What were these 2 items used for?

oceangirlmeOctober 12, 2009

We're still cleaning out my great Aunt's house and found these two items. What were they used for? The glass bottle is 18" x 8" and the metal piece is 15" x 12". Thanks!

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Looks like a seltzer bottle in the top pic, missing some parts.

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The glass bottle looks very similar to the bottles that were used to hold kerosene for cooking on a kerosene stove. It would be turned up-side-down and the metal "thingee" (sorry, can't remember what it's actually called) woud latch to a part on the stove to secure it. My DGM's kerosene stove would accomodate two of those bottles.

I'm not sure about the metal container. From appearance, I would think it would be for some type of outdoor use.

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Regarding the bottle, here's one on eBay that has a top cap that looks quite similar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Kerosene Bottle

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The large can has the shape of a milk pail, but all the ones I have seen were stainless; but this could just be older than all of the ones I have seen. Sometimes the lids were attached by a chain so the wouldn't easily get lost.
It makes sense that the bottle is a fuel tank; the butterfly-type thing at the top looks like some kind of spring-loaded plunger valve.

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Yep the glass bottle is for a kerosene stove...
I think the metal thing looks like a cream can....hard to tell if it has a carrying handle and how heavy it is...
Milk and cream cans were made long before they had things like stainless steel. They may have been galvanized or just steel or enamelware.
Linda C

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