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mike_73February 3, 2012

Ok I never bought a new fridge before so now that I have selected on and it will be delivered as soon as the one part comes in (it was a floor model) how do I get my stuff out of the old one keep it cool and get the new one cool to put my food in it with out stuff going bad? how long should I let it cool before putting food in?

I was thinking of having the food in a cooler around the start of the delivery window of 3 hours then putting it in once the new one is in and cool but the owners manual says wait 24 hours. I don't want to keep my food in a cooler for the day. The frozen food is no issue I can just put it in my basement chest freezer.

I never had an ice maker or water in there either I guess that will not be ready to use until the next day and I can live with that.

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Pull your old refrigerator out of its slot and plug it in to an extension cord making sure you have enough room to get the new one in. Have all of the plumbing that your installers need done while the slot is empty and there's room to work. All the installers should have to do is plug the new one in, hook up the connection and turn on the water, check for leaks, slide the new fridge in and check the level. Then just let both the old and new sit there running until the new one gets cold enough, transfer your food and then send your old fridge off to its new post, wherever that is.

If they are planning to take your old fridge for "free" and not give you a penny for it, tell them to forget it. Sell it on craigslist or keep it for beer in your basement or out in your garage. 2nd fridges are super handy around the holidays and parties.

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not sure i will have much room to move an there with two fridges. I don't have a garage and really don't want the 30 year old thing in the basement either. I could try to keep it in the house until the new one is cool but the doors will need to come off to exit the place. not in to doing that when the delivery folks can help. I was not going to give it fr nothing the power company will pick it up and pay me $50 to recycle it

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If your floors are wood, put something down like cardboard to protect them.

Generally a new fridge that has been shaken or tilted while being delivered needs to sit a while before turning on. I think my last one I didn't bother. I just turned it on and loaded it up. with tile floors it was easy to roll out and put in the water line, hook up and roll back.

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