Quick layout help needed!!!! thanks.

threeapplesFebruary 1, 2012

Our plumber needs to finish up and we've not decided what to do with our powder room (it's off the foyer and I really want it to be very pretty and rather historic looking). It is 8 ft x 8 ft and the bottom left hand corner is where the toilet is plumbed, the bottom right hand corner is where the door is and we're debating whether to put the console sink in the center of the top wall or in the top right corner (don't have a plan to show here so i'm describing the room like a box from above). The designer is suggesting the sink go in the corner to make it it's own special niche, but with a sink as pretty as the one we're leaning toward I feel like it will not be noticed if not in the center of that wall. Please advise, thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: kallista console

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Oops, it's 6'6" x 6'6" in size.

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Is the "corner" enclosed? Or, is it really just a big square room?

Which direction will the toilet face? ("up", or "right")
Which direction does the door face (ie, is it on the 'bottom' right corner, or right side, bottom corner?) Which is the door wall, the bottom wall, or the right side wall?

If your door is on the bottom wall, and the toilet faces up, I'd maybe lean towards putting it in the upper right corner, but facing the door (so you see the face of the sink, not the side, but it isn't centered.)

Is there a window to factor in?

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No window. It's just a square box and right now there is no plumbing done so we can do whatever we want (I made a mistake about the toilet being plumbed).

The door is on the bottom wall and cannot be moved for several reasons. It's on the right corner of this bottom wall.

I guess we have a blank slate here and I just want to be sure it makes the most sense space-wise and also aesthetically.


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is there a cabinet or shelving about 10-12" deep you can put on the left of the sink (in 'front' of the toilet)? to balance it out & storage for tp, wash clothes, hand towels etc.

a low cab w/artwork over it would look nice.

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If the toilet isn't plumbed yet, I'd do this:

Toilet in upper left corner aimed to the right side.

storage pony wall between toilet and sink

sink nearer to (but not up against, if you have sconces picked out) the bottom wall, along the left wall.

Then, when you open the door, you see the vanity/sink (toilet hidden), but everything is accessible.

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