Mystery Antique Lamp?

SerendipitousOctober 28, 2011

Anything you can tell me about this lamp would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Can you post an in-focus photo of the label? It does no good to post a 'fuzzy-o-gram' of a label.

Your lamp appears to be from the same period of the one I have and that would be from 1910 - 1930. We'll need a good detail of the top harp and the location of the switch. The switch style is helpful only if it is the original.

Does this fit your lamp?
1. Heavy cast iron base, may be cement filled to add weight.

2. Vertical shaft: Hollow brass tubing, blackened by patina or a coating.

3. The original shade is gone. Did the shade fasten to the light bulb holder. Look at the light socket. Does it have formed threads in the brass to accept a screw-on shade?

Lamp shades fastened to the outer half of the lamp socket were dangerous. These tended to pull the socket apart and expose the electrical connections if the shade was struck. In such event, a live terminal screw head may touch the metal lamp assembly.

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It is clear enough that the label says "colorcraft Chicago" and that this style is called a bridge lamp.

They go begging on craigslist around here, I think one reason being that you can't find a shade for them, at least I can't to save my life for a wood lamp that I have. I appreciate JemDandy's insight.

What did you want to know?

Karin L

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You need an UNO fitter shade for this kind of lamp--that's why jemdandy is asking about the socket on your light.

You can follow the link I've included to see a picture of the light socket that is usually on this sort of lamp.


Here is a link that might be useful: a vendor who helps people with lamps like yours--I am not related to them in any way

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