Mom is with the Lord!!!!!

nora8June 30, 2005

Dear Friends, My sweet Mom took her last breath on June 26th at 8:48...with Dad,me,my Dh,my sister and brother-in-law in the room with her....for 14 days we watched as Mom's body started it's journey to leave was heartbreaking to see and go thur. My sweet Dad sat and slept in a recliner beside her sister and I and all 6 of her grandaughters bathed her,changed her bed and told her how much we loved her.....many friends,family came and also told her how much they loved her....her big strong heart kept beating....hospice came and were so wonderful...her little body just wasted away before our eyes....I prayed and ask the Lord to let me be with her when she took her last breath....I was....I thought my heart would simply hurt so much...but then I felt a calm peace that words can not explain....Mom was with Jesus....for 3 days her breathing was so labored....then in the last moments it was not....after her last breath Mom closed her mouth and a smile was on her face. We celebrated Mom's life DH and brother-in-law did the service....all 6 of her grandaughters read Mom's favorite psalms and her favorite poems....Mom had told my oldest daughter years ago her 3 favorite psalms and also my niece...they both had written them down in their bible....Mom had written in this book that she wanted this poems read at her funeral and had also written 3 songs she wanted....another poem Mom had written down and given to all of us with a silver dollar taped to it....another was a poem that was given to her when she lost her mother and grandmother on the same day...just 3 hours apart. Each grandaughter read and then shared their memories....a great-grandaughter..aged 12 sang amazing was a beautiful service. Dad is doing just o.k.....he says that he knows he can go on is so very hard....thank the Lord for His Love and Strength....right now all I can do is know my Mom is at rest....but....I miss her so very much and it is so hard to go downstairs....Mom is not there and I miss her so times I think my heart will surely break. Please keep my Dad and I in your prayers....Love to all, Nora

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Nora you have my deepest heartfelt condolences. I know what you went through, it is so sad to watch a loved one deminish, but as you said afterwards a sense of relief hit me.
Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman, I am sure she will live in memory for everyone.

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Hi Nora,
Sorry to hear about your Mom, but I am sure that you are like many of us, Glad to see her out of pain, and glad that you helped her walk the last walk of her life here on earth. I know how rewarding that has been for me and I hope you find great peace from doing this for you Mom.

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Dear precious Nora... What a wonderful gift of love and care you showered on your precious mother over the years. What tenderness and blessings you and the grandchildren showed her as she was preparing to go home... She was a beautiful mother and grandmother... What precious memories... What a heartwarming service...

We've been praying for you and your dear family and will continue to do so - especially you and your heartbroken dad... May God hold you both close in His arms of love and comfort you. As you always tell us, it's one day at a time, sweet Jesus. He will give you the grace and strength. I still miss my parents very much but know in my heart they're with Jesus. As a believer and follower of Him, we have that hope of seeing them again in heaven. With much love, ~breezy

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I am thinking of you and your Dad, and praying for you is so difficult to lose your Mom. It was wonderful you were with her at her last moments, as I was with my Mother. I know you will miss her but take much comfort in the fact that you were (and are still) a loving daughter and did all you could for her.

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Nora, I am so sorry for your loss. Having just lost my mom last year, the pain is still fresh. You surely made your mom's last years more comfortable and you honored her by being a wonderful daughter. I hope you can take comfort in that.

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Dear Nora... I e-mailed Gabby to let her know about your precious mother. I've copied and pasted her reply:

Breezy....Thank you so very much for sending about Nora's Mother. I had just been thinking of her and Nora this morning and was going to write you. So strange I got your email. I knew the end was coming for Nora's mother ,and I know she is heartbroken. She had many good years with her and for that I know she must be so thankful. Would you please let her know how sorry I am for her and let her know, my thoughts are with her,and I pray for her comfort. I can not still get on the site....don't know what is wrong.

Tell her for me, that time will make it better but never forgotton. I still have so man ymemories of Lara in my downstairs, but they are good . I just did finish painting her room a sage color and I know she would have loved it. I could never do it for her as she had asmatha,and couldn't have stood the paint fumes.

I hope you are fine as we are. Dh is still working out of town. I go often but am home now taking care of a few things. Again tell Nora.....she is in my thoughts.....and I will hope to get to email her someday. We could share alot....take care......Gabby

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((((((Nora and DAD and family!!)))))))just now reading this, I've been thinking about you and your mom and dad, I'm so sorry for your loss but it is a great comfort knowing she went home to be with Jesus and not suffering here any more. it was 14 yrs yesterday my DF went home to be with Jesus and mom about 7 1/2 yrs ago, it does get easier, but i pray for you and your family and your DF, may God comfort you all and hold you ever so close to Him! your in my prayers!!

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Dear nora...Bless her heart! I know this is such a sad time for you all. I know you are concerned for your father. It must be so, so hard to be married for all those years, and then lose your life's mate, a part of yourself in so many ways. You are thankful, I am sure, for all the time you had with her, and all the things you were able to do for her and give her. And, of course she knew how much you all loved her....we could even discern that.
So a new phase of life, with it's own tasks begins. She will be with you. My thoughts are with you all, Derry

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(((Nora & Family)))
My deepest sympathies to all of you. I am glad you all had the chance to be with her as she went from this world to a better one. She is finally at peace and will be with you all, always. Sending Special Thoughts & prayers of comfort and peace to carry you through dark times. May your memories of her remind you that love is eternal.

Blessings, katclaws

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Oh, Nora: how blessed your Mother was to have you and your sister, your loving Father and your families in her life. I can't imagine how you feel; having placed my Mother in a nursing home was so unbearable to me at much more difficult it is for you!
May God Bless you and your loved ones and may He bring you peace as He reminds you how very much your Mother was loved and cared for by you.


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Dear Nora, my heart goes out to you and your family. I hope that your best memories will be with you always, just like a mother's love.


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Dear Nora and Family: Please accept our deepest sympathy at this hard time. You are a wonderful daughter (and friend too). Cherish all those happy memories.
debbie and family

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Dear Friends, Bless you all for your kind and loving words and prayers. We are just doing o.k....trying to take it one day at a time. Sunday was a hard week...and yesterday was a really bad day for me. We got together at my nieces we do every year...we all missed Mom so much. Dad is trying but he is so sad and at times the tears flow. I try to be with him and then try to let him have his time....he told me that being by himself is something he has to do and the Lord will see him thur. We are going this week to look at a headstone....we have gotten so many beautiful cards from friends and boss at the florist shop gave me a beautiful small handpainted trunk to put cards and memories from Mom's funeral daughter will try to help me put Mom's picture on here for you all to see...she was a beautiful lady. At times I have such a hard time going down those stairs....I want my Mom to be there!!! I know many of you understand. Again bless you all for being here for me....keep my sweet Dad in your prayers. Love, Nora

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Dear Nora...we surely will. You guys will just keep on taking care of each other! Take your time with all the things. There is no "proper time" can be as slow as you and yoour Dad want to be. Those spaces in the house(and heart) stay soo empty for such a long while. Thinking about you all. Thanx for dropping in. Shalom...Derry

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Dear Nora... Yes, we understand and our hearts ache for you and your precious dad. We'll continue to keep all of you in prayer. He truly is our Help and Strength. Bless you. ~breezy

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My dear Nora,

Just back on the forum after away awhile.

Always think of you & how dear your parents have been to you.

I know the peace one feels at the time of death. It's such an unreal feeling of comfort. Hope this continues for you. A special prayer for your sweet father for his days ahead.

Love, Sharlee

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