I think I need a caregiver!!

PeaBee4July 23, 2005

It's Saturday. I got up on the wrong side of the bed. Coffee hasn't helped. It's sticky hot and drippy humid. I think I could chew nails and spit out tacks. I have dropped things, bumped into things and if I thought it would help, I would go to bed and start all over later.

Now that I got that out of my system......I hope everyone else has a good weekend!!


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Oh PeaBee - check the time that i am writing you back (that's if we are on the same time zone!), o too woke up and the coffee wasn't perked (the auto timer didn't go on!), it's yucky here too, my ankle is killing me, and i have 2 mosquito bites on --my behind! i'm waiting for the coffee to be ready so i can go and get the newspaper, i don't think i better dare stop at any yard sales, but then again i may, because if i don't i'll probably miss out on book! i hope you have a good weekend too as well as everyone else! deb

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That's what we are here for.

How has the rest of the day gone? In only a couple of months, autumn will be here and the days may be cooler (or not).

Take it easy, hang in there, and try and get a good night's sleep tonight.

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Ahhhh! The rest of the DAY. We went and did what we have been putting off for about a year. We went and bought the Husband Guy another van. His old one had reached the age of retirment and badly needed a paint job. Did spending more money than we wanted to make me feel better? For a minute or two, it did. Tomorrow, I'll rework the budget.

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Hi PeaBee, i guess i got easier than you did, stopped at only 1 yard sale on the way home from getting a newspaper, and only got 2 books, plus a ton of material fro quilting, i'm supposed to be cleaning up this house and NOT bringing anything else in! like books and material are going to stop me! ds thought he was being a nice guy and got us satilite(sp) TV, something like 4 millions tv stations, i was quite happy with our 2 local stations and our tvo (which would be your pbs). however i spent about 2 hours last evening watching mindless programmes, all in our house are very happy, me just give me a book, but maybe in the winter it will be nice, i don't know. it's still really hot here, probably like the rest of you, but living up so far north and with the largest fresh water lake, you think it would be cooler, oh well! enjoy your day today, and keep cool! ps coffee maker did go on and i woke up and only had to pour myself a cup and enjoy! debbie

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HI All...hot there too, but the humidity has broken a little, thankfully. Hope you all survived the weekend! I spent it at work...lots of babies coming...and resuscitating the transmission fluid in my car...leaks out every week.//Go figure? Sounds $$$ to me.
Take care ....Derry

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