Bluestar Platinum Pics

eyezonzFebruary 25, 2014

Is there any one who's received there platinum range that can post pics?

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Here you go. Moving in tomorrow.

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Last one

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Looks good. Are the knobs stainless? Never noticed how those are different from the rnb series. Looks morr stylish and sleeker.

Do you have a thread for your build. Would like see the rest of your kitchen

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mcattrone your Bluestar Platinum looks fantastic, now my only question is when you start to have us over will it be four at a time with two burners to play with or eight of us with one burner each!!!! What a nice continuous grate design-architectural industrial art to complement your culinary art, enjoy.

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I would personally have no use for range like that, but it sure looks great! Hope you love cooking on it, too :-)

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Just wish they mad it in a 36"

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Ok I am officially jealous now. That is gorgeous. With the platinum series bs has kept the commercial lineage apparent (very good thing imo when talking a pro range) but has polished it up a bit over previous generations. The only thing I wish is that they had kept the black knobs. The silver are a bit to subtle, but an easy fix since bs will paint knobs any colour. the removable/interchangable grill and griddle standard on the platinum? If its an option, did you go for it? On my RNB I feel the grill and griddle are adequate but not in the same performance category as the burners. If the platinum is using two 25K burners, I would suspect that would addess the mediocrity of the old grill griddle and give you true professional quality results and performance.

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Tyguy- we are on the fence between the 48inch RNB or platinum. It sounds like if you were to choose now, you'd go with the platinum? Would anyone else care to weigh in on this? We expect to use the grill and griddle often. Mccattrone- your kitchen is beautiful! Would love to see more!

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Hi, I'm jumping in. I have the 48 in RNB and while I would like a window into the smaller oven, that would just mean a dirty window eventually that I would struggle to clean (when stuff gets between the glass panes which invariably happens). I have a griddle. I like it but cleaning it is not so easy and I find that food seems to adhere if not well oiled. Guess I need to use it season it better.

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Your range is gorgeous carree! ...even though I had to stand on my head to see it;)
I love the griddle on my 36" RNB. I seasoned it right off the bat, using basically this method demonstrated on a Viking. Hope you have good luck seasoning yours, you will love cooking on it once it becomes non stick! I use mine at least once a day, and often two or three times :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Seasoning griddle first time

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I love my rnb but would likely go for a platinum if I was buying right now mainly because the grill and griddle seem way more powerful than what comes with the rnb. I would have to do more real world research tho to come to a definate conclusion.

By the looks of it, the platinum would use two 25k burners for the grill and or griddle fiving you 50k of dire power. That is huge. Rnb is 15k for either griddle or grill.

As for the appearance, the platinum is a bit more polished and has the window on small oven. I love the commercial lineage of the rnb and the platinum seems to retain most of that but just polished up a bit.

True convection oven sounds interesting as well.

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ctycdm, so sorry about the upside down photo depiction...I'm learning my iPad doesn't always transfer the way I intend the photos to appear.

I'd heard that platinum had higher 2000.00 more. Is that correct? I may get frustrated with the griddle heat but I would wince at higher price tag .

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Carree and Tyguy- thanks so much for the input! We will likely go with the Platinum because of the grille/griddle power. Carree, your kitchen is beautiful. :)

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I think the only thing I'm not too fond of on the platinum is the silver(or platinum?) colored knobs...just a bit too bland and takes away commercial look a bit too much for me.

I fished around with the idea of getting a platinum but wife was not biting at all. :)

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I've been considering BlueStar and if they offered a Platinum in the 36-inch I may very well have gone for it. I appreciate the smooth-edge and lack of bumped out trim on the stainless panel in front. Of course, the power and flexibility of the burners are hart to beat. I just keep thinking that if I went with the 36" RNB now (which is a wonderful range, IMO), and they came out with Platinum in that size later, I'd be disappointed. If it's in the budget, the functionality of the burners, coupled with the spanky fit and finish of the Platinum make it a superior choice for me. Beautiful range.

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A few people and I have contacted bluestar about a 36' platinum I believe the consensus it that there are no plan to produce one. The good news is on there fb page, it seems they will be allowing people with the RNB series to purchase the interchangeable grill griddle thingy. Since the 5 piece set for the grill griddle is close to 600 dollars I decided to hold of for a while

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how much is the platinum?

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Thanks eyezonz for the info! Good to know.

Still, BlueStar's decision not to produce and market a 36" Platinum is disappointing - especially when there is clearly consumer interest. I'd love to have a Platinum, however, I'm not interested in their upsale to the larger size. In this case, as much as I like their product, it cost BlueStar a sale.

I'll just have to drool over the photos of everyone's beautiful BlueStar ranges!

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I actually prefer the more industrial looks of the RNB to the sleeker looks of the platinum. But I do like the platinum's performance - especially those 25k burners (with the additional gas holes on the inner ring) and the interchangeable grill/griddle.

I think I remember reading somewhere that those features would be made available to RNB owners. Or it could just be wishful thinking.

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Ctycdm... Thank you for that grill seasoning videos... I picked up a few useful tricks. Headed over to oil my griddle now.

And thanks to you all for complimenting my stove and kitchen. I am a very happy and lucky homemaker :)

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The burner configuration on the Bluestar Platinum makes it impossible to have 25k burners under both halves of the grill. If you go with the 25k burner for the closer half you will have a 15k burner for the rear half. Otherwise they are solid and high powered and the flexibility is great.

For those with a Platinum. How is the new oven? DOes it cook evenly?

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