Daewoo frig at Costco.com

rima_waFebruary 12, 2013

We are likely replacing our frig this week, and I'm curious if anyone knows anything about Daewoo frigs. The only counter depth frig I saw on costco.com was by Daewoo, and I have never heard of that make.


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Chinese through and through. Used to be prison slave labor. Not sure about that anymore. And they just bought Fischer Paykel to try to legitimize themselves. I had a friend that worked at HD when they gave them a trial run. 8 out of 10 of the fridges that they sold came back. That was 7-8 years ago. It's possible they might have improved, but it would have to be a LONG way up for me to ever consider them.

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Haier is the Chinese company that purchased Fisher(English not German spelling) & Paykel.

Daewoo is a South Korean conglomerate. They make SxS fridges for Bosch in Mexico for the American market.

Don't know about that particular fridge at Costco.com

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Thanks for info. I also thought they were S Korean, but knew nothing about them appliance-wise. Seems as though they make cars.

If it turns out we need to replace our frig, I doubt we will try this one.

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Thanks for the correction. Confused my Asian countries. Sorry!

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Daewoo no longer makes cars - they went bankrupt and General Motors bought what was left of their automotive assets; old Korean Daewoo factories now make Chevys.

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