Silver Hallmark ID - Pocket Watch Case

saintroadOctober 8, 2011

I inherited an old English pocket watch from my great-grandfather with a silver case. I have reviewed a few sites and it appears to be a Sterling (lion) and made in Chester (shield with 3 wheat sheaves with the sword) --- however I cannot find the first scripted A which I believe indicated the year.

Please let me know from the experts if I am even remotely correct with the above conclusions and what other information you can provide. Thank you so much!



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Yep.....Chester Sterling....and the A is the date....the absence of the monarch head....indicates between 1889 and 1923.....with 1926 being the only year in that time frame with an a of that type.
Can't find the maker though.
Linda C

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ILS & Co?

The three worn rounded things in a shield is probably the city of Chester's assay mark (sword and 3 sheaves of wheat), and the ?LS&Co would be the maker's mark, which may be hard to track down.

Now it's a matter of checking every reference you can find for a maker using that mark who was in business in or near Chester in 1926 ... and Liverpool is a nearby large town.

City directories showing jewelers and silversmiths would be where I would start.

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Fori is not pleased

That's a really good picture. :)

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