I've been on a rollercoaster!

lindajewellJune 23, 2008

Hi all, my life has once again been going in many different directions. First my computer had to go to the computer geeks. The anti spam program was corupt and therefore sucked up all 2 gigs of memory, locking access to all programs. While the computer was gone my dad had a follow up endo. to see if his esophagus had healed from the violent throwing up he had from the flu last month. It did, test went well, we came home, he ate as he was very hungry. Went to bed early and when I went to give him his evening meds his temp was way up, he had chills and just looked like crap.

I called the medics and spent the night in ER with him, he had pneumonia. He spent a few days in the hospital on strong IV antibiotics. He was on antibiotics for an additional week at home but is doing fine now.

In the meantime my brother had an appt. with the oral surgeon for his x-rays so he can get his rotten teeth removed. While dad was in hospitatl I had to make sure he got brought from his nursing home by wheelchair van so he could get this done. They were late bringing him but luckily the oral surgeon is a friend of mine so he was very understanding. My brother goes in to the hospital on the 30th so his teeth can come out. He has to be in the hospital due to his Parkinson's and all the meds he is on. Every one said they would feel better, including me!

Now, in the meantime my mom was not feeling well and her nursing home said she too had a touch of pneumonia. Okay, they had her on antibiotics but she was not getting better. This past Saturday we went to see her and the nursing home told me they called her doctor and he wanted her sent to the hospital. She is in there now and has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She is getting all kinds of test run, they want to make sure her kidneys and liver are functioning properly. She looked much better today so maybe with luck she will be able to go back to the nursing home in a day or so.

In the meantime I got so upset about not having my computer that I bought a new one! I bought a notebook, wireless router and now I can grab my alone time outside (if it ever quits raining here!) and still be connected. So far I love, love, love it. My desktop is also fixed so I can fall back on it, but think I will more than likely sell it. Okay, I will shut the heck up now. Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link ya'll might enjoy.

Linda J

Here is a link that might be useful: Parents wish

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well, sorry you have such problems right now - makes me feel like mine are pretty small compared to what you have been going thru - hopefully things will improve for everyone.


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First, I was sound asleep when dad came in and woke me up. I so wanted to sleep later today. Okay, I got up and came down to get his breakfast and make coffee. So far so good. Got to do my daily jigsaw puzzle so was glad about that. The decided to call the nurses station to see how mom did overnight, need the "privacy" number before they will talk to ya. Got it out of my purse, turned around and ran right in to the chair leg and broke my little toe on my right foot! I know it is broke because it was sticking out way to the right.........I know it is not suppose to be like that! Could not find the right kind of tape so now have it taped to the toe next to it with two band aids. sigh, it hurts. Since we are going to the hospital I might just leave dad in mom's room, assuming she is not going back to the home today, and hit the ER to get it taped together the right way! What the hell else can go wrong?

Linda J

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Oh, Good Grief Linda..Don't you know better than to ask what else could go wrong? It will, you know!

Have you checked the way you dressed this morning? Everything on that's supposed to be on? Right side out and nothing on backwards?

All kidding aside. This sounds like a day to do as little as possible except take care of yourself and that foot. Tomorrow is bound to be better. I promise.

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Went to the ER and it is broke. Doctor was very nice and told me I did the right thing attempting to tape them together. X-ray showed it is broke and because of where the break is the doctor wants me to wear one of those lovely "shoes" for a couple weeks. That way my foot will sit right and hopefully the break will heal properly. They all know me in the ER and know what I am dealing with so all were very nice and got me taken care of right away. Now, on the way in the door of the ER my dad stepped the wrong way and pulled a muscle in his calf! I ran in to a PT guy we know and he said that if it continues to bother him I should get him checked out because of his age but more than likely it is just a pull so he showed me some exercises he can do to make it better. Dear Lord I hope this is it for a while!
We did go see mom and she is being released back to the nursing home today. The doctor called me this morning and said her liver and kidney functions, still has "rattle" in her chest but that is better also. She looks and sounds much better. Doctor said he thinks some of the throwing up comes from her shoving too much food in her mouth at one time, so he is ordering speech therapy to work with her more at the home so she gets in the habit of smaller bites.
Dad and I just came home as there was no need for us to sit there and wait for transport for her. Mom was not too happy but that is just too bad, my toe hurts right now and is all swollen. I know in a day or so it will not be so tender but right now I am going to baby ME! How's that for a self centered attitude? LOL!

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I had a stroke in 2001. My lefts side was paralised, I couldn't walk or talk. Had to re-learn everything, including how to speak and chew. I had a habit of putting too much in my mouth and choking on food. The therapist taught me to take smaller bites, take frequent small sips of water. Hope this helps your Mom.

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I think it will help jannie, she worked with speech after her stroke and they stressed this to her. When she was released to thin liquids and normal food she was doing really good. However she recently started shoving food in, even though I have tried to stop her she won't listen to me. After all, I am just her daughter, what do I know?
Speech will be able to get through to her, I hope! I am thinking she may have had a TIA and no one knew. I have noticed changes in her in the past month.

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Best of luck, Linda, You do have an awful lot to contend with right now. Sounds like you're hanging in there. Take care.

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