I need some column help

myhappyspaceJanuary 31, 2013

Here is a basic picture of the front of our home:

Here is the original that we modeled it after, if it's easier to see:

Anyway, my husband will be bricking our home. The bump out on the window to the right will be stone, as well as one on the side of the garage. I believe he is going to do stone at the bottom of the porch, but we're torn with the columns.

Anyone have any good thoughts on those? We could do stone on the bottom, and wood on the top. He had also mentioned brick, but I didn't know if it'd make it too "bulky".

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Sophie Wheeler

The original inspiration's steeper roof pitch works better with the bulky stone or brick for the columns. I'd change that to reflect the inspiration better. That is the whole "look" of the home. It's just not the same with the shallower pitch and the skinny columns.

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I should have noted that it's already framed up.

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Here is a real picture of the home

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you need to look at pictures in magazines and/or online and find a home similar to yours to see what you like. the whole stone thing isn't popular in South Louisiana, so I'm not much help because I haven't seen it around here. but when I'm stuck on something, I look at all my old Traditional Home, Elle Decor, Dwell, and Architectural Digest Magazines. I'll even pull out catalogs for interior stuff. Pottery Barn, West Elm, and CB2. They help validate me one way or another.

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The front porch/portico is very slight and inconsequential compared to the original design inspiration. Making the supports into thin posts anchored in masonry would be a big mistake; you need to make a simpler more powerful statement.

The elevation drawing is too small to do much with but I would suggest a substantial lintel beam supported by large square posts or pairs of square posts. The lintel beam should turn back against the house where it would solve the awkward intersection of the porch and main roofs. I would probably fill the space below the portico gable. In the photo the whole thing as if it might blow away in a storm.

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