Slide in Range Clearances

aloha2009February 21, 2012

I had wanted a slide in range but when I realized how much they stuck out in the room, we opted (on paper) for another solution.

When I thought of deepening the base cabinets though, it came across to me that I would be able to recess the range some (not all). How much space do you currently have behind your slide in range (assuming 24" base cabinets)? How much does just the door and handle stick out on your slide in range?

If I can recess the range another 2-3" inches I think I may opt for the range opposed to a countertop and wall oven.

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I'm not sure what you mean by 'they stick out'. The control panel will stick out since that is how they are designed. But the door won't necessarily stick out any more than any other oven, depending on design. That is, the oven carcass should be flush with the cabinet carcass (without doors). Depending on your cabinet design, the oven door should be flush with the cabinet door.

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Here's mine (it's an E'lux slide in). It sticks out ~3" from the edge of the counter, and it's meant to, you can't recess it any further. The handle does not jut out any further than the top. I really doen't find it significant, but if your space is at a premium YMMV.

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IIRC, the Elux installation shows how to knotch out the countertop so that the oven will slide farther back.

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Yes, you are correct weedmeister, I just looked up your old post on the subject. I guess I never realized my range was installed wrong! So aloha, it could actually go back a couple more inches.
Not sure what I would do about it now, six months after reno done. Also not sure I want to notch my counter out specific to one range (do they all have this)?

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Co-Co, can you provide a link to that old post? I just searched for an hour with no luck.


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Here you go:

Here is a link that might be useful: GW E'lux install help thread with good info from Weedmeister

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