Anyone here a Jeff Dunham fan?

lindajewellJune 27, 2008

I am hoping one of you can help me find a DVD of Jeff Dunham that has "Achmed the Dead Terrorist" on it. I told my brother about it and he really would like to see it. He would get a big kick out of it, but since his nursing home does not have WiFi I can't get online with my laptop. However I can play a DVD. I am not familiar enough with Jeff Dunham's work to know if there is a DVD or not.

Thanks for any help ya'll can give.

Linda J

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I love Walter! LOL

If you go to eBay, just search for it and you'll get some results...this has it:

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Thanks sirens!!! I happen to go to our local Best Buy yesterday and while there mentioned to the young man that was helping me I was looking for this. He is a huge fan and directed me to this video plus another one. I watched Insanity last night and am really hooked. For all of us that are caregivers I can say this....... Watch this guy! I have not laughed so much for so felt good! If you don't like him, then find a comic you do like and laugh away, it is good for the soul!!!!!

Linda J

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I simply adore Walter! Cute!
I saw him in person one time...did you know Walter is based on a real person?

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No I did not know Walter is based on a real person. I just recently became a fan. Love all of them, but yes, have to admit that the skit with Walter is a hoot!

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I'm so glad you found it! My husband and daughter love this guy. She can do the entire Achmed routine. She's not yet a teenager but better to hear it and learn it with us than otherwise. I have laughed so hard watching his routines. Jose Jalapeno on a stick is pretty good too as is Peanut. Walter reminds me of someone I know!! Glad your brother can enjoy it. Laughter is the best medicine.

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Linda J, meet 'youtube'. Have at it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeff Dunham on Youtube

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