Japanese Tray

kimberlyrkbOctober 1, 2013

I picked this up at a local shop today for $8. On the back it says "Alcohol Proof. Made in Japan. Patent no. 67996" in red cursive. It's 18" x 12". I've done a bit of research and determined it's likely paper mache, but I'd like to know more, if possible. Does anyone here have any info or guesses that could point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!

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serving tray from after whenever they started making imports state the origin ... "alcohol proof" was important, because traditional Japanese shellac would soften if you spilled the booze.

It's a nice worn-looking tray - would be a good place to park the keys and cell phones.

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Japanese lacquer ware is very traditional and naturally water and alcohol proof. The lacquer finish is not shellac and it is also very common for finish of trays. I own numerous pieces of it, and can also say I have never attempted to identify the woods used for them, but don't assume that if it is very light weight, it is not wood or bamboo. The design work on this implies to me it is an older piece. Some of this genre is quite valuable, some not and I don't have the expertise to tell you this is or isn't. Japan mark also was done before it was obligatory and it's more telling as an age clue when it's absent than when it's present.

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