Quality non-stick cookware for induction - Swiss Diamond or...?

saltimboccaFebruary 10, 2012

We recently swapped out our halogen cooktop for induction - and it is amazing, I must say, I'm blown away by its performance - and am looking to replace my old non-ferrous pans with induction-compatible versions.

What I need to replace is mostly the non-stick items. I did manage to find a nice 10" All-Clad skillet for half price at T.J. Maxx, but that was the only ferrous non-stick pan in the store.

I've been looking at Swiss Diamond, and their stuff looks great (despite the fact that they deceptively claim not use Teflon/PTFE, but I don't really care about that), but the price is astronomical - an 8" frying pan, with no lid, lists for almost $140, and the cheapest Amazon price is still over $100. I find it hard to justify that for what's basically just an egg pan.

Does anyone have experience with this line and can vouch that it's worth the price? Or suggest alternatives? I'm mainly looking for both small (8") and large (12"+) frypans, and medium to large saute pans, ideally with lids.

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Never mind - I just realized I should be posting this in the Cookware forum, so I'll repost it there.

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I have a few ScanPans, non-stick and induction compatible; (they also make non-nonstick induction pans now, as well as non-stick pans that aren't induction compatible).

These are similar to Swiss Diamond, but generally sold in different stores; not sure how their prices compare. You might look around for deals on individual pans or on a small set, if that works for you. I've seen Scan Pans at Sur la Table. Basically I like them, particularly the handles, and they've held up fine for over a year, so far.

Others here have mentioned potsandpans.com as having good prices on stuff; I haven't used them.

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We previously used standard Swiss Diamond pans and when we had them liked them (loved them at first). I kind of feel I was duped a bit back in the day buying them as scratch resistant (they aren't that scratch resistant) and Teflon free.

I searched for some alternative pans over the years and zeroed in on Greenpan. We used one of their roasting/grill pans for a few years with success.

They have a nice line of induction ready stainless non-stick pans that are capable of higher heat cooking than most. I think the coating is pretty delicate and will wear out over time like others, but I think it seems to be a better product for non-stick (safer hopefully). Granted we have only been using ours for the few weeks we have had our new home with induction, but so far they are working great. We went with the high end Stockholm greenpan with solid handles. We have a "Wok" a 10" fry pan and an 8" fry pan.

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On the theory that nonstick generally doesn't last like non-coated pans do, I usually buy them at restaurant supply stores. Here's one example. They also make a cheaper teflon version.

Here is a link that might be useful: vollrath

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quality non-stick cookware is an oxymoron :-). Like chesters_house, I usually have one non-stick frypan that I replace frequently.

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If you are a Cook's Illustrated fan, you might check out their reviews of non-stick skillets. They agree with the posts above, that it's not worth buying expensive ones. In their most recent test, the T-Fal Professional Total (#E9380864) came out on top. We bought one on Amazon and have been pleased with it.

A note about Amazon and pricing. When we first looked, the skillet was back ordered at a price of $27; then it was available for something over $30; then for $29, then back over $30; then back to $27! All this in the space of about a month. We just left the skillet in our cart "to buy later" and waited to pull the trigger until the price came back down.

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I'm tempted by the argument that a decent cheap non-stick is the way to go - I used to think that myself, after having owned a variety of non-sticks, from T-fal to Le Creuset, that all started flaking within a few years at best.

But about 10 - 12 years ago I picked up a set of Dansk Master Series non-stick for a song at a Dansk outlet store. Over a decade later they are still virtually as non-stick as the day I bought them, with nary a flake on any item, even the fry pans that have seen nearly daily use over the years. Granted, I treat them well - only plastic utensils, no super high heat, cool before hand washing - but still, their longevity has been impressive. Losing the ability to use these pans is my only regret in having moved to induction.

Dansk no longer makes these at all, let alone an induction-capable version (they were discontinued closeouts when I got them way back then), but I figure that if non-stick pans could be made this well that long ago, someone today must be making some at least as solid. So I'd like to hear from anyone who has actually been using theirs for years without a glitch.

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As long as you use some butter and/or oil (butter and olive oil is a great, heart healthy ratio of fat for cooking)..my Le Creuset 10" and 12" Enamel cast iron fry pans are totally non-stick. I make scrambled eggs, pancakes, crepes, potato pancakes, etc., in them...and totally non-stick. These will outlast the induction cooktop and the cook! LOL

Made in France (Yay! No made in China sh*t!!). No harmful non-stic coatings. Built like a tank. Lifetime guarantee. Beautiful, classic and the performance on Induction is awesome.

Notice how all other makes of cookware will Say Induction Compatible, or Induction Suitable? Le Creuset is the ONLY one to say Induction Perfect!! I use ALL Le Creuset on my 36" Miele Indcution Cooktop. I've tried Demeyere, All Clad, Staub, Swiss Diamond, ScanPan...and nothing works as good as Le Creuset for Induction. Love it!! Good Luck!

