shower doors for a standard alcove tub?

eks6426February 14, 2012

Has anyone used or seen used glass shower doors for a standard alcove tub? I'm not thinking the old slider doors from the 60s/70s but the frameless glass enclosures that are more commonly used for showers. What do you think of glass doors on an alcove tub? Will it make the tub seem like a "cage." My family mostly takes showers but I do like to do an bubble bath once in awhile. We have 1 full bath in the house so it is well used. Bath is small about 5' X 8' so thinking glass shower doors instead of a shower curtain pulled across the tub will make the room feel/look larger.


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We did on both our guest baths. It does not make them seem like a cage. It is very open and looks very nice. The doors have to be custom though so it was not inexpensive to do.

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The doors that Beaglesdoitbetter selected are gorgeous. If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, take a look at the glass shower doors at Home Depot and Lowes. Some are stock and some special-order. They are not frameless and they are sliders but much better than the 60's/70's versions. I put them in a bath in my last house and again in my current house. They are highly functional. I would never do a shower curtain again.

You may hate them when you see them but at least you will know that you tried to save money.

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I would highly recommend you avoid the doors at Lowes and Home Depot. We got them for our shower and they are not good at all. The glass etches very easily, they don't have the coating that was promised and the frame is cheaply made. You can do much better for the money elsewhere.

Check the link below. I'm not affiliated with them but they are not far from where we live and I did look at their doors when shopping around. They seemed pretty good and in hindsight, I wish I would have gone that route instead.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Made Shower Doors

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