Some Nice Antiques - Need Answers

lovetogardenOctober 19, 2011

Hi all, My aunt passed away and had some nice antiques that we are trying to figure out what they are and the time period. They all originally belonged to my great grandmother. Any info on the time period, style, and value would be appreciated. Thanks.

Is this a hutch?

And is this a hutch too?

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The little side table is likely the oldest piece...can't see detail but likely about 1920-ish....and perhaps walnut....maybe mahogany...perhaps with a veneer top....can't see a lot but shape from your picture.
If the next 2 pictures are the same piece, it looks like a corner cupboard. Likely dating from about 1930's.
Tne next piece is properly called a hutch....and appears to date from about 1960 to 1970.
None really old enough to be called antiques....just nice old furniture.
Enjoy it!
Linda C

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Yes.......the first one appears to be the oldest piece. Twentyish hit me too mostly because of the leg style.......but the casters on it aren't so typical on this type of piece. They were used more on 'functional' or heavy pieces rather than decorative pieces. That niggles at me and makes me second guess it might be older. The top of it looks rather thick as well. Does it lift up on a hinge?

The last piece, well yes. I want to say modern as well but since we've sort of been called up for using that term to mean sixties or seventies I'll just say I agree with Linda on that one.

The detail work on the corner cupboard strikes me more fiftyish than thirtyish. It was made to look 'rustic' with the pegs in the pulls, and how all the angles are sanded down. But I could be totally off base on that one.

I have no clue when your great grandmother passed away, you could be very young and it could have been recently. However, it's obvious when we're guessing ages on pieces we think look not-so-old that they're not going to be any newer than when she passed. Elderly people do buy new furniture sometimes. My mother did clear on up to her nineties.

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There is a furniture manufacturer....who's name I can't pull out of my memory....who made furniture in the style of the corner cupboard during the mid to late 30's.... hard maple with the rustic looking pegs and the chamfered edges. The quality was better than the "colonial" stuff of the 50's....well better than most of it. It's become quite collectable....if that's what the cupboard is.
I didn't see casters on the little table.....hmmmm.

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I think you are both correct as to the time. My great grandmother loved to shop, right up to a few days before she died in the late 60s from what I understand.

There is another piece that goes with the first piece but my brother has it. He has been telling me he is going to take a picture and send it to me for months. I'm still waiting. Unfortunately, I live 6 hours away so until I go down there and take it myself the best I can offer is a description. It's a glass china closet, also on casters. From what my now deceased mother told me, that furniture always had casters on it. The glass actually wraps around the piece. (I don't know how they did that?) It is really beautiful.
My sister said she believed the last piece (big, dark piece) was purchased in the early sixties and made by Whites furniture in North Carolina. It is actually 2 pieces. The top part rests on the bottom. All the pieces are solid wood (and heavy)- no veneers. Since we all have our houses furnished already, and don't need any of the pieces or room to put it anywhere, what would you say the value is for resale? Thanks for any info.

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Bottom piece is technically buffet or sideboard (bottom) and hutch (top) if you want to get really fussy, but most people would know what you mean when you say hutch. That looks to be pine, or I suppose it could be dark-varnished maple. Either way, not a valuable piece; there are a lot of those out there and some have more useful configuration (drawers). You could probably get 100-200 bucks for it on Craigslist if you are patient (or lucky), but check what the asking prices seem to be on your local list - you could start higher. A used furniture dealer would probably take this off your hands, but give you very little for it.

Corner cupboards seem to sit on craigslist for a long time in my area, very cool, but not popular. I agree it's something collectible, don't know your US brands of this era of furniture but that is a nice one. Is that a flip-down drawer? That is an unusual feature. What to sell it for... probably you could ask about the same as for the hutch to start with; see what offers you get. This you could probably get a vintage/antique dealer (higher end than "used") to take on consignment. Same with the table, of course.

The china cabinet sounds lovely. Sounds like it has a home with your brother :-) But unless it is something really unusual (which I doubt from seeing the other pieces), those too are not that rare or valuable, maybe a couple of hundred bucks. Again, I see them sitting in stores and on craigslist for many moons and would undertake to get one anytime for $100.

Karin L

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OK bingo! That helped. You mentioned the china cabinet your brother has with the bent glass being a matching piece to your parlour table. That does take it back a couple decades. Let me browse through some of my old catalogues and see when they were really mainstream. I'm saying 1890ish. I thought that piece had some potential.

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Yes,Karinl, that is a flip down drawer. To be honest, none of this furniture is my style. Even though it's not overly ornate it's still too much for me as I prefer sleek, modern, almost sterile lines. To me, my Aunt's house was a nightmare - full of brick-a-brac. When I see that I think of all the cleaning involved. Still, everyone who came to her home when she was alive loved it and thought it was charming. The one good thing I can say about this furniture is that it is very well made. Not like the pressed board crap furniture that's being produced today.

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