.

If by an outside chance, you could get access to a recycle service's station, there would be oddles of glass to look over. That probably won't happen due to insurnace and liability reasons.

Maybe your best bet is to roam the local rummage sales to look for inexpensive colored glass items. There's usually plates, glasses, and bottles in the 25 to 50 cent range.

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Hi Linda & jemdandy -- thanks for your replies so fast! I wish I knew who made these. They're almost like industrial waffling -- very tiny, like some sort of bulb, almost. I love them for mosaics because of that texture. It's not the same as that other kind of glass that you mention, jem. That's nice too, but this texture is just great!

Maybe I'll keep them whole (I have four sets, btw -- blue, pink, purple, and gold) until I find what they are OR I really need them. Very strange what a visceral "I want to smash this and glue it to something" response I had when I saw them, though! : )

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I believe they are finger bowls....and I have/had (don't know where they are....maybe I sold them?)2 of them which were very like Loetz glass. However Loetz was blown.....are you sure these are pressed?

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I'm pretty sure, Linda - I collect studio glass and Blenko and to me these are definitely pressed. The specific texture itself is a clue, along with the shape of the rim. I'll try to post a pic closeup if I can later today.

I did find my first piece of Loetz recently at a GW for $1.00, with a sterling overlay. VERY nice. These aren't that : )

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They appear opalescent in the picture...of the Carnival Glass genre. Is that so?
For your purposes, chipped or cracked is fine....but for display or use, matching bowl and under plate, without chips is important.
Put them down the center of your table....float a flower in each one....or sell them.
I know you do very well at your branch of "our favorite store", but perhaps think about going to a high end artsy auction house and asking if they ever have breakage and what do they do with the shards.
I have a necklace made from a very nice piece of Chinese porcelain. The word I heard was the Chinese were taking the fine old porcelain that was smashed during the cultural revolution and making something out of it, so it's more than just broken bits of china. I like that idea.....but I wouldn't like it so well if I thought they took unbroken or even slightly chipped pieces and smashed them up.
Sorry I can't say "oh yeah, that's....." But I can say "That's pretty good stuff!"
Linda C

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Ah, no, they're not opalescent - because of the teeny tiny waffles they glisten beautifully.

O.K.,O.K., you've convinced me. Stained glass *is* expensive, and textured glass isn't easy to come by and is *amazing* in mosaics, but I'll hold off on these for now...just for you : )

That necklace sounds cool, Linda -- I'd love to see it sometime. May I ask where you got it? The story is quite compelling. I'd love to have something like that too. Do you know Ai Wei Wei? He is a Chinese political critical artist who had an exhibit at the local Art Museum recently, just before he was jailed and then released at the request of many museum curators around the world. Your necklace reminds me of his work, in a kind of sideways way.

Here is a link that might be useful: ancient art into pop art...

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