OK if fixed shower panel means have to step in to turn on?

jw34February 7, 2012

I'd like to use a frameless enclosure with swing-open door in my new shower but because of size/budget limitations it will mean that the shower head and wall controls will be behind the fixed panel -- you'll have to step into the shower to turn it on. My contractor is suggesting a slider -- but I would prefer not to have the slider top rail blocking the light/view from the window in the shower wall. I figure one can turn the shower head to the side to avoid any initial cold water.

Has anyone else been forced into this choice? Do you regret not being able to turn on the water before entering?

As always, thx for any advice!

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I do not have a fixed panel, however, my shower door opens to the right and I have to step in to turn the controls on. There was no other alternative and I never think about it.


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Getting a spray of cold water when I turn on the shower is a BIG pet peeve of mine, and I'd never do it if there were an alternative... Can the water controls be relocated so they aren't necessarily below the shower head?

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I generally half step into my shower to turn it on. I usually just aim the shower head at the wall briefly until the water feels warm enough not to make me miserable. Mine isn't remodeled, but I suspect this will be about the same when I remodel.

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eeeeek! I'd hate to be IN the shower when I turn it on! Even with it running for a few seconds in the tub, it's still a shock of cold when you turn the shower on...

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yeah I wouldn't want to have to be in the shower when I turn it on either. Our GC was also our designer and one of the first things he mentioned was putting the valves on the side wall so that you could turn the shower on before stepping in.

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