Please help with tile plan!

salishsongFebruary 21, 2012

We need to tile our two shower/bath alcoves, on a tight budget. One tub is 5', the other 6', both will be tiled from the tub up to the ceiling, and both have a 2x4'2 window on the long wall. We started the tile search months ago wanting a handmade tile...gave that up due to price. Our house style is loosely early art deco -- not elaborate, but gently period style. So we want strong colors in the bath tiles to echo colorful baths of the 20's/30's.

We finally decided that Dal tile is going to be fine, picked a color we liked - aqua glow - then yesterday I discovered that this color has been discontinued. I can, however, still get plenty of 4x4's. My dilemma is that there are no other pieces available, so we can't finish edges/corners in the quarter rounds etc. as we'd anticipated.

Would it work to edge these areas in white (the floor is white octagon & dot), with white surrounding and edging the window? Can I add a black liner...or two...for contrast, and if I do, should there be other black tile somewhere as well? Something like in the link at the bottom.

Any thoughts? I feel like we're close, but never quite there!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Am not quite understanding. Do you already have your primary tile? What is its color? Can you post a picture?

IMO the white would be a good edging, etc., and you could add a black liner for contrast, although personally I would decide that depending on the other - non-white - color. If you do just one line of black, you could then introduce a bit of black elsewhere as an accent. E.g. a picture frame, hand towel, black ceramic or glass object on the counter.

I suggest you also take this question over to the Home Decorating Forum. They love questions like this one, but they'll also want to see a picture of your bathroom.

That's a gorgeous BR that you linked to! If you don't have your own photo, at least link to this one.

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The period look is to edge in black, not white. You do a narrow bullnose at the edge, then a field tile, and below that is a thin black liner. Cove molding etc can be black.

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