Nora & your dad...

abreezeJuly 27, 2005

Dear Nora... So good to see you posting on the forum. How are you and your sweet dad doing? I think of you often and hold you both up in prayer. There will be good days and bad... What a blessing we have in God and his faithfulness.

How is your dad's garden? I picked my first tomato yesterday. Makes me think of Mom. How she loved a homegrown tomato for lunch every day! :) Is your dad still suffering with a lot of pain? Are you and he sleeping any better at night? It takes time... May God continue to bless, strengthen, and comfort you both. ~breezy

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Breezy, Thanks for your concern and prayers. Dad is having good days and bad days....this morning I went down and he was eating breakfast...looked so sad sitting there...we talked awhile and as I was leaving....he said "I saw your Mother this morning...the tears came...I sat down and said tell me about it....well...he said that she came to him in a dream..she was sitting at the table outside and was trying to tell him something and he couldn't understand her....he just broke down and so did I....the only thing I could say was that Mom was trying to tell him that she is happy being with the Lord....just broke my heart. We miss her so much. Can't believe it has been a month. Dad keeps busy with his garden...we have tons of tomatoes and they are so good...I like you thought of my Mom...she loved them too. Dad and I are going to my oldest daughters in Ky. tomorrow....we are taking back 2 of the grandbabies...they came home with my youngest daughter after her visit...been here since last Sunday...we will stay a few days then bring back the other 2 for their my daughter a break and gives them special time. My daughter is looking forward to Dad coming to see her new house. Going to load the van with tomatoes,squash,okra,peppers and peas....LOL....I fried okra last night and my youngest grandbaby...Meredith loved it. Dad is still in alot of pain...he tells me that he is sleeping for me...just Hope all is well with you. Bless you for being such a faithful friend. Nora

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Ni Nora... You gave your dad such a good answer... Yes, it's heartbreaking for us but glorious for those who are with the Lord... You're probably in Kentucky now enjoying your beautiful family. Thank God your daughter and SIL are doing well. May God bless them and their precious family. It's wonderful that you can visit each other more easily now. I've been helping with Kids' Camp at church (Vacation Bible School). I'm exhausted when I get home! :) Hope your dad can relax and enjoy the time with his grand & great-grandchildren... (It's hard to realize you don't need to be home to take care of your mother.) Keep in touch, dear friend. ~breezy

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