What to use for a backsplash with a granite countertop?

kmarcelFebruary 20, 2012

I am planning on giallo ornamental granite for my 6' long vanity countertop. It's not a really busy granite, that is why I chose it. I am putting in a light beige tile for floor and tub/shower surround. In my tub/shower I want to use a 3" border of 1"x1" tiles about eye level, also differnt shades of grays and beige/browns that go well with the other tile. I'm sorry I do not have photos to show.

My quesiton is; can I use that same 1x1 small tile and do a backplash of 4" inches high,which would be 4 rows?

Or do I need to make the granite backplash the same as what the countertop will be? I feel the colors look good together, but not sure if it will either be too busy or should you just stay with the same backplash as countertop.

What do most of you have for your countertop backplash?

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We used the same 1x3 trim for a backsplash that was used for trim on the tub & shower, I think it helped tie everything together

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lynneblack, thanks for the photo. That was exactly the look I was going for, except my tiles are square 1x1. I agree that I think it will tie it all together. Couple family member made me question my idea. Can't blame them, I solicited opinions.

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I sort of questioned it myself, but our GC who is also our friend really pushed for it. I thought it would be too busy but in retrospect it's really not.

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My bathroom is similar to what you are describing.
Our granite in New Venetian Gold, which is very similar to Giallo Ornamental. Our vanity is 6 feet, and we have beige tiles along the walls, floor and tub/shower.

We are very happy with our square decorative tile back splash.
It extends throughout the bathroom. We chose to move the decorative boarder up to eye level in the shower/tub to avoid the plumbing fixtures, so it is not one continuous row throughout the room, but breaks to a different height once it gets to the shower.

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joan h, your granite is very similar and to mine and the tiles look great. I agree that about putting the border in the tub/shower surround at eye level. I feel much better about my decision, Thanks.

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Mine incorporates some of the subway tiles from the tub surround and also some border tiles -- pencils? I don't remember what they are called.

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dedtired, your backsplash looks really nice with the subway in between the other tiles. It makes it the tile standout and not look busy, which is what I have been concerned about.

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yes, the separation between the granite and the glass tiles is more "restful" to the eye. I copied it from a bathroom on Houzz.

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Here are some progress pics of our master bath. I used 1x1 glass and stone tiles with a stone pencil liner:

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janealexa, your backsplash would be similar to mine, in the way it just is over the long vanity and left wall and not extended beyong that. Looks very nice, love the 2 mirrors.

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Thank you kmarcel :)

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Sorry for the hijack...
JoanH, we are in the planning stages our our master bath remodel and we are considering a vanity cabinet and toilet layout similar to yours. May I ask how far the toilet is from the vanity? I noticed you used shelves on the end, which solves the problem of the cabinet door banging into the toilet. Lovely bathroom!

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