abreezeJuly 27, 2005

Hi chelone! Where have you been? How is your mother doing??? It's been ages since we've heard from you. You surely are missed! :) I imagine you're enjoying every bit of this wonderful weather and working in your gardens. They are quite lovely. ~breezy

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I've been in "Lurk" mode for some time now, breezey.

Mum is fine, but I'm puttin' one foot in front of the other, frankly. Spring/early summer is busy season at work, and the gardens have suffered greatly from close to 3 summers on autopilot. Between work and Mum gardening time is "catch as catch can". Funny how some days I feel great about weeding, other days I am overwhelmed and don't get anything done.

My brother is putting the finishing touches on Mum's room in his house. I will have some respite, it seems. I have to help him line up a home health aid and give him some direction on her "care and feeding", but he is OK with shouldering her care to give me a very much needed break. I'm glad of it.

She tumbled off her bed a little over a month ago, landed on her left hand and broke 2 matacarpals. She wore a removeable splint for a month and now has a clean bill of health and doesn't have to wear the splint any longer. What a relief! She's unhooked herself from the night collection jug urostomy patients must use twice in the past few weeks; the last one saw me scrubbing carpet and the mattress at 1:30 AM to staunch the staining and stench pee delivers. I am afraid her mental faculties are fading, but can't really be certain just yet. It's tough... how much is residual stroke damage and how much is simply the progression of dimentia? Only time will tell.

I DID finish the canopy for the deck on the back of our house. I have to do the screen that will zip on to keep the mosquitos at bay. Mum was indifferent to the idea when I mentioned it a month or so ago. "Well, don't do it for me, I won't sit out there much"... ha ha, who do you think is now very excited about the prospect of a screened "porch"? I've reminded her that she is NOT to go out there...

:) Thanks for asking, I'm OK, just takin' a break. I have caretaker burn-out, hate that I'm so indifferent, but also understand that this sort of thing happens to everyone in our situations.

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Hi Chelone,

Good to see you posting again! Not sure what type of work you do, but it sounds like it's gardening or outdoor-related, definitely. Since the season is so short here in New England, you've got to "make hay while the sun shines," so to speak.

I'm glad you'll be getting a respite; you need and deserve it.

Take care of yourself.

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Hi there, stranger!!! Great to hear from you! :) It's so good to hear that your brother is preparing to take Mum soon. You've done a marvelous job with her, chelone. Sorry to hear that she fell, but thankful it didn't result in a more serious injury. Yes, you're definitely exhausted and in need of a break. I pray all goes well as the transition is made... You must be very talented to make the canopy and sew the screen that will zip onto it for your porch. You definitely need that if you're near water. They grow HUGE in Maine! :) Maine is my very favorite place to visit. Keep in touch. ~breezy

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Hey Chelone.....understandable...very understandable! Glad a break is forthcoming. Derry

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Your new canopy is nothing short of perfect and gorgeous. You're a genius and I admire you in every way. Hugs!

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