Framing Uh Oh

uponthehilltopJanuary 2, 2014

Forgive my choppy sentence structure...on my IPad and in a hurry.
Posted above is a zoomed in section of our house plan. I had walls on the corner of the dining room to allow for furniture placement, specifically a china cabinet. Now, walking through the framing, it feels closed in to me.
I will post an additional pic of my original inspiration.
The question is, how expensive do you guys think it would be to "un frame" that section and go with 3 columns?
And, is my builder going to kill me?

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I would say leave it separated like it is if you don't use the dining room very often. If you do change it, nobody is going to kill you except maybe your DH when he sees the Builders are used to people changing their minds.

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Which wall are you talking about? The L shape between the Great Room/Foyer/Dining Room?
I would think that at this point that would be a really easy change to make. And honestly not very costly. We just made a much more significant wall change than that this week, and the cost was way less than I imagined.

However, I would say think on it for a few days. They aren't going to finish up framing this week, and you've got time to have them make such a change if you're going to do it.
If you take that out, where will you put that piece of furniture?
If you take it out, and later you don't like how open it is you will kick yourself for reacting too quickly.
Think on it, look at your inspiration pic, (which isn't here BTW) and think some more, before deciding to change.

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For them to unframe that shouldnt take more than a couple hours max. Infact, I would be surprised if it took an hour.
However I would leave it the way you have it. It appears you are after more of a formal dining, and I think you might think its TOO open if the walls are gone.

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Thanks everyone! I marched out there and drove my little SUV straight up that hill on this cold, windy rainy day. Met my husband during his lunch hour with IPAD and plans in hand.
After a brief discussion due to how cold and windy it is today, he persuaded me to leave it as is. We will have a view of the family room from the wide opening in the DR to the foyer and another view from the dining room opening to the hallway/kitchen, that will allow a sight line to the family room.
He also pointed out that by changing to columns it could affect the balance of the foyer as it currently stands.
SO, thank you all for the input!
I think I panicked and I will definitely take a few days to think it over, but for now, it seems as though the walled area is staying in lieu of columns...

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I think that's a great decision. I think you've got a great floor plan for your public space, and I agree that a bit of separation for the DR is a good thing. Can we see your inspiration pic?

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Hey Mlweaving! Do you mean the inspiration plan?
Or a pic from Houzz of a completed DR?

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Everything looks tighter than it is during framing. I would be very very slow to make changes based on how it feels at this point.

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"I will post an additional pic of my original inspiration. "

From your first post on this thread! That inspiration. Just wondering what kind of look and feel you're going for.

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Mlweaving- thanks for the quote, lol! I must be suffering from post holiday/freezing cold weather haze. Here is the original plan that inspired me in many ways!

We did not have our kitchen open to the family room, so that hubby could have family room tv on sports and I could have a tv in the kitchen for cooking shows....

What do ya think?

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I love it! And I love that you've added that bit of wall there, the one you considered taking out. It gives the dining room nice definition while still being open enough to the rest of the public spaces.
I also think that without a separate TV room adding that wall in your kitchen was a good thing. You've got a great space in your kitchen.
We are a truly open floor plan but to compensate we're building a room I'm calling the library. It's where the TV will be.
And it has a door that closes! ;-)

Just a question, have you posted your kitchen layout on the Kitchens board here to get feedback on your work space?
For me, I was very apprehensive because I really didn't want to change anything, but the feedback I got was really really good advice and I'm glad I subjected my plan to some TKO advice. Right now you're still early enough and your space is square enough that if you get advice to move an appliance or sink and decide to take it, it won't affect your framing at all.

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@mlweaving - thanks for the insight!
I guess I can post to the kitchen forum.
Is that under building a home, or just under kitchen?

One thing that we have changed is the cabinetry on the
Left side will go all the way to the end of the wall. We are going to add
Cabinetry doors and bump out so that those large cabinet doors provide access to the pantry but stay in line with the rest of the cabinets...

I think I will take your advice and post for advice today.

I wish I could see your plan, it sounds lovely! I really wanted an open plan and have been having doubts. But, in the framing stage it is just deceptive.

Thank you so very much!!

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Kitchen Forum
Read through some of the threads where people ask advice on kitchen layout before posting, just so you know what you're in for. There are professional kitchen designers who post over there, and they are good at what they do. They also are probably so used to being blunt that they don't mince words. And, TKO stands for Totally Kitchen Obsessed. It took me a couple of months here to figure that out.

At least after you post there and get feedback, if you decide to stay with the design you have you will have thought it through much more thoroughly. Many of us on the building a new home update board here have had our kitchen designs evaluated and changed by the Kitchen forum TKO's.

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Oh Lawd! I guess I need to do it too....scared....

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@Jdez- I took the leap.
Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me? Right?
Maybe I should give the hubby a heads up! Here comes criticism I'm sure, so at least he will know why I might be in a mood!!

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ok, I wish this were stickied on the Kitchens thread, but it's not.
List of questions to answer when looking for input

And before you get ready to change everything out give the thread a couple of days for people like Beuhl and Hollysprings and LiveWireOak and LavenderLass to hopefully chime in.
You've both gotten some really good input already, but still, give it a day or two.
And, the more info you give and make it easy for them to help you, the more likely you are to get help. If you have the schematics yet from a KD post both the elevations and the overview.
I did and that's where I got most help.

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@mlweaving - Thanks so much for ALL of your help and encouragement today! I appreciate it so much...

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