i've blown it!!!

heydeborahJune 28, 2006

hi everyone!, from hot and hmid canada - it's 84 out right now, and i hope none of you are in the floods!

i'm going to go off a bit off topic here, so here goes, and it's taking me alot of nerve towrite this to you all toread! 2 weeks ago today, the sherrif arrived atour door to evict us, the reason missed mortgage payments, this is because we never got the papers when renewal time came and when you sign then your payments are taken automatically out of your account on the first of the month. i spoke to my nice sister in law one of the ones out of town and told her what was going on, she inturn spoke to Al's aunts in the states,from there aunts from our city called all upset for us. well the aunts from the states are lending us the payments which we owe the bank, however, Al's sister here in town called me on friday (we are to be evicted that day only at 1 pm). and tells me i'm stupid and that i don't do anything all day! i tell her calmly since she is screaming at me that she should try and bethehusband,wife,mother and father, and everything else, she says that's a bunch of BS and continues yelling at me and wants Al and i to fax a paper with our signatures toour bank soshe can discuss our financial situation (she also wanted toknow how much i spend on groceries, gas andmeds, when i only tell her about 800.00 inmeds(the rest isn't her busines) she tells me i'msuch a liar. in the meantime the aunts have wired the money to the bank and the sister in law comes banging at the door, and stomps into out bedroom where she starts screaming at Al, i tell her to keep the noise down (the windows are alsoopen) and be careful not to unspet Al anymore than he is, she says that's tough, and keeps on yelling, i tell her again to keep it down that carley is sleeping, she screams again, "she's 18 yrs old, and she should be up and i don't care", then Al's all upset and this is the 2nd time i think i've heard him yell, but he told her to getout, she then said she wouldn't leave until everything is settled. after 5 minutes she justslammed the door and left! there wasnothing to settle the aunts took care of everything,weinturn had papers made upthat we would repay them, since Al is getting a very large inheritance. on saturday, theother mean sister came totown because on sunday there was a tree dedication for deaths in 2005 and they bought a 250.00 for her. this sister never even picked upthe phone to see if we were okornot, we figurethe intown sister made up one dandy story.

i justhad to get this off my chest, Al says there is no way he can forgive her, this time and i agree. we are amazed that she didn't care if he has heart problems or not, he musthave sprayed himself with nitro-spray 8 times! she had no compassion for us if we had been evicted and said so.

on a happy note, tonite our daughter is at her Grad Dinner and Dance, andyes don't...

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Hi Deb,
Sorry you are having to go thru all of this.
I have been bless to have reasonable sane family, but they all live in another state far away from us, so I am sure that has helped us to remain civil to each other. I do not understand why family has to be so nasty--and I guess I never will.
Glad you came to this "family" to vent. You know we are always here to listen-hope that helps you in a small way.
Watching the fire works on the Detroit River (on Tv).

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hi Connie! it's good to hear from you! i thought about you yesterday when i was in my flower garden and saw the most prettiest yellow butterfly! this family is so weird i don't know what they want orexpect and i'mso glad Al never got any of their genes! just turned on the fireworks, (isn't Carman the most beautiful woman, wish i could wear the hat she has on!). canada day is on saturday here and we will have fireworks here at the marina, pretty tiny, buts it's nice to see peopleout,wewillstayathomethough and since we live on the hill, we will be able to see them from our ramp. Thanks for listening to me, and you are right, this family is the best! debbie

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Hi Deb,

That is truly a sad story, and sorry you had to deal with such a problem. With Al's condition I would not think they would evict or even could. Here in the states, they have to give you 30 or more days, and then with certain condtions, they wouldn't be allowed to, other than giivng yo ample time to find another living condition. As far as the sister, she was rude in my opinion to come into your home, and ask such questions. I would have booted her out on her behiney real quick. I am glad you got the situation under control and I hope Al wasn't to upset. I can't imagine people let alone family members acting with such rudeness. Ohhhh you don't do anything, well let themn try to handle ,a sick husband and family like you do. You don't owe any explanation on any of your finaces or personal business, other than to the Aunt who was trying to help. Stand your ground girl. Hoep things are fine now, you don't need extra added stress!!!! HUGS Gabby

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Hi Deb,
I hope by now things have settled down for you and Al and I hope Al is feeling better. What a horrible, horrible thing to happen to you. Sadly, I can believe that family can behave that way. You've been taking care of Al for so long and raising your children, you'd think you wouldn't have to explain anything to them but some people need to be knocked over the head in order to figure out what is going on. My motto is what goes around, comes around. You just keep lovingly caring for your family...the rest will take care of itself. Again, I hope things have settled and you are doing okay.
Warm regards,

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Hi Deb,
I just wanted you to know that I think of you often, I am so sorry you are having to go through this kind of junk. That SIL would never have made it in my house , she would have been drop kicked to the curb.
I don't like drama and if it starts in my house I stop it.
Where does this woman get off. She needs to mind her own business and I would tell her so.
You are a very strong woman to be able to handle that situation. If it had been me. I would have went off like a time bomb. You can say what you want about me, but not my family.
Sorry for rambling, but glad you got things straightened out. Hope your hubby didn't get too upset or at the least got calmed down.
Take care of yourself.

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