no room for shower door...need feedback on curtain/liner

julescapFebruary 18, 2012

We are re-doing a tiny bathroom in our home with updated beautiful ceramic shower with beautiful trim and niches. I would love the open look of a frameless door but with the size of the room and doors opening into the bathroom, just no room for another door to swing open and can't fit a slider.So....Can a beautiful new shower be finished off with a curtain or liner and still appear open and lovely? I'd love to show off my new shower but my experience with dirty liners is worrying me!

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What size is the shower? Can you post the layout here?

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Do you have enough room for a shower door that opens inward?

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Where are you in terms of process? If it is not too late, have you considered a bathroom door that would swing out? If that would work, then perhaps you would have room for the shower door. Maybe even a pocket door as the room door would work.

A shower door that only swings inward is a code violation in most places.

If you have to do a curtain, there are loads of really nice ones. One thing you could do is a tied-back curtain with a liner behind it that you would only keep extended when you shower. Once it dries, you can hide it behind the curtain.

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Our tub-shower combo in our very small front bathroom had a sliding glass door, which we hated. So we removed it during the remodel of the room. I tried various shower curtains - trying to get the best look - and settled on a clear liner and nothing more. It doen't interfere with the nice elements of the "new" bathroom and it doesn't use much visual space. To clean a clear liner, just put it in the washing machine on warm/warm, with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda. It will be sparkling fresh and you simply rehang it to dry. Shower liners are not "lovely", but they are clean and unobtrusive.

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We went with a white fabric liner and white waffle weave curtain, both from WalMart. Both washed easily and look nice pulled to the side so we can still see the beautiful new shower walls and fixtures.

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Thanks for your input all...We have considered all the options,pocket door,changing swing from in to out. The best solution is going to be a curtain...probably a clear liner . Thanks again!

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They also make bifold shower doors, if you didn't consider those. Here's one, but it's hard to get a photo to show up well with all that glass. They do fold into the shower so don't use any external floor space.

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sorry, the photos are showing in my previews, but not posting. never had that happen before. But google frameless glass bifold shower doors and you will see many.

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Thanks olychick...will check that out

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