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We just bought a set of de Buyer French mineral pans (set of 3 for $150 - de Buyer has been making the pans since 1830). I seasoned them per the youtube video with potato peels and oil - quick and easy.

Used it this morning for eggs - they slid right out of the pan - perfectly and with no chemical non stick coating. We love our Le Creuset, but I think these are destined to become my favorite. BTW, they are beautiful - yes, I think cookware can be beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: de Buyer Mineral

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Two weeks ago, I bought a $65 8 inch LeCrueset nonstick frypan for morning eggs, at the LeCrueset outlet store. That's big bucks for cheapo me. It does not compare to the $9 frypan I got a year ago at T.J. Marshall's. LeCrueset doesn't clean as well and has a 10 year 'limited' warranty. Other pans have 'limited' lifetime warranties.

I love, love my other stuff and it's performance on my Bosch induction.

Get something cheaper at T. J.'s, or Ikea, or Macy's. I do prefer Farberware Millenium, or Circulon Infinite, or T-fal ultimate, or Macy's tools of the trade-for your induction cooker. All of these go in the dishwasher, but I dare not put the LC in. phooey. overrated and overpriced

So, I am not a LeCrueset believer. This is not the cast iron baby, just an ordinary, but LeC, nonstick pan. Cast iron is way too heavy for me. And l.c. is overpriced. The saleswoman at the L.C. outlet told me all the things I should not do with LC, no metal utensils, careful no scratch storage, no dishwasher (despite the attached brochure) etc. Primadonna cookware!

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My Mom, grandma and I have been cooking on cast iron Le Creuset for a combined 50 years!!! And putting them in the dishwasher! NEVER one issue.

Cannot use metal utensils on a Le Creuset?? Can you, do you use metal on a 'cheapo" non-stick pan?? No metal is just a universal rule for non-stick! This is not a strike against Le Creuset!

Also, the non-stick Le Creuset pan you bought at the outlet store, is not the company's famed line that is Made in France. Your pan is made in Thailand or China (it sadly, should not carry the Le Creuset name!).

Le Creuset is not over priced at all, when you consider the time and energy involved in making each piece, and that they come with a LIFETIME warranty for their enameled cast iron pieces. It is actually a bargain!

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Your best bet for a truly non stick pan that will work perfectly on Induction is something like a debuyer mineral steel pan.
There is nothing better for non stick than a properly seasoned steel pan, it only gets better every year you use it.

ALL "nonstick" type pans regardless what brand start to degrade the first time you use it and are pretty much toast in less than 5-8 years tops.

I prefer a pan that gets better with age.

Here is a link that might be useful: Debuyer Mineral Steel

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We are planning on getting a carbon steel (blue steel) pan like those in the last post - I am just waiting to go to restaurant supply store to get them so I can pick out a size that works with what we currently have.

I would be curious to compare the difference with all of our other pans.

Currently we have:
GreenPan NonStick "mineral coated high heat surface" that is very non-stick
Lodge Cast Iron - Somewhat nonstick depending on what is cooked in them
Le Creset dutch ovens (2-3)
Standard Stainless Pans

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I have an eclectic collection - whatever the intro special
So I have
All Clad 8 qt and 1 qt, fry pan and egg poacher
Staub 2.5 qt
CIA 4 qt, 6 qt, and fry pan(fry pan is non-stick)
Calphalon 3.5 qt
And my most recent purchase - which just arrived today - demeyer special from Sur La Table.
All are induction(including the calphalon)

Now - I am still trying to find a special on a griddle!

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Maybe 8-10 years ago I bought a couple of non-stick Kenmore frying pans, which are still in perfect shape, although I don't use them much. They have silicone handles, which I really like for comfort and coolness. They don't seem to be on the web site any more. Made in Thailand. Other than my cast iron, these are the only pieces that I had that were induction compatible.

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Larsi, you are right that I don't use metal on any non stick. But I thought the outlet store sold imperfect and seconds. You are saying that there is a separate factory in Thailand or China for outlet merchandise and that all other lc merchandise is made in France?

I know that cast iron cookware, LeC, Griswold, Lodge, etc., lasts for years and most who have it, love it. Longevity was not in my post. Neither was loyalty to the brand. Cast iron is too heavy for me.

My lc brochure says to use the dishwasher but salesperson said no.

My point was that lower priced cookware can be satisfactorily and pleasurably used on induction. My $65 8 inch lc frypan is overpriced, to me. I am underwhelmed.

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Le Creuset enameled cast iron is Made in France. Their non-stick pans, stainless pans and big stock pots are Made in Thailand or China!

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I picked up a Henkel stainless non-stick pan. I don't know what the stuff is that they use but it is the slickest stuff I've ever seen, much better than Silverstone. The pan itself is 3-ply stainless. My only complaint/observation is that the stainless is turning blue with continued use.

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