Tiny Bathrom, hoping for a larger tub

marleycat25February 21, 2012

Time to remodel my 28 year old hall bath. TINY! can't change that. I want to replace the 30" tub with a 32". I think I can squeeze the 2" next to the toilet, even if I get one of the narrower toilets. My question is, since I am doing this myself, will all the tub plumbing have to move over 2 inches. I can do simple plumbing, changing fixtures and replacing sinks and faucets. My DH won't touch plumbing so it is all up to me. Is it a big deal to move everything over?? should I stick to the 30" tub. Would love some input on tubs as well..I have a metal one now, is acrylic horrible???

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You will most likely have to move the drain, but it will be 1", not 2". You won't know how big a job that is until you take the tub out and see what's underneath, unless you can see it from below. If no framing is in the way it shouldn't be a big deal. Moving the supply over 1" to center it shouldn't be too difficult, either. If framing is in the way there, it's not hard to move it. I personally prefer cast iron tubs, but also think acrylic is better than enameled steel.

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You need a full 15" of clearance from the toilet waste pipe to the side of the tub. That's code, and most find it a bit on the tight side. Bigger is better. So measure out from the center of your toilet and see if you have the room. I'd bet that the area may not currently be code compliant on that issue if you describe it as "tiny". And while currently grandfathered in, in any renovation, you would be required to bring it up to code.

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Thank you for your answers. It is a second bath, so I can take out the tub and access the situation, then buy a new tub. I have 21 inches from the center of the toilet to the side of the tub, so I think code wise I am okay. I am hoping that the pvc drain pipe will have enough give to move over an inch. I hate to do plumbing... Fingers crossed! Again....Thank you! This forum is the best.

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