lasershowJuly 30, 2005

Hi Linda,

Haven't seen much of you lately on the board -- how are things with you? How is your DM adjusting to the nursing home? I seem to recall you and your husband had a trip coming up sometime in the summer. I hope you are at peace with the decision to place your mother, and that things are going well for her and for you.

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Linda I've been wondering about you too! the 8th is so near, -- if everyone doesn't know or are new here, we are going to meet! (she's coming to my city). i haven't seen her cousin at work, because this past week, -- yes another accident, i was bitten by wasps! all over my other leg around the ankle, it's quite swollen, it could only happen to me! so i've been staying indoor! hope she enjoys the heat - 98 out today! sure hope she likes me and i'm not that disappointing! enjoy your evening, and keep cool if it's hot where you are! debbie

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Oh Debbie!!! Wasps!! I have such a fear of bees and poor seems you just start to heal and something else happens...I hope you are not too uncomfortable.
I was also thinking about Linda...haven't seen her on here in a while...I hope she's doing okay.
Debbie, how could she not like you? You are such a dear, sweet, loving, caring soul...she'll adore you, I'm sure of it. Now, go and take care of yourself!!! I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight about wasps swarming me....YUCK!!! : )
Be well and take care,

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