High Altitude Gas Ranges and Cooktops?

missin44February 2, 2013

My wife and I will soon start construction on our new house in the mountains of Colorado. Our home will be located at 7200', LP (no nat. gas) or electric will be our only choice for our cooking. I tend to be looking at an 36" induction cooktop or range. My wife likes the look of 36" professional looking gas cooktops and ranges.

My concern is that being at such a high altitude that LP's performance and dependability my be an issue. I know that many if not all major manufacturers have high altitude models. Of course an induction unit will have no altitude issues.

I'm hoping there are some folks out there that have first hand experience in using LP at the altitudes I am talking about. Any guidance on brands and models would be very helpful also.

Many Thanks

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Normally all that is changed for conversion between natural gas and propane is the fuel orifices. Same with altitude. Output will be reduced a bit a high altitude. Probably easiest to just call the manufacturers of interest and confirm that they have the appropriate orifice sizes for your altitude and fuel. Electricity of course has no such issues, although baking temperatures and times are affected though.

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In the past, I've recommended to friends who were building a home in the mountians to consider electric over LP since there is no losses with electric. If the electric grid experiences a lot of black outs LP with the lower BTU output may be better for stove top cooking but almost all gas ranges use electric ignition for the ovens anymore with the exception of comercial ranges.

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True but even if the power is out most gas stove tops can be match lit.

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We had LP for our whole house when we moved in. We're at 6400 ft. We converted to natural gas as quickly as possible because (1) it was available on our street; (2) the cost of LP was astronomical.

We had a gas cooktop which ran on LP for the first 3 months before we did the conversion. It was a GE Monogram. I found the BTU level puny, but that wasn't the fault of LP. After the conversion which included changing the orifices, it was still puny.

We took the gas cooktop out and replaced it with induction which is working perfectly. We have had occasional power fluctuations, but no long term outages. I don't plan to go back to gas any time.


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Thanks for responces, my gut tells me to go with induction. Not so much for the cost of LP but more for the performance loss at my altitude. The potential for mechanical issues is a bit of a problem also.

We're looking at the Bosch 36" Induction cooktop. It seems like a nice relative value when compared with other brands. We much prefer the look of gas but I must say we are leaning toward induction.

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If looks are important, have you looked at the Viking induction cooktop?

if power outages could be a problem, you might think about getting 1 or 2 gas modules (I think Wolf and others make these) to go next to the induction top. This would give you the maximum flexibility. Gas use when the power is out and for those things (roasting peppers?) that require a flame.

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