The End is beginning

barker_txJuly 4, 2006

Mom had her 89th birthday a month ago. Hospice has left a booklet called The End of Life. Mom is mostly sleeping, and when she is 'awake' she seems to be off some where else. I'll be very surprised if she is still with us at Christmas. Her body seems to be shutting down.

In the meantime, Dad had a mini-stroke (TIA) last week, didn't think anything important was wrong and saw no need to even call the Dr. In my best "you will do as I say" voice I gave him the choice of calling the Dr. or going to the ER....after about 3 times of saying he only had those 2 choices, he agreed to call the Dr., who, of course, told him to go to the ER. Five house later the diagnosis was TIA.

Went with him to his Dr. the next day who reallllly impressed on him the importance of taking his BP meds regularly. His 93rd b'day is coming up in 2 wks.

2006 is not going to be on my list of years to remember fondly.


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Is this his first TIA? It seems as if it's one tough thing after another, doesn't it!! Maybe he won't be as hard to convince if there is a next time.
Take care

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Looking down that road ahead is sad. At least you know that they are not travelling it alone. Credit yourself!
He is taking aspirin daily, right?

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Derry, he is now taking one baby aspirin per day, along with BP meds once a day. On Friday his BP was 145 over 70 so much better. The day before the TIA is was 160 ish...of course, he is now complaining that he 'has no energy'.

They do not live with me, they have 24/7 help (because of Mom)....I still work full time so I can (hopefully) afford to retire in another 18 months.

The Dr. in the emergency room seemed to think he might have had an earlier TIA. I printed off the signs of stroke from the AHA and took that to him.

My sister came on down for a few days so she is there thru Wednesday, at least. I am the local child that has to deal with everything that goes wrong even though I don't actually live with them. Prime example, he was afraid someone might hack into their bank account, so what did he do? he had ONLY Mom's SS check come to the house! Not his, and not either of the pensions checks.....does anyone know how difficult it is to get it changed back? since Mom can't talk on the phone or hold a pen anymore, it ain't easy!

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