Cost of a 'from scratch' bathroom...

srjohntFebruary 1, 2012

We are about 3/4 finished with an added bathroom. After living in our 180 year old home for all our married life (44 years) with only one bathroom, we're finally adding another. It is about 12' x 5.5' and is the end of an upstairs wide hallway. Lots of subway tile, custom mud job shower pan, frameless glass door, nice fixtures and a custom cabinet in one corner. Some of the demo and construction was diy, but all the custom work and tile was from a contractor. It looks like it's going to be around 22 -23K, which was more than we budgeted, but from what I've read, it may not be too bad. Just seems like a lot of money.

My question is, does this seem in line for a complete bathroom addition?

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That sounds like not a bad price.

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For reworking existing an existing space, it sounds as though you are in a low cost labor market. For an addition, it's absurdly low and I would be questioning the quality of the work and the eligibility status of the workers.

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That's a great deal.

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This is not an addition to the footprint of the house, but reworking an existing space. As I stated, some is diy, and I have a helper who I pay by the hour. My contractor doing the tile and some of the plumbing has one helper. No eligibility status problems with anybody. The quality of the work is good, no shortcuts.

Apparently I should be pleased with the price, and I am, especially after your comments, which I appreciate. . A part of the difference between by original budget and final costs is some enhancements and upgrades.

Thanks again for your answers, I feel pretty good about the project now.

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We are in the process added 325 SF (master bath and 2 closets). Looks like we are going to top $80,000. We made sure the addition suited our 75 year old home. Sounds like your number is on target (or low) for that square footage.

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Mick Mick

The only way that you will know if this is a good price is to do a comparison with other contractors in your area. It is really hard to say.

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