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agnespuffinJuly 22, 2006

I was sent this article. I wondered if any of you agreed with this. There may be something to it as even though my mother and aunt ate a lot, there was no great weight gain. I really couldn't say if they had LOST weight, but they certainly didn't put it on in spite of eating well.

The way I figure it, at the rate that I am putting on the excess pounds, I don't need to worry. I am at least safe for the next ten years. After that, I won't care!! (Big Grin here!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Possible AD warning sign???????

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Hi Aileen,
This is interesting. I can see why it occurs once the disease is established...with the apathy,decline in ability to cook, or remember recipies, or to shop, and finally with the loss of ability to chew, swallow, etc. But preceeding the illness, is odd to me. Suggests to me that there may be a metabolic component, or genetic tendency for wt loss during the years that many are putting on weight. I do know, that in my Dad's family, people lost weight in their 70's and 80's, and were quite thin by the mid 80's. An observation he followed. In a way, looking forward to being a size 10 again!!

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Derry, I think I agree. That may be what this research will show. I am sure that some of the women gained weight as they "matured" and then began to lose it as something changed the metabolic rate. It probablly would have something to do with where the plaque first formed in the brain.

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