Toilet for a small orthodontic office

smiles33February 2, 2013

Hello wise gardenwebbers!

I know most of you (if not all?) are focused on residential renovations but I thought I'd try to get your advice anyway. DH is doing a "light" renovation of his small orthodontic office. There is one bathroom set aside for patients (mostly kids, but I'm sure parents and adult patients use it, too).

The toilet is 30+ years old and a weird peach color. Seriously. I know the only thing he has specified is that it be less likely to clog (that's their biggest issue now and his poor staff have to deal with it since he's always with patients).

Budget is an issue, but he's willing to spend for a good value that we hope will last 10+ years. I'm guessing we don't need a true commercial toilet (like the upscale Toto ones that cost $600+). DH has no idea how many people use it on a daily basis (20? 50?). We do know that the current toilet is a regular residential model and likely a huge water hog.

We are in CA, so I'm not sure if the laws require us to use 1.28 GPF and ADA height now. Still trying to figure that part out. ADA height will be harder for little kids to use, but his youngest kids should still be 7 or 8 (though younger siblings may also be using the restroom as they wait).

Right now, I'm debating between a Toto Drake II (I know many of you love this model, but it seems like there are some real complaints about it, too, and not a guarantee of living clog-free) and the cheaper American Standard Champion 4 (or maybe Cadet 3). The advantage to the AS models is that the big box stores here carry them. I'd have to get a Toto shipped to me and then I worry about whether we can service it as I doubt anyone here has a Toto. That also worries me when it comes to repairs/parts.

Any and all advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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did you see Terry Love's site? Looking for a toilet as well, and the Toto's seem the way to go.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toilet Reviews

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Oh, thanks for the tip. I poked around there and it looks like Toto Drake II is one of Terry Love's recs (and one of the cheaper ones he recs, too!). I also found the forums there so I'm going to post this same request for help.

Thanks again!

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We have a Toto Drake II, and I got 2 Vespin IIs for my remodel (skirted design of a drake II). I also have a (tall) 7 year old. The 7 yr old, as well as the 4 yr old have been fine on the drake II. And, it is pretty much clog free.

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Allow me to give you a couple requirement you may not be aware of.

If the WC is accessible to staff, patients & public it is required to be an elongated bowl with an open front seat and not lid.

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kirkhall: thanks for the head's up on your 7 year old being able to get up on the Drake II.

lazypup: good to know! I was planning to get a seat without a lid like this set-up from Terry Love's message board post (he installed it at a church) just for convenience (I can see bored kids slamming a lid for fun) but it's good to know that I definitely should stick to the elongated bowl with open front seat.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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