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fairegoldJune 12, 2005

Mother has her new walker, one with 4 wheels. It had to be a special order since she needed the "Jr." size, for folks 4-10 to 5-4. (Slight rant on this subject below...) She is doing great, and can get to meals, and today also went to Mass and to their little library. We were able to drop the assisted living care---hiphiphooray!

On Monday, we saw the doctor and I made a strong enough case for anti-depressents, and the doctor agreed, and started Mother on Lexapro. That was Monday. I swear it's already working on her, or it's got a great placebo effect on me, because Mother is just a lot less agitated and whiny. It's like a different person.

Thans to all of you who suggested it. I was worried that she'd have some side effects like disorientation or balance problems, but nothing like that is seem. I am now a believer!

You folks are wonderful help. Thanks so very much!


(rant: We went to the downtown medical supply store a few weeks ago to look at various models of 4-wheel walkers, and that's where we learned that she'd need a rare model for the size. Priced at "Sale $295." So I was told that it would take up to a week to get it into the store from their warehouse. I called after a week, on the 2nd, and I was told that it *might* be on the truck to be delivered on Saturday. So far, no one has called me to report that my special order is in. Anyway, I went online on the 2nd and found the same item for retail price $239, sale price $179, no shipping on orders over $100. So I ordered it, and it came UPS in 3 days. Still haven't heard from the local business. Sheesh.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Mobility Care

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Hi Fairegold:
You know, I've always heard that anti-depressants take a while to build up a level, as much as six weeks. This past summer, my mom became severely depressed (probably the realization that she had Alzheimer's) and her doctor put her on Lexapro. It seemed as if it starting working almost immediately! So maybe some of the meds work differently, I don't know, but I was so very happy that it worked for her and I'm happy for you and your mom that it is working for her too.
When we bought my mom's walker, we bought a more expensive one too...she too is 4'10" and the one we bought is a 4 wheeler, with hand brakes and a seat that flips down so she always has a place to sit wherever we go! Some people had made comments at the time that she didn't need anything "so fancy", but you know what? I've never regretted it.
I'm glad things are working out for your well, Mimi

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But I was pricing the exact same walker at the local store vs the internet site! So it wasn't the actual model that was more expensive, but it was the store. And by a LOT!

Glad to know that you had good results from the Lexapro, too. I am amazed at the differences already, less than a week. I haven't seen Mother since Friday, but talk to her daily, and she just sounds better. And that makes a difference for me.... I was getting to be so very depressed myself, everytime she called, that I can tell the difference at once.

About the walker---Mother wants to go outside and walk, and we had to show her that the little basic two-wheeler got hung up at every crack in the sidewalk. She is amazed at how much easier that 4-wheeled model is. Yeah! A small victory for mankind, a major victory for Mother!

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You go Mom! such an independant lady!! (al's mother is 4 10 too, and he was 6 feet afew years ago). i'd say you got a great deal, looked at your link and something like that here would be over a thousand. i will tell you i'm on paxil and it took awhile for it to kick in and because i didn't refill it because i forgot and i've ordered it on the 24 hour call in line (it's been 2 days) but the pharmacy is closed at the grocery store by the time i get home, and i am feeling the withdrawls of not having it (very light headed). also i have gained alot of weight i am 5 10 and normally weight 128-130 pounds and wear a size 7, after being on this prescription i will say i have a great top end, none of my top fit, can even get the buttons close to do them up, and shorts are now a size 12 or 14! al's nurse tells me you gain alot of weight with anti-depressents, but i'm glad she's got the walker!!!! debbie

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A little bit of appetite won't hurt Mother. Last week, at the doctor's office, she was 84 lbs fully dressed!

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One thing I forgot to mention...besides Alzheimer's, my mom has arthritis in her lower back and scoliosis, so the doctor had given me a presciption for the walker..we purchased it at a medical supply store - which was probably a little pricier than other stores, but they were willing to submit to Medicare and her supplemental insurance...the walker retailed at his store for $300 and Medicare paid that wasn't too bad.
Also, when we got her wheelchair, I called the same store and asked if Medicare would cover any of it. Medicare actually will rent the chair and pay the FULL amount, as long as you get the specific model they cover. It's nothing fancy, but perfect for my big wheel in back, but she'd never try to push herself weighs just 20 lbs so very easy for me to fold and put in the trunk of my car...this retailed for $400 and with the script from her doc, we pay nothing....
Just last week, I went back to the same store to look into the reclining chairs with a power lift. Mom's chair which doesn't have a lift (well, I guess it does...that is me!!! ) is fifteen years old and quite worn, so it is time for a new one; besides, my back can't take a whole lot more of constantly having to help her get up out of it. Again, I asked about Medicare and with a script, Medicare will pay $300 towards the mechanism in the chair to lift...which I think is we ordered her a new chair with a power lift and massage and heat!!! It actually will go completely flat so if there comes a time, she could even use it as a bed... it also has a "leatherette" covering, so it is easy to keep clean. He also mentioned to me that they sell something that is wonderful for getting out nasty smells, in case there are accidents that get absorbed...just thought I'd share what I've learned lately...take care and be well....Mimi

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