Need Longaberger Woodcrafts shelves

toriahOctober 13, 2009

Does anyone know of a place that I can get shelves for some of my Longaberger Wrought Iron? I have the five tier rack, the three bin organizer and a wall shelf that measures 32x9. I would appreciate any help in locating a place that does after market shelves for these since they have been discontinued.

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ks lanam is a big supplier of LB wood lids/shelves.

I've been to Dresden several times since it's near my home town, many of the shops there carry after market lids and shelves, you name it. You just have to hunt for them. ;)

Shopping in Dresden

Two of the 'anchor' stores there are Roosters and Heart of Dresden. Roosters site is down for me, contact info is on list above, tho. They used to take phone orders. H of D doesn't have a web site but used to put out a paper catalog, not sure about now. (That little town has been hit hard by the economy.) Heart of Dresden does tons of fabric lids, pretty sure I have seen plain wood items in there as well. There's another little store down the alley from Roosters that carries secondary wrought iron and shelving, can't for the life of me remember the name of it. If I do I'll post that, too. Were it me I'd stick with ks lanam tho, for the quality.

Google "Dresden Ohio Shopping" for more.

Hope that helps! ;)

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