anyone priced out custom exposed aggregate colors?

maggiepie11January 5, 2014

we're in the dallas area, and our driveway has to be either pavers or exposed aggregate in our HOA. pavers sadly won't fit in our budget, and all the "typical" exposed aggregate in our area is gold and rust colored because that's the color of rock that gets pulled out of the ground around here. :)

unfortunately we hate the look of the natural colored aggregate - our house is cool colors - cream and aqua shutters with dark gray cedar window headers and dark gray decorative gutter boxes. so we're looking for a way to tone down all the gold in the driveway which isn't poured yet... we'd like to get to a greige color if possible.

we've seen a couple companies that do custom blends of the aggregate, but there's not a ton of info, and our builder immediately said "no" when we asked if it comes in different colors, so it's not something he has experience with nor an inclination to research. lol

just wondering if any of you have any experience, and have any idea how much it adds to the cost. right now we're budgeted for the entire driveway to be done in basic exposed aggregate.

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We did exposed aggregate in the 2 aprons of our U-shaped driveway. I don't remember the cost because this was part of a large hardscape project w/most of the driveway being pavers.

But I do remember that it came in many colors. Our paving guy brought over a whole bunch of zip-lock baggies with the different color mixes for us to choose.

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