Grout disaster.

jannieFebruary 5, 2012

I decided the grout in my bsathroom looked grubby. We had the bathroom totally remodeled in 2005, 7 years ago. The contractor showed me samples of grout colors and I chose gray. The floor tiles are a lightish blue. At first I liked the gray, now it just looks "dirty". I bought a grout restoring kit at a hardware store, consisting of two bottles,1. cleaner and 2. sealer with color (white). I applied the cleaner, no problem. But the color/sealer I applied too thick, and it went over the grout cracks and onto the tiles. Now I want to remove the excess color stuff. I tried using steel wool and a single edge razor blade, but I still have some white "clumps" on the tiles. Anyone have suggestions how to clean the tiles of the excess? I'm stumped at this point. And it's all my own fault! I tried to hurry and get the job done quick, rather than slowly "painting" the grout cracks.

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Don't bother to answer. I figured it out myself. Using the solvent (cleaner) and single edge blade, I'm scraping off the excess. Will then carefully "paint" the grout lines, they are about one-quarter inch wide. I'm a pretty good painter when I take my time.

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great! you should post a pic of the before and after when done!

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